73 Couples We'll Happily Go to Hell 'Shipping!

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The art of 'shipping in fandom can be quite a ride, not to mention it gets heated!

In some fandoms, depending on which characters you secretly or not so secretly root for, you can end up with a few battle scars. 

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There are some couples who should not be together or we shouldn't condone nor consider rooting for, but we do anyway. Other couples are controversial in the eyes of fandom. Some couples were never official couples at all but should have been. 

Then there are those couples who for some inexplicable reason a series ripped apart, ruined, or refused to give us even though it made sense, but it didn't stop us from 'shipping any of them anyway. 

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Sharpen your pitchforks and get ready to judge away because here is a list of couples (in no particular order) we would happily go to hell 'shipping. We're not apologizing.

Don't forget to hit the comments below with your own! 

1. Michael and Maria - Roswell, New Mexico

Michael and Maria - Roswell, New Mexico
Being a fan of this pairing when Malex is so popular is like tiptoeing through a minefield. Yeah, we know  Michael and Alex are "cosmic." No one is disputing that Malex has great chemistry, but you know what? So do Michael and Maria! The buildup to their romance was there from the beginning if you were paying attention. They have a fun rapport established over a decade, flirty banter, some subtle similarities, and they "get" one another.

Michael is the only character who consistently shows concern for Maria. He respects that she's "her own savior," but also knows she needs a shoulder to lean on sometimes. He's protective of her. Maria makes him smile; he lights up around her. Their angst-free camaraderie is refreshing for the broody cowboy. Miluca, Marichael, Candy 2.0, whatever you choose to call them are pretty damn shippable, and Maria is a legitimate contender for Michael's heart. Sorry, not sorry.

2. Beth and Rio - Good Girls

Beth and Rio - Good Girls
Beth and Rio are the ultimate good girl turned bad girl/ bad boy duo and everything about their relationship and the fact that we'll go to the grave 'shipping it is sinful. We're talking, sign of the cross, burn in hell for the unspeakable things they do, pass the water to quench the thirst sinful. They're. So. Hot. Together.

Beth has a husband and a brood of kids. Rio has a gang. She has betrayed him more than once, and he has threatened her often (side note: someone putting a gun to your throat should not be that sexy, dammit. See what we meant?) The finale (which I had a lot of feelings about) should have put the nail in the coffin (pardon the pun) on wanting these two together, but did it? Hell no!

3. Lucy and Flynn - Timeless

Lucy and Flynn - Timeless
Lucy and Wyatt were the most popular pairing among clockblockers, and thanks to the well-earned series finale special, they were the endgame. None of that changes the fact that Lucy and Flynn had a far more intriguing relationship. Their journey from enemies, to allies, to confidants and friends was a highlight of the series.

They were vulnerable with one another and had a mutual understanding and connection that neither of them had with anyone else. Lucy eventually grew to see the best in Flynn and assisted in his redemption arc, and Flynn saw Lucy for who she really was without airs. We deserved more seasons of Timeless and more Garcy!

4. Eve and Villanelle - Killing Eve

Eve and Villanelle - Killing Eve
Is Villanelle a sociopathic assassin? Yes. Do we still 'ship her with Eve? Also, yes. This sapphic game of cat-and-mouse between Eve and Villanelle is too irresistible to not root for no matter how batsh!t crazy their relationship is. They're OBSESSED with one another, and we're obsessed with them. What's some casual murder and maiming between future girlfriends? It's how they show their love.

5. Desna and Roller - Claws

Desna and Roller - Claws
Desna and Roller literally tried to kill each other. We're talking more than once. He cheated on her. She married someone shadier than him. He thought he fathered a child. They had many ups and downs in an often toxic relationship, but they work better together than they do apart. The loyalty and love the two of them have for one another is undeniable. They're Palmetto's very own Bonnie and Clyde.

6. Felicity and Noel - Felicity

Felicity and Noel - Felicity
It's an unpopular opinion, but Felicity and Noel are the better relationship. Unfortunately, in the battle of the hot Scotts, Speedman's Ben won out even though Ben was today's equivalent of a f**kboy. Noel and Felicity were so soft and sweet together. They were two awkward individuals finding their footing in the world while also attempting to find love with a kindred spirit.

