Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Addison's Epic Return Is A Hit!

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Addison Montgomery returned, and it was everything we could want.

Addison's return to Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 3 made for a fantastic hour, including an emotional scene in the elevator with Mer. Elsewhere, Link and Amelia's relationship is confusing, and the residents are amusing but need individual development.

Join Joshua Johnson, Jasmin Pettie, Meaghan Frey, and Paul Dailly as they discuss the hour.

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On a scale of 1-10, how much did you enjoy Addison's highly-anticipated return?

Joshua: In all honesty, a 10. I know it helps that Kate Walsh played Addison for 9+ years on two different shows, but she just stepped so easily back into the character. Addison was vibrant, charming, and everything I remembered her being.

Jasmin: I'd have to say an 8. I loved seeing Addison back, and Kate Walsh did an amazing job, but I felt like they could have gone further with her scenes and made them a bit deeper. I felt like they skimmed the surface of what they had to work with and that they could have gone a lot farther with it.

Meaghan: 10! Kate Walsh brings such amazing energy to Addison, which elevates any scene she is in.

You would think that since she has been away from the role for so long that there would be some rustiness there, but nope -- she stepped back into those heels effortlessly. I'm so excited for the rest of her episodes and just wish she would decide to come back permanently.

Paul: 10! It wasn't too much, and it wasn't too little. If they can use her sparingly in the next few episodes, it will work much better in my book.

What were your favorite Addison moments from the hour? Is there anything you still hope to see from her?

Joshua: The scene in the elevator with Meredith was my favorite moment with Addison. It's so weird to think that Derek has been dead for seven years, and Addison crying because she couldn't feel him in the hospital was such a lovely example of how grief isn't linear.

In fact, Addison made me cry more about Derek being gone than most other displays of grief on this show because it felt real and sincere. Kate Walsh really doesn't get the credit she deserves for being a phenomenal, dynamic actress.

The cherry on top of that particular sundae was Meredith putting her arm around Addison and resting her head on Addie's shoulder. It was absolutely lovely to see them letting go of any animosity they had in the past and coming together as friends.

Addie Returns  - Grey's Anatomy

Tying it together was the last scene, with Addison meeting Zola and Bailey and getting along with them famously. I know we get more of her in the next episode, but honestly, just bring her back permanently.

Jasmin: The elevator scene was a favorite of mine as well. I thought Kate Walsh and Ellen Pompeo gave great performances. It felt genuine and real.

That said, the scene didn't have the emotional impact for me that I hoped it would. I felt emotional, but it didn't hit me in the gut as I expected.

It was partly the music choice, how short the scene was, and the lack of build-up beforehand.

Missing Derek  - Grey's Anatomy

I, too, loved the scene with Meredith and Derek's kids at the end of the episode. I thought it was really lovely. I also really enjoyed the OR scenes with Meredith and Addison and watching them teach Levi.

Meaghan: It's a real toss-up for me between the elevator scene and the scene with her meeting the kids. Mer and Derek were the epic love story of Grey's Anatomy, so it's easy to forget that he and Addison shared years together before Mark Sloan came between them and Meredith Grey ever stepped on the scene.

Watching Addison's response to being in the place that had become his home and that feeling of his presence not being there was gut-wrenching.

It was great and unexpected to watch Mer comfort Addison. I loved that after all this time and the history between them, Addison and Meredith are in a place where they can find solace in each other.

Wife and Wife  - Grey's Anatomy

Paul: The elevator scene killed me. Despite everything, these two women have come together and shared their love for Derek. It's excellent that they can look back on it and not have to bicker about who was better for him. That would suck.

Which medical case was the most interesting or your favorite? Are you enjoying the return of diverse medical cases on the series?

Joshua: I don't really have a favorite case of the week, per se. I loved seeing Rashida get her kidney, and I appreciated that Noah made a return.

it felt bleak when the previous installment introduced both cases. I mentioned before, Grey's has a history of introducing medical cases that are indicative of a broken system and then dropping them after an episode or two because what can Grey's do to "solve" the issue?

Winston Advocates  - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 2

They can have their magical television fix, but the show has always been about responding to what's happening in real life.

When Rashida and Noah were introduced, I felt heavy like I did for much of last season, knowing that Grey's couldn't magically cure COVID.

Seeing Rashida followed up with this episode felt like a singular resolution (I got a little emotional when Winston told her she was getting a kidney). I have a feeling the plot that extends from here will be about Winston's rule-breaking.

