A Million Little Things Round Table: Rome & Sophie's Powerful Talk, Darcy Confusion, & Delilah Dread

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Romany Malco and Lizzy Greene delivered one of the rawest, most powerful conversations of the series.

Elsewhere on A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 16, Darcy and Alan implied they gave Gary and Katherine ultimatums, and Gina made a seemingly rash decision about Someday.

Join Christine Orlando, Jack Ori, and Meaghan Frey as they discuss the hour.

A Million Little Things Round Table

What did you think of Sophie and Rome's discussion about mental health, Jon, and more? How about her decision to go to the police?

Christine: That was one of the best scenes of the series. Jon's suicide will have ripple effects for a lifetime, and it's important that they talk about that.

Rome suffers from depression and has been suicidal. Sophie's father committed suicide, and not only has she had to process that as a teen, but she's now dealing with being sexually assaulted. It took a lot of guts for Sophie to broach this subject with Rome, and I loved how open and honest he was with her.

I especially loved him telling her that if she needs him, "You don’t knock on my door. You knock my door down.” That was powerful.

As for going to the police, that's not going to go well. Unfortunately, it's a he said/she said situation, but this gets it on the record. Sophie's best chance is to find more victims because they are most likely out there. If they stop feeling alone, they may come forward as well.

Jack: I agree with Christine. Sophie and Rome's conversation was my favorite scene of the hour. I had tears in my eyes throughout the whole thing. Such a powerful conversation!

Going to the police might not result in Peter's arrest, but it does get it on record, and even more importantly, it helps Sophie feel like she's doing something about the situation.

It's not always the right choice for everyone, but in this case, I think it's going to help empower Sophie no matter what the outcome.

Sophie's Audition - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 4

Meaghan: I can't say enough good things about that conversation between Sophie and Rome. The honesty and vulnerability that Rome showed during that moment -- it was beautiful to watch.

Sophie needed to have that conversation. She has been through so much trauma in her young life, and she is so fortunate to have such an incredible support system surrounding her.

Sophie needs to know that she has people to turn to without fear or judgment if things get too dark for her to handle by herself.

I agree with Christine and Jack. Unfortunately, going to the police might not get the results that Sophie wants. Sophie needs to do it, though. It is a necessary step in her journey now that she realized that it's what she would have wanted Layla to do.

As Jack said, that isn't the right choice for every survivor, and that is OK. Everyone has a different path in their recovery from their trauma, and this is Sophie's.

Do you think Gina's decision to give up Someday is too rash? And should Rome have taken the commercial job, or was Tyrell not considering the bigger picture?

Christine: I think most people have had to take a job or stick with a job they despised because they needed a paycheck or benefits for themself or their loved ones.

Tyrell is a teenager, and it's easier for him to be idealistic. Rome would turn down that commercial if he could, but he has a family and a mortgage to pay.

It's lousy but sometimes being an adult means sucking it up and doing something you don't like for the greater good.

As for Regina, she lost the loan. She has no money to pay her staff, and she's not physically capable of being the head chef right now.

Making Changes - A Million Little Things

That said, I do wish she'd take more time to see if Rome's commercial money and her current staff could keep things going because this is her dream. If she loses it, getting it back could be extremely difficult.

Jack: It sucks that Rome felt he had to take that job. That commercial actively hurt the cause of fighting for racial equality and turns the protests into a money-making opportunity. Ugh.

And Xander was clearly out of touch since he thought having to cancel a flight was equivalent to Rome not having money for his mortgage.

At the same time, someone has to pay the bills, and that was the job that was available.

Fighting Injustices - tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 13

Rome isn't in a position right now to put his standards above paying work, and I think that was part of the point -- being able to turn down work that is against your values and hurts your community is a privilege he doesn't enjoy right now. I liked how he reminded Tyrell of what Tyrell did to get money to help his mom and how this is similar.

Rome did make one mistake, though, and that was that he didn't discuss all the issues with Gina. He just jumped at the chance to bring some money in, and as their conversation at the end demonstrated, she wasn't 100% on board with this way of making money.

I would have rather they discussed it fully beforehand. Even if Rome wanted to, he couldn't back out now because that would make him seem flighty and make it hard for him to get other paying work (producers do talk, after all).

I think Regina is giving up too quickly, but I understand how she feels. It's hard enough struggling with a disability, and for her restaurant not to be making money right now on top of it must feel to her like a sign that it's not meant to be.

Business Woes  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 7

Meaghan: I respect Rome so much for doing what he needs to support his family. I hope that Rome bringing a different perspective to the table means he'll have a say in the concept and that it ends up better than the original pitch. Given that Xander is the literal worst, though, it probably won't happen.

I feel so much for Gina right now. As someone struggling with my own health issues right now that have caused me to lose so much career-wise over the past year, I can completely understand how devastating this is for her.