They weren't bogged down by endless drama. Noel wasn't self-absorbed; he encouraged her to follow her passion, and he was comforting and stable. They were friends and lovers, and their relationship felt equal. They wouldn't let Noel and Felicity be great, but we're 'shipping it anyway.

7. Sherlock and Joan - Elementary

Sherlock and Joan - Elementary
The showrunners have said they don't intend to pair the two up romantically, and their relationship has been platonic and delightfully familial, but they're practically a married couple as it is, why not make it official? They're partners in every other aspect, and fans have 'shipped variations of Sherlock and Watson for years. Why stop now?

8. Harvey and Jessica - Suits

Harvey and Jessica - Suits
Were we supposed to simply NOT see the heat between Jessica and Harvey? Sure, the series was building up to Harvey and Donna, but why did they give us an equally if not more compelling background story and relationship between Jessica and Harvey? She pulled him out of the mailroom, groomed him, and he became her protege, confidant, friend, and family.

He would and has gone to war for Jessica Pearson. They are masters of the flirty banter and sexual innuendo. They had their own special place on the rooftop. They're so similar to one another it's astonishing, and yet we're supposed to believe they didn't get drunk off of bourbon and banter and have unspeakably hot sexytimes in the office one night? Sure, whatever. No offense, Darvey fans, but Jarvey was HOT AF!

9. Elliot and Tyrell - Mr. Robot

Elliot and Tyrell - Mr. Robot
Who says you can't find deep connections while plotting anarchy? The sexual tension between Elliot and Tyrell was subtle but charged. Their scenes have always been magnetic whether it's Elliot as himself or Mr. Robot.

And not only is Tyrell obsessed with Elliot but he has admitted to loving him. The erotic subtext is always there when they share the screen, and screw it, no matter how unhinged Tyrell is and how mentally ill Elliot is, the day the subtext officially becomes text some of us are going to rejoice.

10. Dennis and Davia - Good Trouble

Dennis and Davia - Good Trouble
Initially, it seemed as though these two could never get along. Davia was very judgy of Dennis, and he didn't hesitate to call her out when he felt she needed it. But through Dennis' secret battle with depression and suicide to which Davia is the only Coterie member privy of, and Davia's bouts of insecurity and relationship with Jeff, the two have forged a deep, breathtaking, emotional bond that steals the show.

On the one hand, they're housemates, and there's an age difference, and they're both in vulnerable places and need to focus on themselves. Oh, and he kinda slept with her mom once. On the other hand, their journey is mesmerizing, and they're good with one another. Their platonic, antagonistic sibling vibe has evolved into something with sexual tension, and it's intoxicating.

11. Ben and Saanvi - Manifest

Ben and Saanvi - Manifest
Technically, Ben is married. Does that stop us from rooting for Benvi? Hell no! Grace is awful (awful enough to inspire a  scathing editorial devoted to how terrible she is), and Ben deserves better. Ben deserves Saanvi.

They're bonded by this unique experience only the other passengers of flight 828 can understand. The two of them make quite the successful team investigating what happened to him and the season's many mysteries together. They're both adorable nerds who look after and support one another. Their friendship and partnership is one of the highlights of the series, and we will go down with this 'ship. Give us more Benvi next season!

12. Clarke and Finn - The 100

Clarke and Finn - The 100
For one, Finn had a girlfriend but the whole time, he was in love with Clarke, which is a bit cringy. He was a cheater and a murderer, and even the show goes out of its way to pretend as though he wasn't Clarke's first love. It's a controversial pairing within the series and within a Bellarke loving fandom, but we like what we like.

13. Derek and Braeden - Teen Wolf

Derek and Braeden - Teen Wolf
Sterek may have been the pairing many fans wanted to see, but Braeden and Derek were a couple the show gave us, and it was by far one of the healthiest romantic relationships Derek had on the series. She's the only girlfriend he had who didn't abuse or violate him.

