Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won Head of Household? Who is the Target?

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Big Brother's first double eviction of the season found viewers saying goodbye to Claire and Alyssa, leaving the Cookout members Tiffany, Hannah, Azah, Derek, Xavier, and Kyland still in the house.

The Cookout managed to outmaneuver the rest of the house, but with there being no more targets outside the alliance, the game will shift dramatically.

Hannah won Head of Household during the double eviction, meaning she could not compete in the second competition for the power of the night.

The Cookout - Big Brother

When the feeds returned after the CBS broadcast, the competition had not been played, and conversations were starting to shift to who should go next.

When the competition was played later on Thursday night, Kyland emerged with the win, securing his third Head of Household win of the summer.

Kyland started talking about his plans, and it became clear that he would put Tiffany and Hannah on the block.

Kyland Young

Kyland has a final three with Xavier and Derek F, so there's no chance he'll put either of them on the block unless he really needs to.

If he follows through on his plan for Tiffany and Hannah on the block, there's a chance one of them could come down.

Should that be the case, he'd likely put Azah on the block. Azah has not won any competitions, and anyone sitting on the block next to her would probably be deemed the bigger threat.

With the Veto still up for grabs, things can change, and it could be the case that both Tiffany and Hannah manage to shift the target away from themselves.

Tiffany Mitchell

It will all come down to the Veto and what happens over the next few days.

The houseguests have no clue that another double eviction is looming, so that should give them a shock when Julie announces it on Thursday.

Six will become four, and then the finale will be airing two weeks later.

What are your thoughts on Kyland's HOH win?

Xavier Pratha

Who do you think should be the target?

Hit the comments below.

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