The 100: Friendships Season 7 Should Deliver To The Fans

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Friendships are a gift that keeps on giving, no matter what show it is on.

With a show like The 100 though there is always that hunger for more. So many characters exist and it's only a matter of time before you start wondering who should spend more time together during their upcoming adventures.

There might be only one season left on the show, but that doesn't mean there isn't time to form new bonds and create new friendships. If the show wanted to invest in more character-driven sequences, these are only a few of the possibilities that can (and should) happen during Season 7.

Bellamy + Clarke

Bellamy + Clarke

The 100 has made it very clear, Bellamy and Clarke have the best friendship of all time, and it is totally ~platonic~. That means going into Season 7, all we ask is that these two continue to keep the same energy in their relationship.

Let the new season bring us more of Bellamy stopping at nothing to keep Clarke safe. Let Clarke continue to see Bellamy as the closest person to her, the only one she trusts with everything because he is always there for her. Let both Bellamy and Clarke continue to seek each other out. Let them keep finding time for their iconic hug of each season.

And the story should also just let Bellamy and Clarke stay as close as they are. Coming off of The 100 Season 6, it is safe to say that Bellamy and Clarke are each other's half, in all the ways that matter.

If this is them at their most friendly and close, why mess with perfection?  Platonic friends who can't stop looking at the other, keep each other happy ... and who can just share kisses from time to time. Completely platonic soulmate kisses, of course. 

So here is to the seventh and final season of the show sticking with what they have given us all this time with Bellamy and Clarke. There is nothing that would make more sense for our favorite soulmates than them continuing to be the heart of the show, while they also take up the most space in one another's heart. 

Just platonic friends who have such an epic soulmate connection that they transcend it into their own version of friendship. Romantic friendship.


Picasso - The 100

Picasso is the best dog in the entire universe.

But Picasso also didn't have the best luck with her owners, so let us wish her even more friends in the last season. When all the humans aren't ruining everything around them and causing mass destruction, they should be spending all their free time with Picasso. 

There is no one better than the best character of all time on The 100.

Bellamy + Clarke + Gabriel

Bellamy + Clarke + Gabriel

In all honesty, there is a scenario in which Bellamy and Clarke could be friends. Of course, this scenario is the one in which they continue to be soulmates who get together ... and have a mutual friend.

Enter Gabriel Santiago.

These three have bonded quite a bit, with Gabriel helping Bellamy save Clarke by getting rid of his soulmate. It was a tough situation, but Gabriel was able to see just how strong Bellamy and Clarke's bond is, and yet there might be room for him there as a friend.

Gabriel needs new friends, and there are no two people better for the job. 

Think of the adventures these three could have!

Clarke + Friends

Clarke + Friends

This is a painful one, mostly because of how close we get and then it never quite reaches that point.

Clarke and her friends drifted apart; it makes sense after a six-year separation. But there comes a time when it isn't fair anymore, it isn't fair that Clarke is so isolated and that no one but Bellamy seems how much she matters to them.

It felt like with Clarke "dying", her old friends would realize who they lost and would spring into action to save her when they could. And in some ways they did, but in many more, they didn't.

Bellamy may not have killed Russell out of revenge and encouraged everyone to do better for Clarke, which doesn't explain what happened after they found out she was alive.

There was too much pause between the others, and it doesn't reflect well on her friends. Clarke deserves better, and that should be reflected in the last season, there is only one chance left. 

Jordan + Bellamy + Everyone

Bellamy + Jordan

Jordan is another sacrifice that came at the hands of the plot, with him not getting the screentime he deserved because the priority seemed to be ... anything else.

It was unsatisfying and upsetting after the build-up to such a legendary character, it was unfair to Jordan and the fans.

There's no shot at starting over with Jordan, but there might be a way to try again. Jordan deserves that and so do his parents. 

Now Jordan needs to have everyone start over when it comes to looking out for him, yet there is something about his relationship with Bellamy that specifically makes us hope for more.

Maybe it is because Bellamy's reasoning is the only one that makes sense, his soulmate was in danger, so he probably wasn't watching Jordan as he should have.

Emori + Raven

Emori + Raven

Now Emori and Raven are friends already, so consider this a request for more screentime for them both. Because it isn't about them being in a rough place, they just need more time on screen for us to enjoy the potential here.

Both Raven and Emori went through a lot in Sanctum; they should be allowed to talk about it and spend time looking after one another. 

It might take away from whatever plot sweeps over the last season, but it is worth putting characters before the plot for something like this. 

Indra + The World


Indra is an amazing, supportive, and incredible human being and anyone would be lucky to be her friend.

As The 100 nears an end, the only logical conclusion is that Indra needs to find happiness and positive people to surround herself with. She might be the answer to everyone's many problems, but who is the answer to her?

Let's hope that there is some time set aside for Indra to relax and spend time with someone she trusts. She deserves that.

Gabriel + Every Person In Sight

Gabriel - The 100

He arrived, we saw him, he conquered. 

Anyone who doesn't want to be Gabriel's friend is just making the biggest mistake. Looking forward at Season 7 though, getting Gabriel some friends should be a top-level priority. 

