Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 16 Review: The Purloined Keys

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Things are getting juicy, folks.

It was Nancy versus the rest of the characters on Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 16 as they raced to find a way to bring down Everett Hudson -- AKA, Nancy's grandfather.

But, in true Nancy Drew fashion, everything was not as it appeared to be. With a couple of plot twists, tearjerker moments, and a mystery to solve, "The Purloined Keys" was one of Nancy Drew Season 2's best episodes.

New Identity - Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 16

Celia was dead all along! Everett now knows that Ryan betrayed him! Nancy kidnapped Everett with the help of Gil!

So many plot-rich moments happened all at once and came together to create a pulse-racing hour of television. And we have no idea where the series will go next.

George: Bess, what is the problem? Just be yourself.
Bess: A former con artist who likes to dabble in the supernatural looking to rebound from a crush on a dead woman. I am unswipable.

For a show that is based on a series of books, it's a wonder that they still manage to surprise us with jaw-dropping scenes and twisty mysteries.

And, we have to say, we did not see the Celia reveal coming.

Ryan - Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 16

Celia was acting strangely for the entirety of the episode as she focused on preparing for Everett's party, but we brushed it off as one of her quirks just like the rest of the characters did.

It wasn't until Nancy arrived at the party did we notice that not everything added up for her character.

She wasn't dressed for the party and she wasn't worried about the safety of her son. Once Nancy found the blood, we put two and two together and realized that Nancy had been conversing with Celia's ghost for the entirety of the episode.

Celia: It's okay. I am so sorry. I can't stay.
Nancy: No, no, no, no. Don't go. No, please don't go.

Just when you think Nancy Drew is going to go a whole episode without featuring some kind of supernatural aspect, there the writers go with one of the biggest twists of the season.

The "dead all along" trope is one that many television shows and movies have done before, but Nancy Drew still managed to make it surprising and clever.

Val Samuels - Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 16

Here we go again. Nancy has lost a mother figure, and our hearts break for her.

Though we all had our doubts regarding Celia and her intentions with Nancy, there is no doubt now that she truly loved her like a grandmother loves her granddaughter.

There was no ulterior motive for Celia in getting to know Nancy and helping her get in Everett's good graces. She just wanted a granddaughter and Nancy just wanted a grandmother, whether she knew she did or not.

It's time to go visit my favorite relatives. The dead ones!


It's heartbreaking, not only for Celia because she was undoubtedly killed by her husband, but also for Nancy. She opened her vulnerable and fragile heart up to Celia, only to have it broken once again.

And, for that, we cannot blame her for going full Hudson by the end of the hour.

Ryan Hudson - Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 16

If the Drew Crew was worried about Nancy turning to the dark side before she found out about Celia, they should be terrified now.

Nancy has enlisted the help of Gil to kidnap Everett, which should let you know that she means business.

She is willing to get her hands dirty if it means that she keeps the rest of her loved ones safe from an evil man.

Nancy is desperate, and she is being reckless as a result. But we can't seem to care about that right now because we want to see Everett get sent to prison almost as badly as Nancy does.

The Hudson patriarch has been a few steps ahead of Nancy this entire time, but it's doubtful that he ever suspected she would kidnap him. And that's exactly why she did it.

Nick - Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 16

For the entirety of "The Purloined Keys," the characters looked at the situation as if Nancy was Everett himself and refused to share information with her regarding the Black Crown tape.

It was frustrating beyond belief to watch because Nancy has proven more than once that they can trust her. And all they did was push her farther away with their lies and avoidance.

But Nancy does not go down without a fight and is so much smarter than any of them gave her credit for.

I am trying to stay alive. And I'm trying to keep my friends alive. And I am trying to be everything to everyone and I'm so sick of everybody doubting me instead of trusting me because I know what I'm doing.


It was surprising to see them treat Nancy that way, but it does make sense in the long run when Nancy goes dark. The only person she had on her side on this episode was Carson, and even he was hesitant at times.

Nick, Ryan, and the rest of the Drew Crew will have some bridges to mend once reunited with Nancy. Everything she has done, she has done it for them. I hope that they express their gratitude by the time this is all over.

Taking Down Everett - Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 16

Nancy might have to worry about her own safety before she focuses on taking down Everett.

Carson adorably took a photo of Nancy in her armor dress before she left to try to save Ryan and Nick's butts. We didn't think much of it at the time, it was only a cute father-daughter moment.

But, as it turns out, that photo means so much more in terms of Nancy's future.

Carson: You're giving away your entire identity.
Nancy: No, I'm not. I'm playing a role. Nancy Drew will be tucked away inside of me the whole time.

Nancy, quite frankly, looks dead in the polaroid. Her eyes have huge dark circles around them and there are scary marks on her arm.

We have no idea what this means, all we know is that Nancy should be very worried and that something supernatural is going on here.

Val and Ryan - Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 16

What did you think, Nancy Drew Fanatics?

Were you surprised to find out that Celia was dead all along? Are you okay with the way the Drew Crew treated Nancy? Do you like Ryan and Val as a couple? What does the photo of Nancy mean?

Do you think that the Black Crown tape really exists? And how adorable was George writing Bess's dating profile for her? George is getting softer with every episode!

Let me know in the comments, and do not forget that you can watch Nancy Drew online right here via TV Fanatic!

Nancy Drew airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

The Purloined Keys Review

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Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Bess: Now that the distractions have gone can we please -- hi --focus on the matter at hand -- dating profile pic.
George: Cute.
Bess: I'm really gonna need some more feedback here, guys. Unless she wants me to keep pining for the ghost that lives inside her.

Carson: You're giving away your entire identity.
Nancy: No, I'm not. I'm playing a role. Nancy Drew will be tucked away inside of me the whole time.