Hell's Kitchen Season 20 Episode 6 Review: Young Guns: A Ramsay Birthday in Hell!

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The majority of the guys still suck; they're just sucking on two different times.

Not only did Megan Ramsay get some mostly delicious food for her 21st Birthday Bash onĀ Hell's Kitchen Season 20 Episode 6, but she got some pure entertainment from one team's downfall.

The Red team can't win for losing with the deadweight they have to keep carrying.

Ramsays Weighing Dishes - tall - Hell's Kitchen Season 20 Episode 6

No doubt it's intimidating to have your food critiqued by not one Ramsay but two of them. And some of the contestants were a bit distracted by Megan Ramsay's beauty and overall loveliness.

But they delivered some dishes that appealed to her, even if I personally didn't see anything on the menu besides maybe the pad thai-like noodles that would've done it for my taste.

As the season progresses, Kiya is a dark horse competitor. She's been cooking up some solid dishes, racking in praise, and she has a hell of a lot to say about her teammates. She's often the most frustrated with the people who routinely let the Red team down.

Kiya is killing it, and it wouldn't be a surprise if she makes it to the top five, as she's been the most consistent and appears to improve over time.

Flaming Good - tall - Hell's Kitchen Season 20 Episode 6

Nevertheless, the Blue team had the edge of the Red team with their dishes thanks to Megan's Pad Thai noodle dish that Megan Ramsay adored. It was Megan supremacy.

But one of the reasons that one team's edge over the other was better was because of the simple dishes they put forth that were suitable for the occasion.

It was a birthday dinner for a bunch of 21-year-olds. And while there is understandably a challenge trying to impress Ramsay with high-brow dishes while appeasing a young palate, the simpler the dish, the better.

Obviously, sliders, chicken wings, and noodles would win over fancy steak dishes and salmon.

Daddy's Girl - tall - Hell's Kitchen Season 20 Episode 6

In fact, it was odd that the one instance where these young guns would've been knowledgable since they're roughly the same age as Megan, some of them dropped the bomb.

But between the young birthday theme, the reward, and those moments of sharing pictures, it was a lot of fun and youthfulness here.

Is anyone surprised that Payton had a pink-haired stage? Emily's biceps are INSANE! Keona may have had the least embarrassing photo with her thirst trap picture that almost felt out of place, but no one was complaining about it at all. And then there's my guy Steven, who piqued as a Blerd with his adult onesie costume.

I'm not saying I have unicorn adult onside pajamas that are a go-to for winter lounging. Nope, not saying it at all.

Prepping for a Party - tall - Hell's Kitchen Season 20 Episode 6

And, of course, the surfing reward was pure entertainment, even if I gasped when Megan faceplanted. Oof! That had to hurt.

Those were the endearing moments, and you knew it had to make up for the hell unleased in the kitchen later.

The Payton and Brynn beef, if that's what you even want to call it, is bizarre, and by the end of the hour, Payton came across as a lowkey sexist who can't take accountability for his screwups.

Brynn was rightfully annoyed when they returned from the previous elimination, and she wanted to know why Payton threw her name out there when it literally didn't make any sense.

Brynn Calls the shots  - Hell's Kitchen Season 20 Episode 6

Instead of Payton stating his (asinine and stupid) reason with his whole chest, he told Brynn and the others that he needed to put a name out there, and her's came to mind.

But he told the cameras that his issues with Brynn are that she doesn't have confidence in him (which, he's done nothing to inspire it), and she's "too emotional." And you just know Payton is that guy that will gaslight the ever-loving hell out of a person!

Brynn bounced back something fierce from her severe anxiety at the start of the competition, and she's easily one of the strongest women and Red contestants. Not only that, but she's a hell of a team player.

Brynn could've left the team hanging with the party planning punishment from hell, but instead, for the second time, Brynn rolled up her sleeves to help her teammates rather than use her punishment pass.

Brynn Annoys?  - Hell's Kitchen Season 20 Episode 4

She's assertive in the kitchen, a team player, and her dishes have been on par for weeks now, so anyone bringing up petty things regarding her ends up looking foolish, especially to Chef Ramsay.

Payton's silly gripes about Brynn were rich from the weakest ones on the Red team. His dinner service was a disaster, and the girls are beside themselves trying to talk the guys through each component of everything and make sure they're ready.

Kiya, Brynn, Keona, and Josie are FRUSTRATED with Payton and Sam. For all of Payton's Brynn badmouthing, it's her he would turn to during challenges or services to check his dishes.

Kiya is giving off an exasperated babysitter who didn't sign up for this shit energy every time one of the guys so much as open their mouth. And Josie, whew.

Patyon's In Over His Head - tall - Hell's Kitchen Season 20 Episode 6

Josie was another person who shone on the Red team during this installment. I mean, damn, the girl was practically carrying two stations on her back during the dinner service, doing her job as well as Payton and Sam's.

And her reward for carrying their asses through the whole service like a Queen was the bottom three for handing off someone else's mistake. Ugh.

Josie was impressive throughout, and she deserved all the kudos. But there are also some folks shining on the Blue Team. Aside from Steve, of course.

Kevin has been rising to the occasion and kicking butt recently, too. Apparently, the key to some of the original Blue team thriving was the removal of Sam and Payton.

Tropical Fruits - tall - Hell's Kitchen Season 20 Episode 6

The new Blue team genuinely seems to work together better. Although, it still feels like Antonio is some borrowed time. Trenton appears to be improving as well.

Hell's Kitchen is all about the journey, so while they're not on my radar for winning yet, there's always a chance that they can prove me wrong.

Payton, however, was long overdue for his exit. Ramsay was right about giving him so many chances.

His dinner service was a nightmare, and that's been the only consistent thing about him. His attitude sucks, and he doesn't take any accountability or opts to deflect.

Payton and Keona - tall - Hell's Kitchen Season 20 Episode 6

He's not ready to run a restaurant right now. So good riddance and good luck to him.

Also, shoutout to Steve for the adorably accurate rap about raw meat. The fact that raw lamb was served up during this installment only made the rap more accurate.

It was only one bar, but hell, it was a banger.

Over to you, Hell's Kitchen Fanatics. Did the right person go home? Who is your favorite contestant right now? Are you happy with all the improvements made?

Hit the comments below!

Young Guns: A Ramsay Birthday in Hell! Review

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