23 Confessions of Love That Made Us Jealous

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We all have those TV couples that make our hearts happy whenever they are on screen together.

Their love makes the show that they are on that much better.

But it is their love confessions that stay with the audience, because those admissions can make or break the way a couple is recieved. Some of our favorite ships have shared some of the most amazing confessions.

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A really good love confession though is the kind that makes you jealous, it will make a fan want to have a similiar journey themselves and there are quite a few of those. 

Here is a slideshow that highlights some emotional and iconic love confessions, all of which are meant to make you just a tiny bit jealous at the same time. 

1. Rebecca and Greg (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)

Rebecca and Greg (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)
Rebecca spent a whole episode going on different dates, with Josh and Nathaniel trying to create the best idea for her. But there was something about Greg and Rebecca being on the same page, choosing not to go on an extravagant date and then still ending up spending time together. Then the way Greg just slipped into a conversation about how much Rebecca means to him, it is simple and yet meaningful in all the best ways.

2. Clarke and Bellamy (The 100)

Clarke and Bellamy (The 100)
Clarke being told that love is a weakness, and then immediately sending Bellamy away even though she didn't want to before because she was weak was a lot to handle. Bellamy might not have known what was going on, but it was the fans that got the message. Clarke loved Bellamy, even if she revealed it in the most unconventional way.

3. Liz and Max (Roswell, New Mexico)

Liz and Max (Roswell, New Mexico)
Liz might not have been ready to say it back, but Max exposing his whole heart, again and again, is iconic at this point. Getting to see a male lead talk so openly about his feelings isn't always the default, so the more Max did that, the more his confessions won everyone over. Including Liz.

4. Barry and Iris (The Flash)

Barry and Iris (The Flash)
These two have enough confessions that it is hard to choose from. The jealousy here comes from how open Barry and Iris are about their love for one another.

5. Chidi and Eleanor (The Good Place)

Chidi and Eleanor (The Good Place)
This was a glimpse into the life Chidi and Eleanor got to live, and the domestic and soft tone of it all is just too much. It is angsty for them at the moment, but who doesn't want an adorable love confession like this from their significant other?

6. Wyatt and Lucy (Timeless)

Wyatt and Lucy (Timeless)
It can be a bit distracting to pick up on any love confessions with Wyatt and Lucy's epic kiss sequences, but somehow it all works out. These two have been through a lot, and so have their fans, so it is only fair to have some exceptional love confessions to end the show with.

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