Council of Dads Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Dear Dad

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The time has finally come.

Luly's learned the truth about who her father is.

On Council of Dads Season 1 Episode 8, Luly finds out that Scott wasn't her birth father, Anthony was.

A Shocking Truth - Council of Dads

And he wasn't even the one to tell her. He took the coward's way out and left for Vegas. 

Understandably, he was scared to face Luly, but he had to know that leaving would only make things worse. 

He's lucky that she was so forgiving. It was unexpected. I imagined that Luly would find out he left without telling her the truth and then cut him out of her life.

You're better off without me, Luly.


She was already angry with him for lying to the Calhouns, so it would've made sense if another lie ended their relationship altogether. But, that's not what Council of Dads is about.

This is a show about family. Because no matter what the Perrys and their extended family go through, they always forgive each other at the end. Anthony made a mistake and will have to make it up to them, but he's still one of their own.

Making Amends - Council of Dads Season 1 Episode 8

So, Luly forgives him. That's all Anthony ever wanted. Hopefully, they'll be able to work on their relationship in the future.

Anthony's new job in Vegas will most likely keep them apart for a bit, which will give him plenty of time to work through his own issues. His talk with Luly at his job showed how deeply self-loathing Anthony has come to be. 

He needs space to work on himself and figure out how he's going to be one of the best dads the Perrys could ever have.

Because right now, the other members of the council are giving him a run for his money. 

Larry has been working on bettering himself for years. He's sober now and focused on becoming someone people can depend on. And just like Anthony, he's desperately seeking the forgiveness of his daughter.

Apologizing - Council of Dads Season 1 Episode 8

It's a drastically different situation, but the scene between Anthony and Larry at the beginning of the episode highlights how similar these two men are. Larry's just a few steps ahead of Anthony in his journey. 

Larry has come to terms with his past and is trying his best to be a better man. Anthony was forgiven by his daughter first, but Larry's successfully forgiven himself.

He won't forget how he's hurt his family, but he's been able to channel his guilt into being there for the Perrys, and attempting to be there for his daughter. 

Lauren won't forgive him anytime soon, but he'll never stop trying to make it up to her. And at the end of the day, that's all he can do. 

Inspired Larry - Council of Dads Season 1 Episode 8

As for the final dad on the council, Oliver has proven once again that he is a reliable friend to Robin. He's there supporting her when she tells Luly the truth and encourages her to go out with Sam. 

On top of that, he's adopting another baby with Peter. Peter should be an honorary dad on the council, considering how helpful he's been with the Perrys throughout this season. But for now, he's only a dad to Tess.

If things go well, he and Oliver will also be dads to a new baby boy. The adoption agency reached out in Council of Dads Season 1 Episode 7 to tell them a pregnant woman was interested in giving them her baby. 

She doesn't smoke or drink. There's no father in the picture. And she's specifically looking for a gay couple to give her child to. It sounds too good to be true.

Baby Number Two - Council of Dads Season 1 Episode 8

That's because it is.

Something felt off about this storyline from the beginning. The timing was too perfect. Oliver and Peter start to consider the possibility of adopting another child, and then are immediately offered the opportunity? It feels sketchy. 

I thought the issue was going to be that Sage wants to keep the baby after she gives birth. That still could happen, but it seems the major conflict will be surrounding the genetic disease Robin discovered in her exam.

It's unclear what exactly the prognosis is for Sage at this point, but it doesn't sound good. However, just because she has the gene doesn't mean that the baby will. 

While I don't think Oliver and Peter would go back on their offer to adopt Sage's baby, they need to know what they're getting into. Sage's fear makes sense, but this isn't something she can keep from them.

Mother Daughter Bond - Council of Dads Season 1 Episode 8

Legally, I don't know if that's even allowed. Don't they have a right to know the health of the baby and its mother? Oliver and Peter were at her exam, and they're probably awaiting the results.

And Robin's relationship with Oliver complicates it even further. She has to respect doctor-patient confidentiality, but Oliver is her best friend. How do you deal with something like that?

She could get fired or potentially lose her license if she breaks Sage's trust. But, if Oliver finds out she kept this from him down the line, she could lose her best friend.

With the Anthony and Luly plotline wrapping up, I'm glad Council of Dads brought in another big decision about telling the truth. It'll be interesting to see how it plays out.

Forgiveness - Council of Dads Season 1 Episode 8

Stray Thoughts:

  • Sam wanting to take Robin bowling was adorable. Those two have really great chemistry.
  • It makes sense that Robin wants to protect her children from another scandal in their family, but keeping the truth about Anthony from them is only prolonging the lie. It'll come out soon enough (thanks, Savannah Gazette).

If we don't tell her now, we become apart of the lie.


  • It's sweet to see Charlotte fully embracing her identity by joining the GSA at her school. Let's hope she won her election!

Do you think Anthony deserved Luly's forgiveness?

Are you glad that Robin and Sam took the next step in their relationship?

What do you think Robin should do about Sage?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Dear Dad Review

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