The Prodigal Son Cast On The Girl in the Box Mystery, Brightwell & Maldrisa, and More!

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FOX's Fall hit, Prodigal Son,  was the first new series to get a full-season pick-up, and deservingly so.

It has garnered a rabid fanbase, fully invested in the series' mystery, charming lead, and winsome cast. Fans are obsessed with Michael Sheen as a disturbingly charismatic serial killer, as well as the show's witty dialogue and zany, darkly funny, and thrilling storylines.

TV Fanatic's Carissa Pavlica scored Prodigal Fanatics some juicy tidbits and details when she spoke to Tom Payne (Malcolm Bright), Aurora Perrineau (Dani Powell), and Keiko Agena (Edrisa Tanaka) recently at SCAD aTVfest in Atlanta.

Prodigal Son  Cast - SCAD

From the mystery surrounding the girl in the box, Malcolm's mental health struggles, and his unique relationships with Dani, Edrisa, and his father, there were so many things to discuss.

But for you 'shipping lot, we asked the charming Tom Payne about the unique dynamics he has with both Dani and Edrisa.

Throughout the season, Malcolm has developed bonds with both ladies. And as with most shows, it brought out the 'shippers from Brightwell to Maldrisa.

Tom spoke a bit about Malcolm's relationship with each woman and why both dynamics are important to him. He described them as very different, "from the gut and from the head."

Tom Payne - SCAD

For Edrisa, it's a relationship where the two characters get to geek out together, and it's knowledge-based.

He described the relationship with Dani as one that is heartfelt, and stated that "they see each other, but neither of them is ready for anything past that."

But temper your expectations, you guys. He also implied that a storyline of him and one of these women trying to "fix" each other might be too big of a storyline for the show.

Deep In Thought  - Prodigal Son Season 1 Episode 2

But more than anything, at the heart of Prodigal Son is the Whitly family and Malcolm's convoluted relationship with his father. If it's one thing every Prodigal Fanatic can agree on, it's that Payne and Sheen have exceptional chemistry.

Their scenes are electric and keep you glued to the screen as you watch these two incredible actors volley back and forth, pulling out the absolute best in each other.

We asked a bit about their process balancing out Malcolm's conflicted feelings of love and hate with Martin, and of course, that shocking stabbing scene during Prodigal Season 1 Episode 14.

As for whether or not there will be some closure with the infamous "girl in the box" mystery? Well, check out what he teased about that below.

Aurora Perrineau has been killing it as the tough, loyal, and compassionate Dani Powell.

She's a no-nonsense, intuitive character, who has served as Malcolm's confidant while on the job, and sometimes off too.

But it didn't cross Perrineau's mind that the show would tease a Dani and Malcolm relationship. She mentioned the series continued to build up their relationship, and she found it cool.

Aurora Perrineau - SCAD

She admits that "every once and while they write a line," and that's when she sees it.

Dani seemingly accepted Malcolm with ease, and as we've come to learn, Malcolm Bright is an acquired taste.

Dani embraced him without a second thought, and there may be a reason for that. Perrineau teases that Dani has experienced traumas of her own, and we'll find out a bit more about them as the season continues.

Confiding in Dani - tall  - Prodigal Son Season 1 Episode 13

She also speaks a bit about the almost familial bond and loyalty Dani and Gil have, and she has nothing but good things to say about the writers, and she's as hopeful for a season two renewal as the rest of us.

Check out what the arresting Aurora Perrineau had to say below!

As expected, Keiko Agena is every bit of a ray of sunshine as her character Edrisa.

She was thrilled to hear that she's such a fan-favorite, and she loves digging into the comedic aspect of the series.

Prodigal Season 1 Episode 15 was a fabulous installment for Edrisa. Not only did we learn more about her character's background, but we saw a more serious side to her too.

Keiko Agena - SCAD

Keiko loved having more background information on her character. She has thoughts of her own about Edrisa, and she looks forward to them getting peppered throughout the series.

But ironically, her favorite Edrisa moment is one we haven't seen yet. She has a scene coming up in Prodigal Son Season 1 Episode 17 that she enjoyed.

However, she also teases a scene in Prodigal Son Season 1 Episode 21 -- it's the first scene where it's just Edrisa and Malcolm. It's a nice one that she looks forward to the fans seeing.

Nerd Buddies - Tall - Prodigal Son Season 1 Episode 2

Keiko spoke extensively about Edrisa and Malcolm's relationship and why Malcolm appeals to Edrisa so much, and you'd be surprised to hear what she has to say about the 'shipping.

She's every bit a fan of the show as she is a delightful addition to it, and has even developed an interest in the guts and glory of Edrisa's coroner tales.

Check out the full interview below!

The Prodigal Son cast is delightful. The cast members are passionate about the series, and we're all keeping our fingers crossed for that season two renewal.


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Piercing - Tall  - Prodigal Son Season 1 Episode 14

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Prodigal Son returns with an all-new episode March. 16. Don't forget to check back in for a full review.

And if you want to refresh your brain, relive the series, or experience it for the first time, you can watch Prodigal Son online here via TV Fanatic.

Hit the comments below with all of your thoughts.

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