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Did Vic and Travis manage to communicate on the job?

On Station 19 Season 4 Episode 9, the pair tried to help two best friends in need, but their mission was hindered.

Michael star - Station 19 Season 4 Episode 9

Meanwhile, Jack realized he had a greater impact on Marcus than he realized, leading to a big turn of events.

Elsewhere, details about Travis' late husband came to light and it shocked everyone.

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Station 19 Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Jack: ‘Cause I heard a rumor about you and Hughes.
Theo: Oh, uh, no, that’s not a thing.
Jack: You sure?
Theo: Yeah, I’m sure.
Jack: ‘Cause I see you guys making eyes at each other. You seem to have some good chemistry.
Theo: You know Hughes and I were almost a thing, but then she found out I’m the guy that killed Montgomery’s husband, so now we’re not, OK?

Vic: You know we have to work together.
Travis: I am perfectly capable of working with you.
Vic: Then we have to talk about it.
Travis: There’s nothing to talk about. You’ve made your stance pretty clear.
Vic: How? Oh my god, how? It’s been three days. You won’t even stay in the same room.
Travis: Well, now your boyfriend’s here, so you can talk to him.
Vic: Oh my god, he’s not my boyfriend.
Travis: I’ll ask you again, did you end it with him?
Vic: We weren’t even anything to end.