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Did Beth and Dean turn the tables on the law?

On Good Girls Season 4 Episode 3, the duo dealt with the aftermath of Dean's arrest in the only way they could:

A Friendly Game - Good Girls Season 4 Episode 3

By breaking more laws!

Meanwhile, the ladies realized they needed a fall guy due to recent events, while Ruby turned to Stan for some fake cash.

How did it all play out?

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Good Girls Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Beth: I need a loan.
Rio: For what?
Beth: Bail.
Rio: Yeah, that's not my thing.
Beth: I need to get him out.
Rio: Nah. You need a fall guy if you ever tying to make money again.
Beth: It's not his fault.
Rio: I told you to be smart, right?
Beth: I was.
Rio: Then how'd they get your books?
Beth: He didn't know.
Rio: Why he's the perfect fall guy.

Tell me one thing. Was he part of it?

Dean [to Beth]