She stuck by his side during a few difficult transitions and finally taught him how to fight as a human. They saved each other and worked tirelessly to protect all the others. They were badass couple goals, and totally should have been canon during the final season. It's unfortunate the show never brought her back.

14. Rumple and Belle - OUAT

Rumple and Belle - OUAT
Rumple had a lot of work to do to redeem himself from the beginning of the series to the end, and Belle deserved so much better for most of the show. He loved her, but he wasn't the best for her, and he did some pretty awful things to her, but no matter how villainous Rumple became and what he did, it didn't stop fans from wanting this 'ship to sail, and by the end of the series, it did!

15. Luisa and Rose (Sin Rostro) - Jane the Virgin

Luisa and Rose (Sin Rostro) - Jane the Virgin
Sure, depending on who you ask, it's controversial to 'ship Jane and Michael or Jane and Rafael for some reason or another, but neither of them has anything on the disastrous, twisted relationship that is Luisa and Rose. Rose was Luisa's stepmother, and a criminal and the woman has a million different faces. And Luisa does some truly stupid things under Rose's influence. It should be annoying, and it's toxic as hell, but do we care? Nope!

16. Marcus and Saya - Deadly Class

Marcus and Saya - Deadly Class
They're a killer couple. Literally. It wasn't cool that Marcus cheated on his domestic violence surviving, bipolar girlfriend who was utterly devoted to him. However, Saya and Marcus were just so damn appealing from the moment they met; it was hard not to want something to happen between the two.

17. Veronica and Weevil - Veronica Mars

Veronica and Weevil - Veronica Mars
C'mon, you know the two of them would have made the best couple. So entertaining. Imagine the trouble they would have gotten into together? Two people on opposite sides of the track make for quality content, but Veronica's fall from grace meant she had few allies around in Neptune, but she always had the resident leader of a motorcycle gang in her corner. Veronica and her head tilt, and Weevil and those Maybelline eyelashes had one of the best relationships of the entire series.

It's something to be said about how much they trusted, respected, and how loyal they were to each other. Veronica could always call on Weevil when she was in a jam, and he protected and had her back, and Weevil could rely on Veronica to defend him whenever he was being railroaded by any number of the corrupt systems in their small-town. It's a real shame the series wasn't allowed to explore their relationship beyond platonic frenemies. Weever for life!

18. Archie and Betty - Riverdale

Archie and Betty - Riverdale
They're just so cuuuute together! Barchie has everything you would want in a 'ship. The girl/boy next door vibe. Friends-to-lovers. They balance each other out. They're sweet, have great chemistry, and always find themselves orbiting around one another. Fandom seems to love Bughead and some are thrilled about another round of Varchie, but whether it's hell or Riverdale itself (most days there isn't a difference), we Barchie 'shippers will happily go there before we let go of this relationship.

19. Max and Helen - New Amsterdam

Max and Helen - New Amsterdam
Sharpwin is super controversial in the New Amsterdam fandom, enough to spark a post Dissecting Sharpwin and what it is 'shippers are drawn to that prompts them to root for it so much (like the fact that they stare at each other like they hang the moon).

Not only is Max married, but he and his wife just had a baby. And no one is angling for an out of character infidelity plot, but are we supposed to pretend like the INSANE chemistry between Max and Helen doesn't exist?! It jumps off the screen! In a matter of two months, Max and Helen became each other's person. They've been there for each other at their absolute worst, including Helen being Max's doctor during his fight with cancer.

No, we're not rooting for Max to be a philanderer nor do we want Helen to be a homewrecker, but sorry, not freaking sorry, their chemistry is too good to ignore, and we'll happily burn for this one.

20. Simon and Raphael - Shadowhunters

Simon and Raphael - Shadowhunters
Shadowhunters had so many pairings to root for, it was hard to choose just one. But you know what? Saphael is a pairing of which we fans will never let go. Yes, Raphael is an asexual character who found happiness as a human and joined a monastery. Meanwhile, Simon found love with Izzy. However, those days of baby vampire Simon being mentored and taken care of by Raphael showed us how cute the two of them would be as a couple, and it was hard to let go of that idea when the narrative changed directions.

