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The Turners are making moves in their attempt for closure, but Servant Season 2 Episode 2 moved at a frustratingly slow pace.

It's nice to understand the characters' nuances, and I know the series has always been exposition-heavy, but it would also be nice to speed the pace up.

As things stand, Servant Season 2 is lagging behind its freshman season, thanks in large part to the rate at which the plot is advancing.

Dorothy's Pain - Servant

You would think that by the end of "Spaceman," we would have checked in with Leanne and got much more insight into her machinations, but all we got was a phone call.

Leanne thinks what she did was right, and urging Sean to make Dorothy realize what she did to their son is the best move, but what will the mysterious cult do if Sean doesn't agree to put his wife in the hot seat?

Julian Listens - Servant Season 2 Episode 2

Dorothy has been falling apart ever since the second Jericho disappeared, to the point that she's making truly terrible decisions.

Sean has witnessed how Dorothy reacts if she feels like he's not trying to get their son back, so he wants to stay on the right side of his wife and come across as the doting husband.

But Dorothy not confronting the past is also problematic. If the Turners do get Jericho back, it's possible that Dorothy could remember everything down the line, and that would not be good for anyone.

I appreciated Dorothy thinking outside the box to get through to Leeanne and Jericho, but she probably imploded her career in the process. Millions of people watched her read the news as though it was a bedtime story, only for her to speak about her missing nanny.

Sean is Stunned - Servant Season 2 Episode 2

In today's social media conscious world, she would have become a meme, and the footage would have traveled across the globe, meaning Dorothy and her family would be put under a microscope.

It was a unique way to get her point across, and the way Sean commended her confirmed that he was supportive of it. But there will probably be considerable blowback on the back of her actions.

She already made Leeanne contact Sean, and there was also what looked to be the water pipes exploding beneath the house.

Leanne knows Dorothy loves bathing, so what better way to get back at her than to take that away from her?

Dorothy at Work - Servant Season 2 Episode 2

More than anything, the cult seemingly wants to be about mental warfare, and that does not bode well for any of the characters at the wheel of this story.

It's also worrying how they can infiltrate the Turner home without a second thought, and I fully believe they will be using Roscoe to do their bidding in some way or another.

I did wonder what became of Roscoe, but I figured he had been killed off. Having him return and losing days of the week was an intriguing way to help us believe the cult is not to be messed with.

We know the cult was worshiping someone in those videos, and now that we know there was a man who apparently took Jericho's eyes, well, it makes things considerably more complicated.

Questioning What to Do - Servant Season 2 Episode 2

It's also possible that Roscoe is merely being used to scare the Turners into silence, but then again, why would they want the Turners to believe Jericho is being harmed?

Another thing is that it seems like Sean and Julian are enabling Dorothy's behavior, but they also disagree on certain elements of it, which could ultimately come back to bite them.

Natalie would be wise to go on the run because if the cult learns that she's helping Julian and Sean communicate with Roscoe's subconscious, she will probably be high up on their hit list.

I do enjoy her relationship with Julian, but how will they be able to carve out a successful relationship if they can't agree on anything?

Helping Dorothy - Servant Season 2 Episode 2

Natalie is more free-spirited and open to believing in the occult, whereas Julian only cares about things that can be proven.

Natalie is also growing frustrated by how Dorothy is not being allowed to grieve their son's loss because of what has been happening.

"Spaceman" offered a lot of questions, but very little in the way of answers, and the show is now straddling the fine line between good and bad.

We're still at the beginning of Servant Season 2, so things could turn around, but for now, this not the show that captured my attention when it first debuted.

Finding Roscoe - Servant Season 2 Episode 2

Maybe there are not enough plots to serve an entire season, or maybe there's an issue with the execution, but time will tell if the series can get itself out of this funk.

What did you think of Roscoe's return? Were you surprised that his mind had seemingly been tampered with?

What do you think Leeanne and the rest of the cult will do now that the family is on to them?

Hit the comments below.

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Spaceman Review

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Servant Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Roscoe: It's Monday.
Sean: It's Friday.

Dorothy: Melanie is off. I'm going into the studio.
Sean: Do you really think that's a good idea?