Married at First Sight Review: Welp, THIS is An Awkward Pairing!

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We're still chugging along in the early stages of the new relationships, and everything is coming up peachy.

The final two couples got married on Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 3, which means we have five definite couples after all.

For the most part, they were promising for now, but that can change at any moment.

Henry and Christina  -Tall  - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 1

Serendipity and Other Eggcellent Things

Just when we thought the quirky couple we had the highest hopes for were doomed, they psyched us out again.

They claimed it was the first time in the show's history that a couple realized they met each other before but didn't it happen once before? It felt as if it was something that happened recently.

Bennett and Amelia did remember one another, but it didn't stop them from going through with their marriage. They hit it off months ago at a party and share a mutual friend, but they didn't reconnect again.

In Love  - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 3

Well, Amelia doesn't remember the second time they reconnected. Apparently, they had met twice before, and Bennett remembers her vividly. When he recounted their second encounter, it was quite romantic.

She left an impression on him, and he left one on her as well. Both of them were instantly smitten. They have instant chemistry, and they're the right kind of weird for each other.

The best part is their families got along well too. It was hard not to smile when Amelia's niece hurled herself at Bennett and warmed up to him easily.

The two families have so much fun, love, and acceptance. Bennett's mother made one of the oddest toasts ever, but it somehow worked for this kooky wedding and these "demented" people.

Egg Tradition - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 3

And Amelia's bizarre friends with their unique outfits and headpieces asked Bennett some of the most out-there questions. Once we got to the hygiene, it was enough to have you opting out, but they definitely work.

Of all the couples, they easily could've consummated their marriage that night based on how comfortable they were with one another.

But when Amelia bounded out the bathroom in a full flannel pajama set, it was obvious that wasn't going to happen.

Bennett and Amelia  - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 1

The Second-Hand Embarrassment is REAL

We were given the impression that Christina was on the verge of becoming a Bridezilla based on the previews, but it wasn't as bad as it seemed.

She had some definite moments that raised a few eyebrows when her nerves translated to a cranky banshee. And, OK, yeah, she also didn't look particularly excited when she was at the altar.

She was standing so far away from Henry, it looked like they got married post-COVID instead of before it. And the long pregnant pauses by the officiant, and Henry's nervous ticks, inability to look at her and awkwardness didn't help matters either.

Vows from a distance  - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 3

Initially, it seemed as though these two were poorly matched. It felt that way again when they stood at the altar, but then there was a window of time where it seemed maybe they could pull it off.

Christina is bolder than Henry. She didn't mind taking initiative, and he liked that about her.

But it wasn't promising when she casually mentioned that she didn't remember his name, and she didn't find his nerves and awkwardness endearing.

After a while, you could tell it was getting on her nerves, and it's not something of which she's accustomed. She mentioned multiple times that he's not the type of guy that she would normally go for, even though she mentioned that she wanted a nice guy.

Handsome Hubby - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 3

She talked a lot about herself, but the second he started sharing things about himself, she would check out of the conversation and start talking about her earrings or whatever.

But then it was a red flag when she shared that she just got out of a five-year relationship nine months ago.

Excuse me?! It makes no sense that the experts keep choosing people like this.

It hasn't been a year since she got out of a long-term relationship with a man who didn't so much as buy her flowers, and now she's with Henry and bored by his disposition.

Henry's Girls - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 3

But Christina isn't the only one with issues. Henry's situation with his friends is bizarre.

For one, his only friends are women, and they're all of the catty variety. One of them said she went on a date with him, but she found him too boring, so she ended up with his brother instead, and she made Henry one of her best friends.

Henry's drunken harem of lady friends rotated between acting as though they were jealous that he was married to someone else and laughing about how he's the guy you friendzone.

Did anyone else pick up the vibe of the popular clique of cheerleaders treating the nerdy boy as if he was their pet or something?

Catty Women - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 3

Henry's friends have zero faith in this relationship. They don't like Christina, and they think no self-respecting woman would ever do a show like this and called her desperate.

Ironically, something tells me that Henry's friends and Christina are of the same ilk.

Bless his poor, timid little heart. Henry is going to get hurt, isn't he? So far, he's a sweet, decent looking man.

You, Me, and the Other Three

We spent most of the excruciatingly long two-hour installment with the new couples, but they gave us some bits and pieces with the other three.

Woody and Amani are still vibing well, and Woody is super excited about being part of Amani's family.

The conversation he had with Amani's father and stepfather was a highlight. It still weighs on him that he lacked father figures in his life, and you can tell he hopes he can cultivate those bonds with them.

Woody and Amani Dance  - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 2

It wasn't surprising that he's the type of man who takes three hours to get ready to leave the house, and at some point, his vanity is going to cause issues.

But for now, they seem to be in a decent place. Woody is genuinely smitten with Amani, but for how long? And does she feel the same?

Olivia and Brett still feel off. Olivia is gung-ho and all-in with this process, but Brett seems like he's just going along for the ride.

His jokes about his serial dating and promiscuity give the impression that he's not over the hound-dog thing he has going on, and his energy still screams player who wants to be on TV.

Miles and Karen  - Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 1

And Miles continues to be perfect. But again, Miles and Karen are hard to place. It's another case of it feeling as though he's more into her than she is him.

It was a few times when she seemed annoyed or disinterested during their reception, and when it was time for bedtime, her request for a foot rub, well, it rubbed the wrong way.

Doesn't it already feel as though he's going to be giving more to this than she is?

Over to you, MAFS Fanatics. Are you reading our reviews? What are your thoughts? Do you think any of the couples will make it? Hit the comments below.

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