21 Times Virgin River's Charmaine Is THE WORST!

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Every small-town drama has a series of antagonists ranging from the annoying to the flat out villainous.

Fortunately, Virgin River's Charmaine Roberts is far from an evil villain (that we know of), but she does tend to fall into the category of characters you love to hate.

Lauren Hammersley had her work cut out for her with this role, and she excels with the character, adding dimension and expertly portraying a woman who drives Virgin River Fanatics mad.

So allow us to get hyperbolic for a moment and review all the times Charmaine was the worst!

The Girlfriend Intro  - Virgin River

When She Introduced Herself to Mel as Jack's Girlfriend

To be fair, Charmaine introducing herself to Mel as Jack's girlfriend is annoying in hindsight.

At the time, we didn't know for sure that she wasn't his girlfriend. It wasn't until we found out later that Jack has never considered her that way at all. Charmaine's introduction showed us that she was territorial and staking her claim.

When She Faked Concern for Hope Just to See Jack

Charmaine Drops In  - Virgin River

Maybe Charmaine did care about Hope and wanted to see how she was doing after her heart attack.

She waited until Jack was at Hope's house to stop by so she could have an excuse to see him. Charmaine and Hope didn't have the best relationship, so the move was so disingenuous and tacky, and no amount of drop biscuits could make up for it.

When She Initiated The Awkward Dinner From Hell

Dinner from Hell  - Virgin River

You have to give it to Charmaine; it was impressive how she charmed her way into staying for dinner at the house of the woman who disliked her after stopping by unexpectedly and spilling the beans about the drop biscuits.

You would think she'd keep things light and attempt to play good conversationalist, right?

Unfortunately, in her quest to siphon all the information she could from Mel with no finesse, she asked the most invasive questions about Mel's husband and marriage and couldn't mask her prying. It had both Jack and Hope scolding her, and Mel couldn't flee from the table fast enough.

When She Guilt Tripped Jack Into "Dates"

Little PDA  - Virgin River

Maybe it's because it was evident that Jack didn't think of Charmaine as a girlfriend, but it made all of the moments when she ignored all of that and tried to play happy couple all the more annoying.

She drove to the cabin, smacked a weirdly intimate kiss on Jack, and then wore him down into going to a town event for a date.

Even with the guys around, you could tell that everyone but Charmaine seems to know that Jack isn't serious about her, and the PDA was very extra. Extra annoying. 

When She Demanded Jack Tell Her if They Were Dating, and Then Got Mad at the Answer

Scorned  - Virgin River

Again, from the looks and sounds of matters, Jack was always clear that they were casual.

Every time we saw them together, she was the one initiating things, and yet, she still tried to give him an ultimatum to determine if he loved her and if they were seriously dating. After two years of casual sex, shouldn't the answer be clear?

Apparently, it wasn't. Jack explicitly said multiple times that they were casual, and for some reason, Charmaine thought that his feelings would change over time.

However, when his feelings did not change, and despite their agreement, she still accused him of wasting her time and leading her on. 

When She Roped Hope Into Being a Go-Between

Break Up Box  - Virgin River

Charmaine was at her most high-school immaturity when she roped Hope into giving Jack back a collection of belongings after their "break-up."

She couldn't work up the nerve to give the box to Jack or leave it in the bar, so she dragged Hope into it instead.

It felt like note passing among a bunch of middle-schoolers, and given the contents of the box, it was particularly chaotic and a questionable move.

When She Wrote Jack a Letter to Tell Him She Was Pregnant

The Letter  - Virgin River

Did it get any more annoying than Charmaine informing Jack that she was pregnant in a letter she slipped into a break-up box? Who does that?

And worse yet, she got upset at Hope for reading an unsealed letter even when she admitted that Hope was a nosy busybody in everyone's business all of the time. She had to know Hope reading it was a possibility.

The mature thing to do would've been talking to Jack in person, or hell, even a phone call. It's hard to say if Charmaine was scared, had a flair for the dramatic, or she was using it to manipulate Jack emotionally.

When She Basically Told Mel that She Needed to Leave Town

A Friendly Suggestion  - Virgin River

Look, it doesn't take much to read between the lines, and after the news of her pregnancy got out, Charmaine seized the opportunity to remove who she deemed was competition for Jack's time and affection.

She genuinely wanted Mel to leave town so that Jack wouldn't stay with her out of some obligation while pining after Mel.

Except, by implying that Mel should leave, didn't that still remove Jack's ability to choose? The claws were out with that move. 

When She Hounded Jack to See if He Talked to Mel and Stirred the Pot

The Mel Inquiries  - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 1

After Mel's brief departure, Charmaine seemed thrilled that she was out of her hair.

But then she spent so much time prodding Jack to see if he heard from Mel and trying to figure out how he felt about her.

And if it wasn't enough, she also reminded Jack of how Mel left without saying anything to drive a wedge between them. It was very calculating and petty. 

Charmaine isn't above stirring the pot whenever she can.

When She Threw A Tantrum When Mel Returned

Return of a Rival  - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 1

Charmaine couldn't even hide how pissed she was that Mel came back, and she threw temper tantrums like a child when she found out.

Mel got the iciest welcome from Charmaine, and she wasn't thrilled about Mel working with her.

And she spent an entire car ride hounding Jack to see if he knew Mel came back and forcing him to tell her how he felt about it. It wasn't pretty.

When She Assumed Mel Couldn't Understand

Insensitive Assumptions  - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 1

No, Charmaine had no way of knowing that Mel had gotten pregnant and delivered a stillborn when she said the nasty, insensitive thing she said about Mel not understanding anything.

