The Challenge: All Stars Sneak Peek: Watch the First Five Minutes!

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Are you ready to meet back up with some of the biggest names in The Challenge history?

The Challenge: All Stars is set to premiere Thursday, April 1 on Paramount+, and we have your first look at the cold open of the series premiere.

It shows off some of the big returns, including Trishelle Cannatella, Mark Long, Katie Cooley, and Darrell Taylor.

Meet the All Stars - The Challenge: All Stars

Yes, Darrell has been a big part of the regular series's most recent seasons, but it will be nice to see him playing with the old-school players again.

What's immediately clear from this clip is that the new series will be a throwback to the glory days of the original, meaning that it should appeal to fans of the older iteration, as well as newer fans who have caught the original in recent years.

Here is the full list of cast members.

Mark Long

* Ace Amerson (The Real World: Paris) — 4 Challenges, 0 wins

* Alton Williams (The Real World: Las Vegas) — 4 Challenges, 1 win

* Aneesa Ferreira (The Real World: Chicago) — 14 Challenges, 0 wins

* Arissa Hill (The Real World: Las Vegas) — 1 Challenge, 0 wins

Aneesa Season 36 Look - The Challenge

* Beth Stolarczyk (The Real World: Los Angeles) — 7 Challenges, 0 wins

* Darrell Taylor (Road Rules: Campus Crawl) — 9 Challenges, 5 wins

* Derrick Kosinski (Road Rules: X-Treme) — 10 Challenges, 3 wins

* Eric “Big Easy” Banks (The Challenge: Fresh Meat) — 6 Challenges, 0 wins

Jemmye Carrole

* Jemmye Carroll (The Real World: New Orleans) — 7 Challenges, 0 wins

* Jisela Delgado (Road Rules: The Quest) — 3 Challenges, 0 wins

* Jonna Mannion (The Real World: Cancun) — 5 Challenges, 0 wins

* Katie Cooley (Road Rules: The Quest) — 9 Challenges, 1 win

* KellyAnne Judd (The Real World: Sydney) — 4 Challenges, 0 wins

Kendall Shepherd

* Kendal Sheppard (Road Rules: Campus Crawl) — 1 Challenge, 1 win

* Laterrian Wallace (Road Rules: Maximum Velocity Tour) — 3 Challenges, 0 wins

* Mark Long (Road Rules: The First Adventure) — 6 Challenges, 2 wins

* Nehemiah Clark (The Real World: Austin) — 4 Challenges, 1 win

* Ruthie Alcaide (The Real World: Hawaii) — 4 Challenges, 0 wins

* Syrus Yarbrough (The Real World: Boston) — 5 Challenges, 1 win

* Teck Holmes (The Real World: Hawaii) — 1 Challenge, 0 wins

* Trishelle Cannatella (The Real World: Las Vegas) — 4 Challenges, 0 wins

* Yes Duffy (Road Rules: Semester at Sea) — 3 Challenges, 1 win

Have a look at the full sneak peek below and hit the comments with your thoughts.

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The Challenge: All Stars Quotes

I don't kiss ass, I kick ass, and if you don't watch it, I'll kick your ass.


Back in my day, the stakes weren't this high. These people before would kill each other for a scooter. I don't know what they're going to do for half a million dollars.