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  • Jessica gets a call about the girl in the box case. Malcolm tags along with her to meet the person. 
  • when she get there there is a body on a carousel. the carousel killer wanted her to find the body. 
  • He has a vendetta against the Whitly family. 
  • Jessica helps the team out when they are tryint to invesitgate, but she keeps going rogue to save a life. 
  • the killer calls into the news station on Ainsley's first day. She's stuck dealing with all of the hoopla and Martin calling in too. 
  • The killer asks for ransom so she gets the mone to pay for it and sneaks off. 
  • The killer tells her to dump the money in the park and she does, but he kills a person anyway. 
  • They thought it was two brothers who were in jail for something Martin did and were released, but it wasn't. 
  • Next Jessica gets a message of a tied up woman. He asks her to kill Martin. He gives her a ceramic knife to sneak into the jail. 
  • Malcolm goes to the jail to talk to Martin and sees his mother there. He realizes why she is there and tries to talk her out of it. 
  • He asks Martin about wanting to kill him. He admits to it. 
  • Martin tries to goad them into killing him. 
  • He reminds Malcolm about when they used to talk when Malcolm was in college. He reminds him of a killer who stabbed someone in the heart and mised all the vital parts. 
  • Malcolm stabs him. 
  • they catch the real killer when he checks out Malcolm at the hospital to see if he's dead. 
  • Gil wants to know what happened and Jessica is being interrogated. 
Prodigal Son
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Prodigal Son Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Martin: This is nonsense. I could never hurt you.
Malcolm: Why?
Martin: Because you're my son. I mean could you kill me?
Malcolm: No, of course not.

Malcolm: If you were going to kill me right now, how would you do it?
Martin: Jeeze, son. What a morbid thought. I'm afraid my options are a tad restricted.