21. Mary and Marshall - In Plain Sight

Mary and Marshall - In Plain Sight
The powers that be behind In Plain Sight did not want to make Mary and Marshall a romantic pairing, and they dashed our hopes for good during the series finale when Marshall married his perky fiancee Abigail and Mary kinda got back on track with her baby daddy, and Marshall who had been in love with Mary forever asked for a platonic breakup because he knew his feelings for Mary were so strong he would drop everything if she called.

Hello, that's why they should have been together!! But if you ignore the finale like any self-respecting Marshall and Mary 'shipper does, you can happily enjoy this couple in peace because even that finale won't stop us from shipping the hell out of them, so there.

22. Shawn and Angela - Boy Meets World/ Girl Meets World

Shawn and Angela - Boy Meets World/ Girl Meets World
Shawn and Angela were one of the most iconic and groundbreaking young adult relationships in television history. It's too bad BMW, GMW, and Michael Jacobs refused to let this pairing be great. We'll just happily ignore every mind-numbingly stupid, insulting, and canonically inaccurate decision made to put the nail in the coffin of this 'ship in Girl Meets World and choose to believe they lived happily ever after together as they belonged.

Contrary to what was said, Shawn and Angela were compatible as the more realistic, gripping foil to Topanga and Cory's sweet, perfect relationship. They had real struggles, overcame obstacles together, were there during some of each's other hardest battles. Yeah, we'll never let this 'ship go. Ever.

23. Bellamy and Clarke - The 100

Bellamy and Clarke - The 100
Rest assured, Bellarke is still another The 100 'ship we'll go down swinging for, so calm yourselves. Bellarke has to be the most platonically married couple on TV right now (see what we did there?). There's love, hurt, betrayal, loyalty, and angst between these two. What more can you ask for?

While the writers and the actors and other powers that be behind the series are perfectly content keeping this pairing "platonic" while baiting the hell out of us, it's OK for them all to be wrong about this. It happens, and it won't stop us from going down in a fiery inferno with this ship.

24. Bradford and Chen - The Rookie

Bradford and Chen - The Rookie
Bradford started off the season rough around the edges, and he was a total jerk, but his many layers were carefully peeled back as the season progressed, and Lucy was the one who experienced vulnerable, multifaceted Bradford in all of his glory.

He's her T.O. and coming off of a complicated marriage with his opiate-addicted, former cop wife, and Lucy was involved with Nolan. They shouldn't be together for so many reasons, but none of those reasons will stop us from falling deeper in love with the possibility of them becoming a couple.

25. Mina and AJ - The Resident

Mina and AJ - The Resident
Mina and AJ are the best 'ship on the series right now, because thanks to Nic, we never know what the hell is going on with CoNic. AJ and Mina are true partners in the OR. They're like separate hands on the same body; they work as one, and it has spilled into their personal life too. They have developed a deep friendship, bared their souls to one another, and are more vulnerable with each other than they are with anyone else, which is a lot for two closed off characters who hide behind bravado.

AJ is Mina's superior and mentor, so it would probably be unprofessional among other things if the two of them become a couple anytime soon. But their slow-burn has us on the edge of our seats anyway. No one at Chastain follows the rules, so why start now?

26. Sabrina and Nicholas Scratch - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Sabrina and Nicholas Scratch - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Sabrina and Harvey are the safe option. They're the ones people probably are rooting for the most, but if we have to burn on our Sabrina and Nicholas 'ship by ourselves, then so be it. He's loyal to her, willing to put her feelings and well-being first, and even encourages the relationship between her and Harvey if it means her happiness. He had his orders, which he defied, and he literally went to hell for her. Are we supposed to not find that #BoyfriendGoals?

27. Riley and Evan - The Client List

Riley and Evan - The Client List
Riley's husband Kyle was utter trash and far from deserving of some sort of redemption arc. But her brother-in-law, Evan, was the perfect guy and always there to pick up the pieces and help. He was nothing but supportive and loving when it came to Riley. He treated her well for the entire series. Riley and Evan are the superior 'ship. There really is no argument.