Chuku Modu and the fans have all decided that Bellamy and Gabriel will be sharing cardigans, it shouldn't end there though. Chuku also mentioned Gabriel and Jordan as a potential friendship, something both characters deserve after their time in Sanctum.

But at this point, anyone who wanted to spend time with Gabriel was a good option in our book.

Bellamy and Gaia

Gaia and Bellamy

It isn't news but maybe it needs to be repeated: let Bellamy and Gaia be friends.

Each season they are one step away from it happening, and then suddenly it doesn't. If there isn't time for it then the show should make some because they could be so epic together.

There is an understanding on a fundamental level and even if they don't always agree on everything, these two could make a good team. Their loyalty and commitment to those they love always shines through so the idea of that doubling? Legendary. 

Happiness on All The Planets


It may not be a direct friendship, and yet here we are.

The relationships and the characters on the show deserve to have happiness at the end of the day, and that is the most important "relationship" that can happen. 

Chances of every character finding the conventional version of a happy ending are very low, but maybe there is a way to make sure that not every character dies a slow and painful death. 


Madi + Jordan

Jordan + Madi

These two are more than friends; they are siblings.

Siblings sometimes fight though, with Madi taking it to a new level when she stabbed Jordan in an attempt to avenge Clarke's "death". It was hard to watch, and now all we want is to move as far away from that as possible.

The potential for Madi and Jordan, much like the potential for Jordan, is there. It just needs to be explored before it is too late, especially when they have that sibling bond and have both lost some of their innocence in Sanctum.

These two need a constant friend, and they are two of the three kids in the group. It all adds up.

Raven + Clarke

Raven + Clarke

This is a rough one, but there is no time like the present (or is it the future?) to have them figure out what comes next for them.

First, they were friends, and then they had one disagreement that became two that became three. Suddenly they weren't seeing eye to eye and maybe they are at a point where there isn't room for them to be friends again. People fall apart and drift away, these developed versions of Raven and Clarke could be like that.

But the only way to know that is to have these two talk and reexamine where they are. Lindsey Morgan shared with TV Fanatic that Abby's death could bring these two closer together, or it can push them farther away.

Which one are you hoping for?

Octavia + Emori

Octavia + Emori

Emori could never have too many friends. More friends might even mean more screentime for someone like Emori, who deserves so much more of her story to be told. 

This was a moment that not everyone might remember, but there is something about Octavia saving Emori's life that still speaks to us.

If Octavia is still alive, and we can safely say that she is, and if she is on the road to redemption, then maybe she might have room for a friend. The important part would be making sure that this friendship adds to Emori's life instead of taking away though. 

Can this happen? Would this be something you would want to see as the series concludes? 

Clarke + Gaia

Clarke + Gaia

Clarke and Gaia have always been caught in a weird place, with one of them believing in the Grounder rituals and the other refusing them. And while this was all in the name of Madi's future, both Gaia and Clarke reached a turning point during The 100 Season 6 Episode 13.

Madi's future became all about her surviving, which is where Gaia and Clarke found each other on the same side. Gaia chose Madi over the flame and so did Clarke, opening it up for friendship in the final season.

Now that these two (presumably) aren't tied down with the flame anymore, there is room for them to become friends organically. Madi is their common thread, but from here they could figure out that they are both kickass women who are better when they work together. 

Russell + Murphy

Russell + Murphy

The 100 Season 6 may have wrapped, but the built-up potential is still there.

Russell and Murphy teamed up for a brief time, with both of them going against Murphy's friends and those that opposed their attempt to live forever. So with Russell losing everyone and Murphy still stuck in a place of understanding for him, who is to say they can't continue to interact with one another?

There aren't many people that Russell could willingly pair up with, and Murphy might be one of those that he chooses to reach out to as he adjusts to his new normal.

Hope + Octavia

Hope + Octavia

So if there isn't anything romantic between Hope and Octavia, the least we can expect is friendship?

These two seemed way too close only to be acquaintances, and that is before we consider that Octavia may have helped raise Hope. With Octavia now in the Anomaly and Hope presumably is sticking around with the others, so one way or another we will hear about the relationship they share.

Obviously, not seeing all the time that Hope and Octavia spent in the Anomaly will make it harder to jump on board, but that is what flashbacks are for.

Russell + Diyoza

Diyoza + Russell

Russell is going through it right now, especially coming off the loss of both his wife and daughter. 

He may have gotten off on the wrong foot with Diyoza, but something tells me things have changed since their last scene together. There is no longer any room left for judgment on Russell's side, he was involved in too many shady things to have any arguments to make.

And while technically everyone (except Madi) is an adult, so there is no shortage, the loss of Abby and Kane does shake things up a bit.

There are no more adult pairings to lean on, so maybe Russell and Diyoza can come together to create ... something. An unlikely friendship maybe.

Of course, first, we need Diyoza to come back safe and sound from the Anomaly.

Are there any other friendships that you would like to see explored? What friendships do you think happened already but deserve more screentime? What friendships would you rather not explore further? What is your favorite friendship on the show so far? What is your least favorite friendship on the show so far? 

Do you think there is a chance that the last season will be able to tackle multiple friendships? What kind of ending are you hoping to see with the friendships on the show as the series starts to wrap up?

Let us know what you think below!

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Yana Grebenyuk was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in April 2021.

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