TNT's Snowpiercer Season 2 Teaser: Sean Bean IS Mr. Wilford!

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Snowpiercer's riveting first season ended with the shocking return of Mr. Wilford, the train's original creator.

For most of the season, the vast majority of passengers aboard Snowpiercer believed Mr. Wilford to be in the Engine, safeguarding their lives by running the train, occasionally sending them a message in writing or over the P.A. system.

But it was discovered in the final arc of Snowpiercer Season 1 that Melanie Cavill, the Head of Hospitality, had, in fact, pirated Snowpiercer seven years ago, leaving Mr. Wilford trackside to freeze.

Season 2 Melanie Cavill - Snowpiercer

This discovery was a blow to many like Ruth Wardell who had deified Mr. Wilford in their mind, making the Order he had written down for the train their bible, and using certain lines as a form of prayer.

The finale's climax saw a second ark train, a prototype engine named Big Alice, chase down Snowpiercer and latch on, hacking into the systems and forcing the train to come to a stop.

Cavill: We lose a little bit of time each revolution. So it's on us to reverse that.
Miles: Because if Snowpiercer stops, we all die.
Cavill: That's right.

As Snowpiercer's Eternal Engine must move to generate energy, this is a death sentence for all aboard if the train doesn't resume its journey within thirteen minutes.

But even though Mr. Wilford is in control of Big Alice, the season ends without a glimpse of the legendary man.

Instead, there is yet another shocking reveal.

Mr. Wilford sent his emissary, Alexandra Cavill, to lay out his ultimatum to Snowpiercer.

Season 2 Layton - Snowpiercer

Alexandra, or Ally, is the daughter Melanie thought she had abandoned, to a freezing death when she chose to steal Snowpiercer.

In the trailer -- seen for the first time after the credits rolled on the season finale -- we hear Mr. Wilford's voice stating his intention to take back what is his.

Andre Layton is heard asserting that Snowpiercer's people will never surrender, and Melanie Cavill swears to never give in either.

Others spotted include a somber Bess Till visiting a shrine to those lost and Ruth Wardell looking shocked at something.

S2 Attack - Snowpiercer

Andre is seen multiple times.  In one scene, he appears imprisoned.

In another, he is launching an attack on a jackboot.

In the final shot, we finally see Mr. Wilford in the flesh, played by the always impressive Sean Bean.

Meanwhile, the haunting refrain of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" in the background punctuates the need to move or die.

Mr. Wilford Revealed - Snowpiercer

What do you think?

Will Snowpiercer Season 2 be able to sustain the excitement and conflict of Snowpiercer's first season?

And if you haven't watched already, by all means, watch Snowpiercer online so that you can be in on the conversation!

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Resistance is never futile but Wilford's train is a fortress to class. Maybe it is perpetual.

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