Dynasty Season 4 Episode 6 Review: A Little Father-Daughter Chat

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Cristal may not be long for this world.

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 6 gave us our first big hint at who might be in the coffin in the flash-forwards, but it was handled in such a low-key manner that it's hard to believe it is that clean cut.

If you watch Dynasty online, you know Cristal has largely been away from Blake and the family of late, but we're starting to understand why.

New Status - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 6

Hiding a mysterious illness from those who love her will probably come back to bite her, but what could really be going on with her?

I appreciate the writers for acknowledging that Cristal exists because her arc throughout the early episodes of Dynasty Season 4 has proven to be meandering, to say the least.

Cristal has even been opening back up to the possibility of getting back together with Blake, and that could hint she's hiding a more serious illness than we're being led to believe.

Anders and Blake - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 6

We know Anders typically tells Blake everything, but there's a good chance he'll do some digging before turning to his former employer.

Cristal not confiding in Blake could suggest she's worried about the potential diagnosis. Alas, we'll need to stay tuned to find out how this shakes out, but hopefully, we get some clarity on the coming episodes.

Liam: Isn't that illegal?
Fallon: I don't know, but he should be arrested.
Liam: I meant you reading employee emails.
Fallon: Oh, Liam, it's 2021, don't be so naive.

Speaking of Blake, he made it through an episode without smashing up a cell phone, so that has got to be some achievement.

The writing for Blake has been all over the place, but it hit a new level of stupid with him firing 29 of Fallon's employees and acting like he couldn't do anything for himself.

At the Hotel - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 6

Blake has lived a privileged lifestyle and has never had to do anything for himself. The same could be said about Fallon, but at least she recognizes the opportunities afforded to her are not the norm.

Blake thought he would be calling the shots at Fallon Unlimited, but Fallon should have been more mindful about how scheming her family can be.

Yes, Blake has turned a corner, recognizing his faults, but he's the type of character that will still be pulling the same schtick, despite protesting that he's changed.

Fallon allowing her father to return is a recipe for disaster because he will search for an opportunity to push her out of the company.

Culhane's Plan - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 6

Fallon is well-intentioned, but she's far too naive when it comes to her father.

Now that we know she has him under surveillance, maybe Blake will find a better way to cover his tracks.

To be continued. Right now, I have to find a headhunter of my own and order him to shoot Blake.


Is anyone else bored of Sam and Ryan having the same argument every other scene?

Sam acts like he comes from a rich family, but in reality, he was not well off on Dynasty Season 1.

Yes, the rich lifestyle suits him, but the way he speaks to Ryan as though he is some spokesperson on the benefits of being rich is embarrassing.

Making a Plan Again - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 6

If he truly wants to have a relationship with Ryan, then he needs to find a way to stop meddling in his life.

Ryan desperately wants to make it on his own terms, and taking the loan from Culhane was a decent way of doing that.

Sam is becoming insufferable because he's so needy. He's the type of partner that will check his significant other's phone to make sure they're not getting up to no good.

There are clearly some deep-rooted self-worth issues with Sam, and he needs to speak to someone about it if he wants to get into this all-consuming relationship.

Fallon Has a Plan to Win - Dynasty

As things stand, this relationship has no legs. There have been far too many red flags for them to be brushed under the rug, but maybe they will be ironed out now that Ryan is moving to Atlanta.

This being Dynasty, we'll probably learn that Ryan is working with someone against the Carringtons.

Bailey: You're going to pay for this.
Adam: Did your presentation not go well? Yeah, I heard some groaning, or was that moaning?
Bailey: I could get you fired for this.
Adam: For what, you have no proof that I did anything to your presentation or that me and my girlfriend had sex on your desk.

Adam's plan to be the breadwinner of the family was pretty absurd, but this type of behavior is just par for the course with him.

He'll never be happy unless he's scheming to take those against him down, and the mission against Bailey did not disappoint.

Making Another Big Ploy - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 5

Kirby being along for the ride gave her something to do because let's face it, she's really not being given anything to work with.

For a character stabbed at the beginning of the season, she's pivoted quickly, leading me to believe the stabbing was all thrown in there for shock value.

Without genuine consequences, how are we supposed to care about these reveals?

Kirby is another character with many possibilities, but she's being stifled because there's not much going on.

At the Hotel - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 5

More than ever before, the series feels very hollow. The season-long murder mystery could have been handled so much better.

Had the show opted for answers every episode, it would have been much more satisfying, but what we're getting is little breadcrumbs when we forget about what is supposed to be the season's arc.

The series is really languishing thanks to the weak storytelling, and I hope there's a way to turn this around before we get to the halfway point.

What are your thoughts on what happened to Cristal? Do you think Fallon is making a mistake by working with her father?

Hit the comments.

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A Little Father-Daughter Chat Review

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Dynasty Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Liam: Isn't that illegal?
Fallon: I don't know, but he should be arrested.
Liam: I meant you reading employee emails.
Fallon: Oh, Liam, it's 2021, don't be so naive.

To be continued. Right now, I have to find a headhunter of my own and order him to shoot Blake.