28. Magnum and Juliet - Magnum P.I.

Magnum and Juliet - Magnum P.I.
Most of the fandom would prefer if these two stay platonic partners. You know the argument. "Why can't they just be friends?" But guess what? You can be friends and still bang. There's a whole phrase for it and everything. Yup. Give it to us, please, thank you, and not sorry.

29. Abbie and Ichabod - Sleepy Hollow

Abbie and Ichabod - Sleepy Hollow
Sleepy Hollow may go down in history as making the most egregious errors on television, and Sleepyheads will never forget nor forgive. It's difficult to argue what's worse, the killing off of leading lady Abigail Mills or the show's staunch refusal to make Ichabbie canon when everything suggested they should be.

Ichabod and Abbie's fates were entwined. He showered her with prose and proclamations, damn near pledged his undying love and devotion to her every installment.

They lived together, were damn near as married as married could get, fought supernatural evil together, saved each other, and literally went to hell and back for one another. No matter what the writers or whomever else had in mind, we'll be shipping Ichabbie for as long as we'll be bitter about how this great show ran itself into the ground for no good reason; FOREVER!

30. Emily/Amanda and Aiden - Revenge

Emily/Amanda and Aiden - Revenge
They were such a dynamic couple, and they kicked ass together. The only one more devoted to Emily was Nolan (and let's be real, they would've been a fantastic 'ship too), but for some reason, the show didn't want the two of them to last. Why? The series may have ended with Emily and Daniel, but Emily and Aiden were better. Period.

31. Mary and Bash - Reign

Mary and Bash - Reign
Francis was OK and everything, but Mary and Bash were so good together! They had an instant connection. He was the person she turned to the most for multiple seasons. He was essentially her person, but the series spent too much time tearing the two of them apart and trying to convince us Francis was her true love. Nope. Mash forever!

32. Olivia and Jake - Scandal

Olivia and Jake - Scandal
For the most part, Gladiators were die-hard Olitz 'shippers for most of the series, and that too was a controversial, forbidden, insane relationship. But despite Jake's involvement with B613, his body count including fan-favorites, and the really twisted pseudo-sibling narrative Eli was pushing, Olivia and Jake were a great match.

They were built on mutual respect and a partnership. They saw the best and worst in each other. They saved each other and had some of the sexiest scenes on the series. There will be no apologies for wanting the pair to stand in the Sun together.

33. Tate and Violet - American Horror Story

Tate and Violet - American Horror Story
Where do we begin with this one? While the show absolved Tate of his many sins (which included a mass shooting and raping Violet's mom) by claiming Tate was but a vessel of the evil house and his actions were somehow not of his volition, it's still pretty damn messed up.

Can a relationship get any more problematic and toxic than that? Yet, fans were ecstatic that the two found happiness and got their happy ending together. No way they should have overcome any of that or been so shippable, but they were, damn it all to hell, they were.

34. Phoebe and Cole - Charmed

Phoebe and Cole - Charmed
In this case, Cole was an actual demon from hell, and his mission was to kill Phoebe and her sisters, but did we overlook all of that in favor of their sexual tension and the promise of love? Yes, yes we did. Their love story was messy and ended in tragedy, but we'll go to the grave believing this pairing was the greatest, dammit.

35. Skye and Grant - Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

Skye and Grant - Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
Ward masqueraded as a friend and ally for a long time despite really being a member of Hydra, and he betrayed the team and betrayed Skye, who had fallen for him. He also tried to kill her friends and his teammates. But, I mean, they were a hot couple. What do you want from us here?

36. Mariana and Evan - Good Trouble

Mariana and Evan - Good Trouble
In this age of Me Too, where companies are finally making efforts to ensure employees are protected from sexual harassment, the power dynamic between Mariana and Evan could be viewed as controversial. He's the CEO of the company, and she's the latest hire battling sexism and racism at work constantly. Also, she has a really great boyfriend; Raj is the best, and they're adorable together.

But Mariana and Evan scenes will always give you heart eyes. Their rapport is fascinating. Evan not only shows interest in Mariana (maybe romantically?), but he respects her ideas and what she has to offer, and Mariana seems to understand Evan better than anyone else at the company. Their chemistry is too good to ignore, so we won't.

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