Hell's Kitchen Season 20 Episode 7 Review: Young Guns: If You Can't Stand The Heat...

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Say it with me now, folks. It's RAW!

You would think that by Hell's Kitchen Season 20 Episode 7, the contestants could go a full dinner service without serving up raw food, and yet, here we are.

Maybe Hell's Kitchen should open a sushi station.

Kevin Preps  - Hell's Kitchen Season 20 Episode 7

Damn near every seafood dish that came from Kevin's station may as well have auditioned for a role in the next Finding Nemo sequel.

Is the fish station that difficult?

Was the pressure of running a station by himself for the first time while there too much for Kevin? If that's the case, then he wasn't ready to run a restaurant or lead a kitchen.

Bless Kevin's heart. For a while, it seemed that Kevin was on his way to becoming one of the better cooks on the Blue side. You know, outside of Steve. But then he had one of his worst days and nights in the competition.

Kevin  - Hell's Kitchen Season 20 Episode 1

Trenton has progressed nicely, so much so that Ramsay took a moment alone to commend the kid, but Kevin's positive streak took a hit.

And hell, his ego probably did too when his performance sucked so hard that he didn't even make it to the elimination ceremony.

Do you know how much you've mucked things up when Chef Ramsay snatches your jacket in the middle of service?

No one wants to go out like that!

Soccer Time  - Hell's Kitchen Season 20 Episode 7

Kevin's rough streak was evident the moment he messed things up during the International cuisine challenge. For someone who was excited about the Mexican food he got to make, he didn't nail the challenge at all.

International food challenges are not only fun as hell to watch and also enough to make you wish you could reach through the screen and try some dishes, but it's the opportunity for the contestants to rise to the occasion and show off their skills.

Nothing better showcases things like your flavor profile knowledge, palate, and creativity, like figuring out the best dish to piece together inspired by a specific cultural cuisine.

Keona is an example of someone who didn't have had any idea what she was doing with her Greek dish that was out of her depth, and she ended up with the best meal of all.

Keona Wins a Challenge - tall - Hell's Kitchen Season 20 Episode 7

Her excitement was adorable. For her, it felt good to take an intimidating challenge and find success in it. Those are the moments that make you proud of contestants throughout their journey.

Overall, many of the dishes looked delectable. Although, the screwups were worthy of side-eye.

Once again, it made no sense that Emily put forth a dish saturated in soy sauce, of all things, and didn't taste it because of the chicken.

And some of the other disastrous dishes were a bit cringe-worthy.

Cimarusti Digs In - tall - Hell's Kitchen Season 20 Episode 7

The Red Team won with ease, and they got a fun reward, but at this point, nothing seems to faze them anymore.

They've been killing it all season, and at this rate, rewards are just another day for them.

The magician had some amusing moments, but overall, a girl would've settled for chilling at the pool alone and catching some sleep.

Interestingly, Antonio got moved to the Red team. I hoped that Steve would get the honor since it sucks how long he's been stuck on a mostly losing team when he's been one of the only and most consistent things on it.

The New Red Team - tall - Hell's Kitchen Season 20 Episode 7

The man deserves more than a few breaks.

Sam wasn't thrilled about Antonio coming over, but shockingly, the red team suits Antonio.

He's still obnoxious and loud as hell in the kitchen, but he rocked it out during service, and damn if I wasn't proud of him for that.

Keona was another person who seemed as if they would be an issue in the kitchen based on how everyone was about to jump on her over calling out her times and getting ready on time, but her food was impeccable, she was on her shit, and she was helping Sam out, too.

Showing Sam the Ropes - tall - Hell's Kitchen Season 20 Episode 7

Keona is no joke, and it was a great installment for her to shine. Typically, she falls under the radar on the series, not being one of the worst of the bunch or the obvious choice for best.

The thing with Sam struck was notable, though. Has anyone else picked up how often one of the girls helps Sam out or taken over a station for him?

He tends to require a lot of help. So while he's not screwing up much anymore, it could hinder him from winning.

As it stands, he doesn't appear like a leader at all, but rather someone who still needs to work under other people's tutelage.

After Kevin's departure, neither team deserved to lose, so they earned a week without an elimination ceremony. It would've been hard to choose anyone this time around anyway, aside from Kevin.

The contestants are a solid batch of individuals with a couple of possible frontrunners. While there are still a few weak links in there, for the most part, things are shaping up.

Over to you, Hell's Kitchen Fanatics. Did Kevin deserve to go home? Who are your frontrunners? Hit the comments below!

Young Guns: If You Can't Stand The Heat... Review

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