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Has the world we've come to know over the past four seasons been destroyed?

Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 11 seemingly confirmed Whiterose's mumblings about there being another way for everyone to have the life they want, and it did so in an explosive way. 

Throughout Mr. Robot Season 4, Elliot's life has gone from bad to worse. More details about the past have come to light, and they have forever changed everything he thought he knew. 

Enough is Enough - Mr. Robot

It's been emotionally draining for viewers, but it has been a season full of moments true to the characters, so Sam Esmail and his team should pat themselves on the back that they are sticking the landing. 

The meeting with Whiterose beneath the power plant was a surprise, primarily because the supervillain seems to wriggle free every time the net closes in. 

Arguing - Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 11

By taking her fate into her own hands, she managed to craft a life as Zhi Zhang in an alternate reality ... or so we're being led to believe. 

Try as she may, Whiterose's sacrifice proved she thought that everything she was doing was right. All of those people murdered were just collateral damage in this world, but they would exist in the next. It was a tad confusing, but Whiterose always speaks in riddles. 

Elliot: I love you.
Mr. Robot: I love you.

The last thing I expected was to meet a new iteration of Elliot, one who is gearing up to marry Angela and has a great relationship with his father. 

In essence, the events post-nuclear explosion felt like a Hallmark movie. Everything was cheery, relationships were moving along at a brisk pace, and the only trouble Elliot had was getting Angela out of her apartment to surprise her. 

Sulking it Out - Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 11

It was a nice change of pace, and I even entertained the possibility that Elliot had a brain tumor and all of it was just a figment of his imagination. 

On a show like Mr. Robot, it's not easy to tell what's really going on, but it became considerably clearer when the Elliot we know arrived in Elliot 2.0's apartment. 

The migraines could still be a sign there's something wrong with Elliot, but for now, our Elliot is in this new world, one in which nothing terrible seems to happen. 

Confirming Whiterose's claims were true all along is a big swing and the producers should be glad they decided to let viewers watch it play out. 

Whiterose Learns More - Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 9

If there's one thing about this show, it's that it delivers on its promises. There's no question about that. 

But what will Elliot 1.0 be able to do in this new reality? Will he be the Elliot 2.0's Mr. Robot? What will their ultimate goal be? 

I won't give up on this world ... not until I finish this, once and for all.


Elliot 2.0 being the CEO of Allsafe was a subtle nod to the early years of the show. Elliot was an introvert in those days with very little in the way of friends. The contrast between both iterations of the characters is like night and day. 

It's hard not to feel like the original got robbed of a pleasant life due to the sins of his father and everything that came after. 

Her Own Truth - Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 2

The other big thing is that Darlene does not exist in this new reality, leading me to believe that only the dead will move over. If that does turn out to be the case, then how will Darlene fit into things? 

It's a different direction to take the narrative in, and it's actually very reminiscent of the Starz drama Counterpart, albeit with a different spin on things. 

Did anyone else expect the Tyrell of this new world to tell Elliot 2.0 everything about Whiterose? There was a lot of emphasis on the blue light Tyrell seemingly went into when he said goodbye to the other world. 

My biggest reservation about this alternate reality is that we have two episodes left. An ambiguous ending for a show like Mr. Robot could work, but it would depend on what transpires during the final two hours of the series. 

Train Trek - Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 1

We need some satisfying developments, and that's why I believe the migraines are going to play into things in a way that could signal the end of Elliot's life. 

We also need to talk about Elliot and Mr. Robot's goodbye. It was beautiful. If you watch Mr. Robot online, you know they've had a love/hate relationship while regularly lying to one another, but when it came down to it, they depended on each other. 

You go down this path, it'll never end.

Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot was still in damage-control mode when Elliot resigned to the fact the power plant was going to explode above them. The thought of giving up and letting Elliot die scared him. 

Elliot recognized what was coming, but the thought of seeing everyone he thought he lost along the way was enough for him to find a semblance of peace in those supposed final minutes. 

Darlene Struggles - Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 1

What do you think of the way it all played out?

Do you think Elliot is dying and imagining this other world? 

Would you prefer this alternate universe to be real?

Do you want Elliot and Angela to get married? 

Hit the comments. 

Mr. Robot continues Sundays on USA Network. 

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Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

I won't give up on this world ... not until I finish this, once and for all.


You go down this path, it'll never end.

Mr. Robot