Like everyone else, I think she should have hit pause on her plans to close once Rome told her about the commercial. Rome taking the commercial bought her some time, and she should have utilized it and leaned on her staff more.

Sure, she is the head chef, but she isn't the only one. I can't picture her hiring people she isn't confident in, so I'm sure they would have been able to pick up the slack until she is in a better place physically.

Do you understand Alan's frustration with waiting and "paying for Eddie's mistakes?" Do you think Katherine is ready to date and pursue a relationship so soon after Eddie?

Christine: Alan and Katherine are in different places right now. He can continue to wait for Katherine, but there are no guarantees there.

Katherine isn't ready. She's not even officially divorced yet. She's got a broken marriage of over a decade, and trust issues because of Eddie's addiction and cheating.

Getting to the other side of that will take time and work on her part, and it likely won't be quick.

Alan should probably move on. Maybe these two will end up together in the future, maybe not. But pushing Katherine for more than she can give will get them nowhere.

Katherine's First Date - tall  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 16

Jack: I was annoyed with Alan. If he really wanted to prove that he would treat her better than Eddie did, it starts by respecting where she's at now.

It's one thing to say this isn't going to work, but demanding that she move faster than she's ready to -- it's obnoxious.

It reminded me of the stereotypical guy who feels that he is entitled to a woman because he's a "nice guy." Alan probably didn't mean to project that image, but that's how he came across.

Meaghan: I don't know what is going on with all the men on ABC shows. Between this and Grey's Anatomy, I'm sick of men I love acting out of character.

Alan Ultimatum  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 16

I understand Alan's frustration to an extent, but his response was just too aggressive for me. He behaved like Eddie was some guy she dated for a year or two.

This was her husband, who she thought she would spend the rest of her life with; it is going to take time for her to trust a man not to make the same choices Eddie did.

I'm not saying that Alan should wait for her; I just wish he had gone about the whole thing differently. He could make it clear that even though they can't be together romantically that he will be there for her as a friend still -- after all, it's where they started.

Is Darcy's annoyance that Gary moved Eddie in instead of them living together understandable? Do you think she has valid concerns about Gary's devotion and commitment to all his friends above her?

Christine: It's completely understandable.

Opening Up  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 7

I feel horrible for Gary. He wants to help his friends, but I feel like Eddie and Katherine are taking advantage of him if they don't have some sort of time limit on this arrangement.

Darcy has a decision to make about what's best for her son. She wants to know that Gary is serious about a future with her, and if he's not, she needs to know that too.

Gary is a generous guy with a big heart, and sometimes that gets him into trouble.

He loves Darcy. If he wants a future with her, he has to set some boundaries with Eddie and Katherine and let them figure the rest out for themselves.

Darcy's News - tall  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 16

It's unfair to expect Gary to be Eddie's babysitter forever, and it's unfair to Darcy to expect her to wait in the wings with no type of commitment.

Jack: While Gary tends to put his friends first, Darcy is being ridiculous. Not committed and not living together after only a few months of dating are two different things. And she never said she wanted to live with him until now.

In fact, she didn't talk to him at all. She just decided he wasn't committed enough because he let Eddie stay there.

Darcy seems to leave Liam with him often enough, so this didn't come across as a concern about Liam or the relationship. I was very disappointed in her because I thought she and Gary were a strong couple up until now.

Gary's Conflict  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 16

Meaghan: I'm with Jack. I found myself extremely frustrated with Darcy in this situation. Again, like Alan, it felt extremely out of character.

Darcy and Gary have openly communicated so far, so for Darcy to be this upset with Gary over her having Eddie move in instead of them living together is crazy. She didn't tell Gary that was what she wanted. Gary isn't a mind reader.

She also needs to think about how Eddie and Katherine are two of his best friends, and he loves Theo like his own child. Of course, Gary will do anything that he can to help them remain a family during this transitional period.

He is also the one who offered to do this for them -- they didn't ask for it. Gary doesn't owe them anything, but he also committed to this. He can't just back out now.

Gary Rocks Out - tall  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 16

It also feels bizarre that Darcy is defining commitment only from the perspective of living together.

So if Gary won't move in with her, despite the fact that he is incredibly committed to her, then she is going to move away?

Like Jack pointed out, they only have been together for a few months. It's not like this is years down the road, and Gary isn't taking this step. Again, it all just felt so out of character for Darcy.

Part of me wonders if her being friends with Katherine and not being a fan of Eddie in the slightest caused her to react this way. She understood Gary living with Delilah's kids but reacts differently to him living with Eddie.

Do you think Darcy will move away with Liam and Steven? Do you think she expects Gary to move with her, or is she looking for a commitment that justifies her staying? Is this the end for these two?

