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Things are getting messy. 

Emily continued to pursue Gabriel on Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 6 and Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 7 and came to a stunning decision about the relationship. 

While it's hard to call it a relationship when Gabriel is still very much in one with Camile, it's becoming clear that he's emotionally over his longtime girlfriend. 

A Lunch Date in Paris - Emily in Paris

From the moment he laid eyes on Emily, he's wanted to get closer to her. 

The cracks are starting to appear in his relationship with Camile, and from the outside, it might look like money is driving them apart. 

Emily Gets Close to Her Neighbor - Emily in Paris

Gabriel is a proud man who wants to achieve success based on his merits. Camile trying to get him to accept the money from her family could seriously derail their relationship. 

If Gabriel accepted the money, he would feel indebted to her family, and that's not something he would be able to live with. 

Selling the restaurant is a big move, but it could signal a change for him. It's painful to watch because of how invested Gabriel is in the world of cooking. 

He's driven by making people taste flavors they didn't think were possible, but will it all come crashing down without the restaurant? 

Emily Meets a Friend - Emily in Paris

I dare say he will find himself questioning everything about himself if he actually goes through with getting rid of his place of work. 

Gabriel seems to be struggling to express his true feelings, and it's not an uncommon trait. It's unfortunate that he doesn't feel the need to truly be himself, and I hope that if he does get together with Emily, he will allow himself to open up to her. 

As for Emily, she's in a lot of trouble. Sylvie and the rest of the Savoir employees are starting to notice a pattern:

Whenever something goes wrong, Emily is not far behind. 

Emily and a Chef - Emily in Paris

Looking after Brooklyn should have been an easy task. Getting Pierre on her side should also have been an easy task. 

When we were introduced to Emily, she was an assertive young woman, but recent actions have found her starting to question how she acts. 

Brooklyn was a firecracker from the jump, but Emily could have paid a lot more attention to the celebrity. It would have avoided a lot of drama. 

Still, it was nice to see Carlson Young on-screen again. She was the breakout star of MTV's ill-fated Scream TV series. 

Emily Meets Antoine - Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 3

Clearly, the producers were looking for someone similar to her character from Scream, and that could explain her casting for this short role. 

Emily and Brooklyn didn't exactly end things on the best of terms, so a potential Season 2 return could work. 

Pierre was an interesting visionary, and Emily getting him back on her side by talking about Gossip Girl would only work on a show like Emily in Paris. 

There's a good chance much of the EIP fans will have already watched Gossip Girl, and while the duo were right about the high-fashion, they were right on the money about Dan being Gossip Girl. 

Sylvie in Green - Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 3

It made zero sense, but hey, at least it allowed Emily to fix the damage she did when she was labeled basic by the designer. 

The workplace is fast becoming toxic, especially because everyone continued to call her the name in the aftermath. 

But Sylvie's sordid relationship with Antoine appears to be coming to an end, and Sylvie is not going to like that one bit. 

Despite being the other woman, Sylvie very clearly loves Antoine, so the hope of going away for the few days with him seemed like the perfect thing to reignite their passion. 

Camile Arrives - Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 5

It was obvious Sylvie was excited about it, even if she didn't want to show it. Sylvie rarely shows emotion because she has a reputation for being ice-cold. 

Unfortunately, her feelings got the better of her when Charlotte announced she found out about the booking. 

This would have been the perfect time for Charlotte to somehow figure out what was going on between her husband and friend. 

There was a certain look on Sylvie's face that made her look guilty as sin, but it appears we will have a lot more back and forth before we get a resolution. 

A Social Influencer? - Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 5

In a sense, Emily and Sylvie are similar. They are both vying for the affection of men in relationships. 

Emily did seem to have a new man in her life in the form of the professor, but seriously, that man was absurd. 

He was analytical, and while he seemed endearing at first, he quickly became one of the most boring characters. 

The series continues to excel with the witty humor, and infectious laughter from our lead. There is a lot at stake as we head into the final three episodes of the season. 

Big decisions are looming for all the characters, meaning that the drama will need to be cranked up considerably. 

Emily's Boss - Emily in Paris

The good news is that Mindy is gradually getting more screentime. Mindy is the gift that keeps on giving, with her excellent reads on the situations Emily finds herself in. 

What are your thoughts on Emily and Sylvie? Do you see similarities between the two enemies?

Emily in Paris Season 1 is available to stream on Netflix. 

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