Pop TV Recreates Schitt's Creek In A Stunning New York Setting

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There is no better way to celebrate a show that you love like visiting all your favorite placed, recreated just for fans. 

Whether you were one of the lucky fans who got to attend the event in person, or if you are getting your own experience looking through the photos of the weekend, it was unforgettable getting to see Schitt's Creek recreated this way. 

And Pop TV created exactly that, opening up two experiences in LA and NY, as a way to thank Schitt's Creek fans. This was high in demand, selling out in minutes. Twice.

Schitt's Creek - Wigs

But the best part was that it was all a thank you to those who love the show, with admission being free and a partnership with State Farm to add more tickets leading up to both weekends.

You could feel the appreciation that was demonstrated by Pop TV, with them truly trying to allow Schitt's Creek fans to have some wonderful memories.

The LA event happened first, with several stars of the show appearing to celebrate the immersive experience and the upcoming final season of the show. 

Schitt's Creek RA

Then in December New York fans got their chance to visit Schitt's Creek as well, with some unforgettable moments throughout the weekend.

TV Fanatic was lucky enough to be invited to the VIP event, where we got to see the recreation of Schitt's Creek for ourselves. It was an incredible and fulfilling experience for a Schitt's Creek fan. It was like stepping into that exact world and getting to enjoy it for yourself. 

Schitt's Creek Sign

There was a chance to take photos next to Moira's Garden, the Rose portrait, the Rosebud Motel room, Cafe Tropical, and more. Fans could also get their Christmas card photo taken in style, with the backdrop from the Rose holiday party recreated just for that.

State Farm even sponsored it, which allowed fans to walk away with their photos printed out and ready to frame.

Schitt's Creek Motel.

There was also the opportunity to channel your inner Stevie, and checking into the Rosebud Motel never felt so real. The entire room looks identical to what was on the show, even including the posts on the walls.

That was in addition to Johnny and Moira's room at the motel having its moment further along in the pop-up experience, where fans could take photos on their bed with props to match.

Schitt's Creek Motel

And if that wasn't enough, Moira's iconic Wig Wall was set up as well, giving everyone a chance to sit in their presence. 

This was after you saw Moira's costume from her famous role in The Crows Have Eyes III, so it was extremely humbling to be around all that we got to see on the show in front of us for the first time.

Schitt's Creek Cafe

During the VIP opening, celeb guests and influencer fans of the including DeAndre Jordan, Steve Schirripa, Katie Sturino, Olivia Caputo and more attended to show their support.

These familiar faces got to enjoy all the festivities as well and seemed to have the best time posing in front of every legendary location.

Schitt's Creek Sign NY

No matter how big a fan you are of the show, it was all relatable and funny and entertaining enough to want to get a photo next to. It was the ultimate experience because you didn't want to miss out on anything.

And guests got the full experience, with Moira’s Fruit Wines and canapés setting the scene as well as you walked around the opening of the town.

Pop TV present: Schitt's Creek

Then there was Rose Apothecary itself, a recreation that was as familiar as it was interactive. Guests didn't just get to see what it was like to visit David (and Patrick's) creation, they also got the chance to shop for all their favorite organic products. 

It was the perfect excuse to buy yourself a holiday gift, or maybe just surprise the Schitt's Creek fan in your life.

Rose Apothecary in NY

There was everything from mugs, body milk, soap, candles, shirts of all different varieties, calendars, robes, aprons, and even David Rose's favorite lip balm. 

Anything that was mentioned during a scene in Rose Apothecary was also on hand. Chances are it made an appearance of some kind in the recreated store. It was a unique store because of how much it appealed to every Schitt's Creek fan that would walk through it.

Moira's Wigs in Schitt's Creek

Another highlight from the weekend was a proposal, right in front of Rose Apothecary. Two fans of Schitt's Creek that were inspired by Patrick and David's love found themselves creating their own memory in the iconic town, with a proposal that was captured in a special way.

Schitt's Creek - RA

John and Jonathan connected with the love that the show embodies, especially in a world that is all about everyone fitting in and being accepted. There is such happiness on the show itself, with Patrick and David getting engaged after a hectic hike that ended in one of the most romantic moments of all time.

It was no surprise that fans of the show connected with that moment, and it is even more thrilling to see the happiness that spilled over into this Schitt's Creek inspired weekend.

But that wasn't the last surprise!

Schitt's Creek

On the last day of the event, Dan Levy himself appeared with his VIP winner from his fundraising campaign on Omaze. He surprised fans and even signed a few shirts in Rose Apothecary for a lucky few to find.

All in all, the entire weekend was all about the fans, and it showed. From start to finish, this was a way to offer fans everything that they love about the show with all kinds of surprises along the way.

It was an honor and a pleasure to experience that, as a fan and as an onlooker. 

Because at the end of the day, Pop TV managed to create the same kind of joy that Schitt's Creek has brought along to its fans.

Schitt's Creek - Pop Up

Don't forget that Schitt's Creek sixth and final season will be premiering with 14 new episodes starting on Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2020 at 9 PM EST. And if you are looking to catch up beforehand or are just looking to binge it again, all five previous seasons are on the PopNow app and POPTV.com. 

Schitt's Creek - Store

Did you get to visit the NY location? What are you looking forward to the most from the final season of the show? Tell us all your favorite experiences if you went, all that you enjoyed seeing if you didn't go, or everything you are obsessed about from the photos we shared.

Yana Grebenyuk is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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