Christine: Darcy is looking for a commitment that justifies her staying. If Gary loves her and sees a future with her, he's a fool if he lets her go because Eddie and Katherine can't work out a parenting agreement. That's not Gary's responsibility.

I love Darcy. I love Gary and Darcy as a couple. I really hope they work this out because I'd hate to see them break up and Darcy leave for good.

Jack: I hope not. I don't think it's in Liam's best interest, and I think it would be something she does out of spite more than anything else -- she doesn't like that Eddie and Theo are living there, so she'll move closer to her ex to get back at Gary.

If she does that, I'll be questioning whether she and Gary were as right for each other as they seemed.

Saville Men Hugs - tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 16

Meaghan: Yes, I think she is going to leave. They just started the storyline of Eddie living there, so I don't see them having Eddie move out right away.

From the way that Darcy seems to be looking at this, the only other commitment that could "justify" her staying -- outside of moving in together -- would be an engagement.

If Gary were to propose to her just to get her to stay, I don't think that would end well.

I guess an alternative could be that Gary offers to move in with her and will stay in the apartment with Eddie on the weekends when Theo is there. I feel like that would be a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Happy with Darcy  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 12

It actually just struck me that it is kind of bizarre that Darcy is so upset about Gary letting Eddie move in so that Theo and Eddie can have a relationship --- yet she is thinking of picking up and leaving her life behind so that Liam can be close to his father.

You would think, given the circumstances, she would actually be more understanding.

Is there anything else about the hour you'd love to address? Do you have a favorite moment, quote, or dynamic from the hour?

Christine: I was proud of Gary for not leaving Eddie and the kids alone and disappointed in Eddie for pushing him to do so.

Excited to See Eddie - tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 12

This was the first time Theo was visiting! What is wrong with Eddie that he's breaking the rules just a few hours after Katherine walks out the door? No wonder she doesn't trust him.

I also thought it was vitally important to hear Sophie say that she was at greater risk of suicide because someone close to her was a victim of suicide. That's something not enough people realize or discuss.

Families often keep suicide a secret, something too shameful to talk about, which only makes it worse. Hearing Sophie, Maggie and Rome talk about it so openly was refreshing and one of the things this show does best.

And the Dr. Brock's Root Beer commercial as a jab at a similar real-life soda commercial with a similar premise was well played.

So much so that when my daughter (who knows nothing of the real-life ad) was watching the scene where Rome and Sophie talked about suicide, she sarcastically quipped, "All they need is to pop open a root beer, and everything will magically be fine." LOL.

Tyrell   - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 8

Jack: I was also glad they addressed suicide so thoroughly in this episode. Another thing not often talked about is the survivor's guilt. I liked Rome talking about how he wondered why Jon died and he lived.

I was surprised that a doctor cleared Gina to drive when she can't multitask since driving requires multitasking for safety. But I liked her conversation with Eddie about being disabled.

Finally, I have to say that I have not missed Delilah. I know her kids need her, but I was disappointed that she's coming back.

Meaghan: OH MY GOD, as soon as Delilah popped up on the screen, I actually cringed.

It is nothing against the actress at all. However, this season has been so solid and powerful. Unfortunately, that all happened without her there and showed that her character isn't necessary.

Loving Daughters - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 2

What do you hope to see in the finale?

Christine: I hope Gary offers Darcy some type of commitment, and she stays. I love these two as a couple and would hate to lose Darcy.

I have mixed feelings about seeing Delilah return, but I hope she's there for Sophie because I think her going to the police won't be easy.

I wish they'd hire a private investigator to try and find other victims because the police may or may not look into it on just Sophie's say so.

Katherine Lets Go  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 16

I'd like to see Katherine and Eddie work out their parenting issues.

Is Eddie going to meetings? Does he have a sponsor? Are we just supposed to believe he'll magically stay sober because he went to rehab?

Staying sober is work, and maybe if Eddie could show Katherine how he was working on this every day, how he was following some sort of plan -- they could slowly get back to a point where he can be trusted alone with his son again.

Jack: I'm curious as to what cliffhangers/mysteries they'll set up for next season.

I want to see more of Rome and Regina navigating their financial situation and dealing with Tyrell and his strong opinions.

Card playing - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 10

I'm excited for Sophie to go to the police and hope that AMLT continues down the path of treating this story with the realism and respect it deserves.

And I agree with Christine that we need to see Eddie continuing some sort of treatment/support. And what happened to Jackie? I'd love to see her again.

Meaghan: My biggest hope for the finale is that Sophie is in a good place. Her journey has been so powerful this season, and she has made so much progress in her healing journey.

I really hope that going to the police and things potentially not going well doesn't undo all the progress that she has made.

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A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Maggie: Are you thinking about hurting yourself?
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This is my first, first date in over 12 years.