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A flashback shows a young Beth and Dean in high school, and Dean helping her clean up the ice cream shop she works at. Later, Dean asks her to prom, but on the night of the dance, Beth is at the hospital tending to her mother, and Dean comes there to wait with her.

In the present day, Beth visits Dean and tells him she’s going to get him out.

Phoebe bribes Dave into getting some alone time with Dean, but he refuses to speak against Beth.

Beth asks Rio for a loan, and he agrees to give her money if she sinks a pool ball. She does sink the ball, and he tells her to take it out of the money she owes him.

The ladies try to find a fall guy to take Dean’s place and make an offer to his co-worker, Eric, who happily wants to get out of his situation to go to a posh jail.

Ruby has Stan steal money from work for them to create new bills with, and while there, his boss at the strip club informs him he knows that he was doing side gigs with some of the strippers behind his back.

Eric goes to a bank to deposit the fake cash, hoping to get arrested. But the police who come to arrest him take off with the money and leave him.

Beth tries to confess to Phoebe, but she finds out that Dean has pled guilty to the charges against him.

Stan’s boss makes him gather money from people who owe him.

While at Boland Bubbles, Phoebe stumbles upon the letter Beth had previously written to Dean explaining how the business works.

Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Beth: I need a loan.
Rio: For what?
Beth: Bail.
Rio: Yeah, that's not my thing.
Beth: I need to get him out.
Rio: Nah. You need a fall guy if you ever tying to make money again.
Beth: It's not his fault.
Rio: I told you to be smart, right?
Beth: I was.
Rio: Then how'd they get your books?
Beth: He didn't know.
Rio: Why he's the perfect fall guy.

Tell me one thing. Was he part of it?

Dean [to Beth]