Animal Kingdom Series Recap: Four Cody Boys and An Empire!

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If you want to understand the present, then we got to take you back to the past.

Animal Kingdom returns Sunday, July 11, at 9/8c on TNT with a highly-anticipated fifth season that we've waited the better part of two years to see.

Given how long ago it was before we spent some quality time with the Codys, leading up to the premiere, it's only fair that we catch you up with everything that has transpired over the years.

Pope's Agony - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 13

If you aren't one to watch Animal Kingdom online via a binge, then this four-minute or less recap should give you all the highlights to freshen your memory.

And unsurprisingly, it's the now eldest Cody, Pope, who we hear, seemingly speaking to a therapist (?!?!) about some things and giving her his edited version of what's happened to him and his family over the years.

Whatever is going on, Pope is at a hospital, and someone is prompting him to share what happened that may have led to his presence there.

Of course, we get the real story.

Smurf's Fall - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 13

Pope mentions that Smurf is dead, and from there, he speaks about how close the family is and runs down their birth order, even mentioning Baz and the fact that he's "gone."

And eventually, he gets to the point where he mentions how J had joined the family after Julia "had an accident."

Do you see what we mean about Pope's editing choices?

He speaks about Smurf, and he does put some respect on the late badass Cody's name by discussing how she has run Oceanside for decades, and everyone has to go through her.

Smurf Visits an Old Friend - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 9

Well, at least they used to go through her.

And boy, looking back, it's hard to believe how messy the Cody boys are.

Poor Pope is still working through his issues after Smurf forced him to give up Lena, but it led to him falling into bed with Angela.

And we can't forget the highs and lows of Deran's relationship with Adrian, right?

Tall Goodbye - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 13

Renn sure as hell dealt Craig a surprise hand upon her return, and now we'll get to see Craig in a new light.

And then there's J, who Pope claims "is the one we all should've been watching."

Game recognizes game, and Smurf could tell her grandson had a knack for the business as sure as he has side hustles all over town.

The recap video mentions the empire that Smurf built and the men she left behind, as the Cody boys find their way in the world without their fearless matriarch and criminal mastermind.

Proud Papa - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 11

If you want a detailed recap of all things Animal Kingdom, whether you're a long-time fan in need of a refresher, or a newcomer who wants a fast recap before delving into the new season, then check out the video below.

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Who's In Charge? - Tall - Animal Kingdom

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Tune back in on July 11 for a full review after the premiere of Animal Kingdom Season 5.

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Animal Kingdom Quotes

Craig: You doing a job was a one-time thing.
Renn: Why?
Craig: Deran should never have asked you.
Renn: What?
Craig: I didn't want you there.
Renn; So that's why you've been pushing me being a real estate agent bullshit?!

Baz has a way of getting what he wants.