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Martin is in a coma and Malcolm is listed as his health care proxy. Dani tries to comfort him, but Malcolm is keyed up.

Martin has hallucinations/flashbacks to when he met the girl in the box. He saw her in the park after she twisted her ankle. He checked it out for her and invited her home to make a phone call.  .

   Gil tries to get Jessica to get a criminal lawyer. The case is pending. She argues she was under duress..

Malcolm tries to talk Jessica into telling the truth. But she wants to protect him..

The team is called to a crime scene. It's with a corpse who has been embalmed. .

Jessica keeps getting a call from someone she calls The Devil. It's sterling, the lawyer who got Martin his cushy deal. He's offering his services since the carousel killer isn't corroborating with Jessica's story and she could go down for first degree murder if Martin dies.  .

   Kevin the corpse was embalmed by professional. Edrisa and Malcolm geek out over the body..

Malcolm tells ainsley the truth..

Martin is still dreaming. The girl in the box wouldn't take tea or cider, so martin chloroform her while she was about to make a phone call. .

Jessica came home early, so he had to distract her. .

The team go to a funeral director convention to find their potential suspects.   .

   Malcolm is distracted and thinking about his dad. Dani tries to check in with him but gets annoyed when he shuts her out. She tells him about her own father dying when she was a teen. She admits it isn't easy to talk about but she was trying. .

She needs space from Malcolm.  .

   He meets Tilda, who keeps trying to hit on him. .

Tilda was having sex with Kevin. She directs them to Dev, their other partner.   .

   Ainsley calls Sterling to meet with Jessica. .

They figure out the embalming material matches Dev. When they find him, he's the new victim. They have to encourage Edrisa to call on her knowledge from med school to save Dev. It works..

Martin hallucinates that girl got out of the box and she stabs him repeatedly. She tells him she's coming for him and plans on killing Malcolm first..

Martin codes. .

Malcolm continues to ignore calls texts and updates from Ainsley. .

Jessica asks if Ainsley is really afraid of Martin dying.  .

   Leanne a silent partner. Tilda was protecting her. She was the real killer. She had issues.   .

   She was behind the fire. .

Malcolm calls Edrisa to aoikgizie for something he said at the crime scene. She rushes him off the phone which is strange.  He wants to go investigate it..

Jessica meets with Eve and wants her to be her lawyer. They talk about Malcolm..She agrees to take on Jessica's case. 

The real killer holds Edrisa up in the morgue. Malcolm tries to talk her down. Edrisa knocks her out. 

Malcolm apologizes to Edrisa and Dani later on and promises to be better. 

He goes to see Martin. Martin is in the middle of his nightmare. He has just turned the tables on the girl in the box and is about to kill her again when he hears Malcolm's voice. He wakes up. 


Prodigal Son
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Prodigal Son Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Malcolm: You can't take the fall for me.
Jessica: So dramatic, darling. Take the fall. Who are you, Al Capone?
Malcolm: It was one thing to buy me extra time to catch the killer, but now he's been caught. We can tell the truth. I stabbed my father in the heart.
Jessica: But I am the one who the carousel killer contacted, and I am the one with the resources. The worse thing we can do right now is change our story. Please, let me be your mother. There's so much I haven't been able to protect my children from, let me protect you from this.

Dani: What are those?
Malcolm: Uh, apparently my father listed me as his health care proxy and made me power of attorney. God knows why.
Dani: Sounds kind of important. 
Malcolm: Well I don't want it, and I don't want to talk about it. Sorry.