But that's the reason why you don't say things like that to people when you're not familiar with their background. It was an unnecessary low blow to someone who was being kind.

Charmaine didn't even realize how low it was, and that makes it all the more infuriating.

When She Interrogated Mel About Her Relationship Status

Demanding Answers  - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 1

Charmaine always acted like a scorned woman whose husband cheated on her with someone else. She spent an awful lot of time interrogating Jack about his feelings, whereabouts, and everything in-between as if she had a right to the information.

But it was worse when she did it to Mel, who didn't owe her any explanations. Mel couldn't even focus on taking care of Charmaine without getting the third-degree about Jack at every turn.

And Mel also had to put up with Charmaine treating her like her personal errand woman the whole time.

When She Gossiped About Mel All Over Town

Rumor Has It  - Virgin River

Jack thought Charmaine handled the news that he slept with Mel well, but I mean, it's Charmaine. After a rough exchange where she even accused Jack of sleeping with Mel when she and Jack were still "together," it went downhill from there.

Why? Because Mel found out at a town event that everyone had chosen sides between her and Charmaine for Jack's heart. And Charmaine told all of Virgin River that Mel and Jack slept together and Mel stole her man.

And she wasn't the least bit remorseful when Mel confronted her about her crappy actions.

When She Fired Mel as her Caretaker

Angry Charmaine - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 4

You would think that Charmaine would set aside her feelings about Mel and accept her help, care, and expertise. But nope.

Charmaine often let her personal feelings and jealousy of Mel interfere with her care and that of her unborn children.

It was illogical given that she also didn't want to go to a hospital, and Mel was the best at the job. So the number of times she fired Mel and kicked her off of the case only added to the many annoying things about Charmaine. 

When She Emotionally Manipulated Jack

Charmaine Notices Something - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 2

Every time you turn around, Charmaine was emotionally manipulating Jack into doing what she wanted him to do. She went out of her way to play helpless, so he could cater to her in hopes that it would make him fall in love with her. 

She tried to get him to spend as much time as possible with her to keep him away from Mel and get him more invested. 

And she used her complicated pregnancy and Jack's sense of honor -- of duty against him.

When She Got Mad at Jack for "Lying"

Birthing Team - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 7

It felt as if Charmaine looked for excuses to get upset with Jack.

Even though they had firmly established before that Jack would never lie to her, she accused him of doing it when she found out he was with Mel instead of at the bar one day.

The crazy thing is that Jack wasn't lying about his intentions. He didn't set out to mislead Charmaine, but it didn't concern her anyway, so what was the point of getting upset?

When She Roped in Hope AGAIN

Hope in Charmaine's Chair - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 8

Charmaine considering her relatives' offer to relocate to Oregon so they could help her take care of the babies is reasonable. She's a single woman who is expecting twins, and it's easier to be around family and people who love you.

But it's messed up that she considered this offer without talking to Jack. Instead, she spoke to everyone but him. Charmaine knew Hope and Jack had a falling out last time she put Hope into their business.

And she knew the secrecy would cause issues, but she told Hope anyway despite Hope begging her to keep her mouth shut. It almost felt as if she wanted Jack to find out and beg her not to leave, or she intended to spread the misery and cause discord again.

And Then She Told Mel Too

Surprising Duo - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 9

The mini-road trip forced Charmaine and Mel to work together to find out Jack's whereabouts, and it went about as well as you'd imagine.

Charmaine was in one of her moods where she didn't like Mel, but then she expressed that maybe she accepted that Jack didn't love her. But because Charmaine doesn't operate in half-measures, she assumed that Jack wouldn't care about her at all.

And she shared that she was thinking about moving to Oregon without talking to Jack first. And when Mel reminded her that it would devastate him, Charmaine implied that Jack hurt her all the time. Spiteful, much?

When She Called Jack for An "Emergency"

Charmaine and the Pup  - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 10

In a town where medical cases run amok, criminal investigations are taking place, bodies are found, kidnappings and poisonings are happening, and a drug lord is trying to take over, Charmaine's idea of a 911 call is a broken sink.

As if Jack doesn't have more important things to do.

But Charmaine needed to make cookies for the dog, and that required Jack's services. Charmaine often pointed out that Jack likes to help people and feel needed and showed that she isn't above being needy to get his attention, and that was another sad example. 

When She Jumped to Conclusions Again

Charmaine Kisses Jack - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 10

Jack is trying to do right by his children, and that does include looking after Charmaine, too. He cares about her a great deal, and he's a natural tending to anyone.

Buying a house that's big enough for his children rather than staying above a bar is the responsible thing to do. Unfortunately, with every decent, mature act Jack does, Charmaine takes it as an opening for a romantic relationship.

Charmaine going in for a kiss, assuming for the umpteenth time that Jack's kindness meant something else was enough to give a person secondhand embarrassment.

When She Threatened to Cut Jack Off

The Threat  - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 10

Charmaine has done many things throughout the series that made her insufferable. Topping the list is Charmaine threatening to cut Jack out of their kids' life. It's a new low.

Charmaine clearly gives Jack an ultimatum. If Jack didn't want to be with her, she didn't want him around her kids. She wants a package deal -- all or nothing.

She implied that the future man she met would be the real father of her twins. It was so mean-spirited and all because Jack doesn't love her back.

Over to you, Virgin River Fanatics. Are there any Charmaine fans or defenders out there?

Do you have any reasons why Charmaine annoys you? Hit the comments below! 

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