All American Season 3 Episode 5 Review: How Come

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Spencer finally spoke his truth to Coop.

But too many others were keeping secrets on All American Season 3 Episode 5.

For a smart young man, Spencer seemed to have trouble grasping the concept of a psychosomatic injury.

Time to be Honest -- Tall - All American Season 3 Episode 5

Thanks to Dr. Sears' therapy, he determined that, as much as he didn't want to, he blamed Coop for his getting shot.

So what did he do for most of the episode? He ducked Coop rather than admit the hard truth.

Difficult Conversation - All American Season 3 Episode 5

That was understandable. Coop is Spencer's oldest, closest friend. But she's also made far too many bad decisions lately, especially joining Tyrone's crew.

It was simple math, really. If Coop hadn't gotten involved with Tyrone, Spencer likely wouldn't have gotten shot. Somewhere deep inside, Spencer understood that.

And yet, rather than confront Coop, Spencer opted to let his football career circle the drain, as Billy was getting damn close to exploring other options at wide receiver.

Granted, that was a fairly hollow threat, as small a number as South Crenshaw's team had.

Plus, at the rate Spencer was going, he would find himself with a legitimate injury soon.

Helping a Teammate - All American Season 3 Episode 5

It took Chris, the Chargers' other psychologically challenged star, to set Spencer straight.

Chris should have been on top of the world. Darnell, his challenger at quarterback, had left to be with his badly injured mother on All American Season 3 Episode 4. So the position was all his.

And yet he had happy feet, dancing around in the pocket and really going nowhere. 

So between its two-star head cases and all the sabotage done by Superintendent D'Angelo, it's little wonder that the South Crenshaw team was struggling.

At least Spencer could get Chris to fess up to what was bothering him, even if the answer pained Spencer. Chris couldn't stand being on the same field with the man who almost ended his football career.

Worried About Spencer - All American Season 3 Episode 5

That certainly explained why Chris suddenly started treating Spencer like crap once football practice began.

As Grace so tactfully pointed out, now that Spencer knew what was going on, he could start to process Chris's feelings and also find a way to help him past those challenges.

Billy's dumbing down the offensive playbook was a little extreme. Fortunately, it was also short-lived as Chris snapped out of it and started playing like he was capable of doing.

Imagine how the Chargers will be doing once Spencer gets his head out of his arm. He looked like walking death for much of that win.

The big question now is how Coop will respond. Will she stop being all paranoid, or will she strike out against those who love her?

Striking Out on Her Own - All American Season 3 Episode 5

The thing is, I think Coop is right about Mo.

Mo's playing the long game against Coop: getting Preach out of prison, unearthing Spencer's shooter, getting Patience out of her contract. The other shoe is going to drop.

I'm really surprised Laura isn't keeping a closer eye on Mo.

Coop has to be more cagey in her interactions with Mo. She should act like she's buying what Mo's selling. If Mo lets her guard down, maybe she'll slip up.

In the meantime, while keeping one eye on Mo, Coop needs to make up with Patience and take the opportunity to record with Patience as they had dreamed of doing.

Being Supportive - All American Season 3 Episode 5

And she can't be all defensive at Spencer because, deep down, she has to know that he's right about her gang ties. Those two need each other in their lives.

Layla seemed to have hit a brick wall in her fledgling music-management career. Her father appears amused by her efforts to poach Patience from him. Little wonder Patience opted for heavy-hitter Mo for contract help.

Things weren't going much smoother on the Beverly side of town.

Frankly, Jordan, who doesn't have the brain cells to spare, has decided to play with his concussion.

Did he truly fear losing his starting QB job to J.J.?

Making a Comeback - All American Season 3 Episode 5

Also, Billy's new assistant coach shouldn't have been joking about ways to beat the concussion protocol. Jordan was both impressionable and desperate enough to try one.

But, having learned nothing from Asher's experimentation with steroids, Jordan picked up that OTC anti-nausea medicine passed the protocol, then paid the price later.

You know there will be consequences down the road.

As was inevitable, Asher was a good little soldier and got his suspension lifted by Montes. Because let's face it, with Spencer gone, Jordan needs all the targets he can get.

Somehow, Asher, Laura, and Billy have all been oblivious to Olivia's backsliding until now.

Slipping Off the Wagon - All American Season 3 Episode 5

Laura took Olivia's indifference to her breakfast spread as a sign, then immediately went overboard, tossing her room and sending out Olivia's hair for a half-assed substance panel.

Billy used a somewhat more measured approach, again using breakfast as a relapse test.

Instead, Amber, Olivia's recovery cohort, decided to intervene and got Olivia to admit to drinking alcohol, like that, was so much better than her previous addiction. She didn't learn much in rehab, I see.

Olivia appeared ready to dump her bottle of alcohol, so maybe she's been scared straight by the hamhanded interventions around her. Maybe.

Asher's Choices - All American

To revisit Spencer's trying senior year, watch All American online.

Is Spencer over the hump?

Will Coop accept some blame?

Is Olivia on the mend?

Comment below.

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Mo's a wolf in wolf's clothing. Is anyone buying this?

Coop [to Patience]

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