73 Couples We'll Happily Go to Hell 'Shipping!

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The art of 'shipping in fandom can be quite a ride, not to mention it gets heated!

In some fandoms, depending on which characters you secretly or not so secretly root for, you can end up with a few battle scars. 

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There are some couples who should not be together or we shouldn't condone nor consider rooting for, but we do anyway. Other couples are controversial in the eyes of fandom. Some couples were never official couples at all but should have been. 

Then there are those couples who for some inexplicable reason a series ripped apart, ruined, or refused to give us even though it made sense, but it didn't stop us from 'shipping any of them anyway. 

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Sharpen your pitchforks and get ready to judge away because here is a list of couples (in no particular order) we would happily go to hell 'shipping. We're not apologizing.

Don't forget to hit the comments below with your own! 

1. Michael and Maria - Roswell, New Mexico

Michael and Maria - Roswell, New Mexico
Being a fan of this pairing when Malex is so popular is like tiptoeing through a minefield. Yeah, we know  Michael and Alex are "cosmic." No one is disputing that Malex has great chemistry, but you know what? So do Michael and Maria! The buildup to their romance was there from the beginning if you were paying attention. They have a fun rapport established over a decade, flirty banter, some subtle similarities, and they "get" one another.

Michael is the only character who consistently shows concern for Maria. He respects that she's "her own savior," but also knows she needs a shoulder to lean on sometimes. He's protective of her. Maria makes him smile; he lights up around her. Their angst-free camaraderie is refreshing for the broody cowboy. Miluca, Marichael, Candy 2.0, whatever you choose to call them are pretty damn shippable, and Maria is a legitimate contender for Michael's heart. Sorry, not sorry.

2. Beth and Rio - Good Girls

Beth and Rio - Good Girls
Beth and Rio are the ultimate good girl turned bad girl/ bad boy duo and everything about their relationship and the fact that we'll go to the grave 'shipping it is sinful. We're talking, sign of the cross, burn in hell for the unspeakable things they do, pass the water to quench the thirst sinful. They're. So. Hot. Together.

Beth has a husband and a brood of kids. Rio has a gang. She has betrayed him more than once, and he has threatened her often (side note: someone putting a gun to your throat should not be that sexy, dammit. See what we meant?) The finale (which I had a lot of feelings about) should have put the nail in the coffin (pardon the pun) on wanting these two together, but did it? Hell no!

3. Lucy and Flynn - Timeless

Lucy and Flynn - Timeless
Lucy and Wyatt were the most popular pairing among clockblockers, and thanks to the well-earned series finale special, they were the endgame. None of that changes the fact that Lucy and Flynn had a far more intriguing relationship. Their journey from enemies, to allies, to confidants and friends was a highlight of the series.

They were vulnerable with one another and had a mutual understanding and connection that neither of them had with anyone else. Lucy eventually grew to see the best in Flynn and assisted in his redemption arc, and Flynn saw Lucy for who she really was without airs. We deserved more seasons of Timeless and more Garcy!

4. Eve and Villanelle - Killing Eve

Eve and Villanelle - Killing Eve
Is Villanelle a sociopathic assassin? Yes. Do we still 'ship her with Eve? Also, yes. This sapphic game of cat-and-mouse between Eve and Villanelle is too irresistible to not root for no matter how batsh!t crazy their relationship is. They're OBSESSED with one another, and we're obsessed with them. What's some casual murder and maiming between future girlfriends? It's how they show their love.

5. Desna and Roller - Claws

Desna and Roller - Claws
Desna and Roller literally tried to kill each other. We're talking more than once. He cheated on her. She married someone shadier than him. He thought he fathered a child. They had many ups and downs in an often toxic relationship, but they work better together than they do apart. The loyalty and love the two of them have for one another is undeniable. They're Palmetto's very own Bonnie and Clyde.

6. Felicity and Noel - Felicity

Felicity and Noel - Felicity
It's an unpopular opinion, but Felicity and Noel are the better relationship. Unfortunately, in the battle of the hot Scotts, Speedman's Ben won out even though Ben was today's equivalent of a f**kboy. Noel and Felicity were so soft and sweet together. They were two awkward individuals finding their footing in the world while also attempting to find love with a kindred spirit.

They weren't bogged down by endless drama. Noel wasn't self-absorbed; he encouraged her to follow her passion, and he was comforting and stable. They were friends and lovers, and their relationship felt equal. They wouldn't let Noel and Felicity be great, but we're 'shipping it anyway.

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