Seeing Owen follow up with Noah felt like the beginning of a bigger plot arc, which a) thank God they didn't just drop it, and b) thank God they're giving Kevin McKidd a storyline that doesn't involve a girlfriend, a wife, an affair, or a baby.

Owen Worries  - Grey's Anatomy Season 17 Episode 9

The only case that I didn't care for was the girl who fell off the water ski. The only thing it felt like it did was allow Bailey and Hayes to deepen their friendship, but even then, it seems like such a waste for Richard Flood.

Jasmin: I'm with Joshua on this one. If I had to pick, I'd say that Rashida's case was my favorite. We didn't get to know Addison's clinical trial patient well enough for an emotional impact. I did like that Winston continued to advocate for Rashida and got her the kidney she needed.

I loved seeing Ben back in action and the surgery truck scene between Ben, Owen, and Winston. I also agree that Kevin McKidd is a great actor and deserves plotlines outside of his messy love life.

I also think they are wasting Richard Flood's talent so far this season. He's a great actor; he brings so much depth to Hayes, and they are so underutilizing him. It's maddening.

Coffee with Cormac - tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 3

Meaghan: I agree with Joshua and Jasmin. Rashida's case was a highlight of this episode. Not only does the case address such an important issue in healthcare, but Rashida herself is just so fun to watch.

Grey's has always been great at creating amazing guest stars with their patients, but it has felt like a while since we've got one. It really feels like a return to form.

I'm also super happy that Owen FINALLY has something to do with his time outside of lady troubles. I think this storyline is really interesting, and I can't wait to see where it goes.

Paul: It's a full house. Rashida's case impressed me the most. I'm digging the cases this season so far. They're varied, and there's no COVID-19 in sight.

Recruiting an Old Friend  - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 3

Does Link's fears surrounding marriage explain his actions better? Do you think we're headed toward an Amelia, Link, and Bartley love triangle?

Joshua: What confuses me most about Link and Amelia is, why aren't they talking? Did they break up? Are they still together?

Clearly, they're co-parenting, but did Amelia's rejection of the proposal end them? It's so confusing.

I want to see them talk about their relationship so that we as viewers know what's up. This feels like sloppy story-telling.

Rainy Days and Playing Guitar- Tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 17 Episode 4

I do appreciate that it seems like we'll see Amelia explore her sexuality (can we call it bisexuality if Bartley is non-binary? Would that make Amelia pansexual? Amelia does seem like someone who would be more into the person than the label). However, the chemistry between Amelia and Bartley reminds me of the chemistry between Arizona and Eliza Minnick--kind of forced.

Jasmin: To me, they don't. I just don't understand why Link is suddenly so dead set on marriage that he's willing to let go of an otherwise healthy relationship and put Scout in a split custody situation, especially since that's what he had growing up. He told Teddy that is exactly what he didn't want for Scout.

Why is being married so important to him? And why doesn't Amelia seem to care about Link or Scout anymore? Is her tumor back?

Like Joshua, I am also unclear if they are still talking. I feel like Amelia and Bartley could have good chemistry if it weren't for the fact that Amelia has a whole ass family in Seattle that no one wants to see her leave, which put her scenes with Bartley in a weird position.

Addison Hugs Amelia  - Grey's Anatomy

Meaghan: Can they please bring back the Link we all know and love because this man is not it. Every time he talks about the marriage issue, he sounds like a child throwing a hissy fit because he isn't getting his way.

I'm not saying marriage isn't an important issue -- of course, it is. The problem is that it has never been an important issue to Link, so for him to be willing to throw their relationship away over it just doesn't make sense to me.

Ironically, by trying to shove the ultimate commitment down Amelia's throat, he's pushing her right to Bartley.

In the last episode, I couldn't see the chemistry, but I definitely saw it this week. I'm not sure where they are taking this storyline because I'm also convinced they will have Link and Jo hook up, so who knows? Maybe the writers are just anti-Amelink and don't want us to get a happy ending.

Amelink Impasse -tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 1

Paul: This whole Link and Amelia thing screams bad writing. I understand the show wants to show this different layer of their relationship, but it's not benefiting either character.

I can see the way the show is making us think there's a connection between Amelia and Bartley, but why do it at the expense of the character development for Link and Amelia? They need to talk it out.

Are you warming up to the residents and the focus on the residency program?

Joshua: YES. Besides getting to see a new residency class and how they're becoming surgeons, I love that they're so far removed from the original cast that they don't know anything about those characters.

Seeing them speculate over Addison and Meredith and talking about the Seattle Grace 6, or 5 (but definitely not 7) was hilarious to me.

