Absentia Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Nosce Inimicum

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Know your enemy. 

That's the advice given in the title of Absentia Season 3 Episode 3, and Emily is going to have to learn about this new adversary quickly if she wants to save Nick. 

When Kai told Emily that Meridan had sources everywhere, she wasn't kidding. 

Meeting At The Mall - Absentia

Dawkins was ready for Emily's plan at the mall. It was as though he knew what she was up to before he sat down in that chair.

The man he sent to hunt down Kai was huge! When you compared him to Kai, who is quite small, it really drove home her sense of helplessness as she attempted to fight him off. 

I kept hoping that Kai would scream and draw attention to herself, but I'm not sure a crowd of people would have scared the guy off. He may have ended up killing any good samaritans in order to get to Kai.

The moment I realized that Kai was being chased through one of the mall's upper levels, I knew that she was going to get tossed over the railing.

The only surprise was that she was somehow still alive and conscious as she lay bleeding down below, but I fear her chances of survival aren't very good. 

Kai Takes the Fall - Absentia Season 3 Episode 3

Even if Kai manages to survive the fall, I can't imagine that Meridan won't kill her in the hospital, especially considering how easy Dawkins found it to kill Kristophe. 

Does Emily have any way of getting the files that Kai has been hiding? 

Those files lead me to wonder if Meridian sent that big, angry, brute to kill Kai or capture her. Abducting her makes more sense because then they'd likely torture her for the information. 

But with injuries that will likely include multiple broken bones, internal bleeding, and traumatic brain damage, even if Kai lives, will she remember where she hid the information or be able to communicate it to anyone?

None of this would have happened if I hadn’t come to your house. I put your family in danger. Nick’s one of the good guys, that’s why I went to him for help in the first place. Emily, please. Let me fix what I started.


Kai Tries To Track Nick - Absentia Season 3 Episode 3

Curiously, Kai somehow assessed that Nick was one of the good guys. How? Had they worked together before? She was so sure that being brought into the FBI wasn't safe because Meridian has sources everywhere, but she trusted Nick.

Does that mean Kai knows there's a mole inside the FBI? If she does, why not tell Nick or Emily? 

Kai silence leaves us trying to figure that out for ourselves. 

As Crowne said, Julianne Gunnarson is a bureaucrat. She wasn't about to allow Emily to help on this case. First, she's still on suspension, second, it involves her ex-husband, and third, she was just stabbed! 

I may not trust Gunnarson, but I can't fault her logic. 

Agent Gunnarson Isn't Happy - Absentia Season 3 Episode 3

As for Derek Crown himself, I'd be shocked if he turns out to be a mole for Meridian. I just don't feel that vibe off of him. 

Emily: So, what, you’re Gunnarson’s lapdog now, Derek?
Crowne: No, I jumped through hoops for you, not her, and it cost me everything.
Emily: And what did it cost me? I’m not going in, Derek.

Sending in those other agents to tail Emily was a combination of him doing his job and trying to protect Emily. 

Do I think Derek can be trusted completely? He's loyal to his fellow FBI agents to a point, but he'll protect himself and his career over anyone else in the end.  

And then there's Nick.

Beaten and Bloodied - Absentia Season 3 Episode 3

The beating Nick took was savage, and then they stripped him, duct-taped him, and transporting him in a coffin...

To Europe!

I know Kai had to work fast to track down that video feed, and knowing that Nick is no longer in the country is a help, but not by much.

Having an entire continent to search is daunting. 

Wherever Nick is being held, it seems to specialize in human suffering as even Nick's caretaker/guard had severe burn scars on her face. The woman gave Nick a look that said she might like to help him and take advantage of  being aided by the FBI, but with cameras everywhere, it's unlikely. 

The Prison - Absentia Season 3 Episode 3

I was shocked that Nick made it as far as he did during his attempted escape. He's injured, and in the middle of nowhere, so he's going to need some assistance to get out.

I just hope they don't torture him again because that's not something I want to watch. 

As for Emily, she's not much of a team player. but I don't see how she gets to Nick without help, but will Julianne let her in or lock her up? 

Cal is willing to help, and we know he'll put everyting on the line to help Emily, but what is his connection to Meridian?

Emily trusts Cal and they're good partners. If it turns out even Cal is betraying her, well, I don't even want to think about that. 

Cal Has Secrets - Absentia Season 3 Episode 2

I've got to give a quick shout out to the Boston P.D. officers mentioning the late Detective Tommy Gibbs. 

Like Emily, I miss Tommy. If I could magically bring back one of the many characters who have been killed on this series, Tommy would be it. 

So what do you think of this season's mystery so far, Absentia fans? 

Will Kai live? Will Emily work with the FBI or will she go completely rogue? And will Cal be there to help?

Tommy Help Out - Absentia Season 2 Episode 1

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Nosce Inimicum Review

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Absentia Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Julianne: I need you to sit this one out. I hope you understand.
Emily: Julianne, I can help, just use me. I’ll do whatever.
Julianne: No, I’m sorry. I can’t have anymore stabbing victims on my watch. Take the time to take care of yourself and your son.

None of this would have happened if I hadn’t come to your house. I put your family in danger. Nick’s one of the good guys, that’s why I went to him for help in the first place. Emily, please. Let me fix what I started.