Winston and Ortiz - tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 3

Jasmin: I felt the opposite! I liked Levi's scenes and moments in this episode, but the other residents, minus Jo, got on my nerves. Their comments were so cringeworthy and disrespectful.

Levi was literally the only person to tell them to shut up and show some respect to their attendings. Their speculation about Addison and Meredith was so childish and gossipy, I just can't take any of them seriously as future doctors.

Meaghan: I love getting to see their personalities start to shine through. To Jasmin's point about the gossiping, it actually reminds me so much of when the OGs were baby residents. They acted very similarly to how these guys were all acting.

It also cracked me up that they aren't caught up on all the old drama. Can they please give them a lesson on it? Dedicate a grand rounds session it?

Residents Root Levi On - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 2

My one complaint is now they need to start focusing on them more individually, so we get to know them on a deeper level.

I mean seriously, Helm has been on this show for so long, and all we know is that she is obsessed with Meredith to the point that Mer might want to get a restraining order. They've gotta give us more!

Paul: Yeah, I think we need to see them more individually. The residency program initially worked because we followed the characters, but now we're not getting that. It feels like the characters have little depth.

What was your favorite scene from the hour?

Joshua: The scene in the elevator I talked about, no contest. Absolutely lovely work from Kate Walsh and beautiful writing from Jamie Denbo.

Coffee Time  - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 3

Jasmin: For me, it's the scene between Meredith and Hayes when he brings her coffee, and they talk about her new project in Minnesota, the weather in Ireland, and how Austin is doing. I just love their chemistry together.

Meaghan: The elevator. It was beautifully portrayed by Kate and Ellen and showed so much growth in their characters. I was a blubbering mess by the end of it.

Paul: The elevator. It was perfect.

Was there anything else about the hour you'd love to address that wasn't covered already?

Joshua: What was the point of making Meredith the chief of the residency program just for her to turn it down? The end of Season 17 was all about restructuring how the residents were being taught, shaking up the system, making change, and then--no.

Addison and Mer Operate  - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 3

I truly don't understand the sudden reversal of that plot.

Also, the idea of Link and Teddy fixing the HVAC was so ludicrous that I couldn't even pay attention to their scenes together. That said, I lowkey appreciate Teddy being happy.

Finally: are we actually going to see Jo be an OB resident? I get that the show is about surgeons, but why introduce this plot if we don't get to see it?

It just feels like more evidence that we're going to get a back door pilot for an OB show starring Camilla Luddington, Kate Walsh, and (hopefully) Stefania Spampinato--AND I WILL WATCH THE HELL OUT OF IT.

Strawberry Mishap - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 2

Jasmin: While I enjoyed this episode, and I feel like the writing is slowly improving, I'm really not digging this season.

They had such a great setup coming off of the last two seasons, and I thought with jumping ahead to a post-COVID world, we would finally see the culmination of so many storylines that we've all been waiting for.

But apart from Teddy and Owen's wedding, we literally haven't gotten anything fans have been waiting for based on what they set up previously. So far, I'm super disappointed.

I agree with Joshua that making Meredith Chief of the Residency Program just to have her give the program back to Richard so quickly is a super bizarre move.

I also agree about the HVAC. That was absurd. HVAC systems have been computerized for at least the past five years now, if not longer. The ignorance on Teddy and Link's part was ridiculous.

Pink Hat - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 3

I also agree that it's weird that they've spent so much time talking about Jo switching to OB, but so little time actually showing it.

Meaghan: Going back on Mer taking over the Residency Program in favor of the Minnesota plot is just further proof to me that they are testing the waters to see if the show can float without Ellen.

Did I miss the part where Mer and Amelia signed an NDA about the project? Or is Mer's silence about what the project is more about that fear of failing she was talking about?

I was just so confused about why Amelia wasn't allowed to tell Link. If Link's dream is to cure Parkinson's, wouldn't he be a great person to bring on the team?

Amelia is Impressed -tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 2

I'm definitely in agreement with Joshua and Jasmin about Jo. This was the perfect chance to show her as an OB resident, given that Addison's case was an OB case, so it felt so weird to leave her out. Also, they can't just give Levi all the surgeries.

Paul: I feel like the show is desperately trying to get back to the glory days, but some of what we're being given is half-baked. Link and Teddy on the roof trying to fix the A.C. was just plain dumb. The relationships were better written in the good old days, too.

Over to you, Grey's Fanatics. Do you agree with us? Do you disagree? Sound off below!

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