Nancy Drew Season 3 Episode 1 Review: The Warning of the Frozen Heart

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For a season premiere, that was a lot of twists, turns, and everything you'd expect from a whole season of this mystery drama.

Not many shows can handle that amount of drama, but if Nancy Drew Season 3 Episode 1 is the shape of things to come, we might get our best season yet in Nancy Drew Season 3.

It's fascinating to watch Nancy continue to make these great strides in her life and her realization that she would grow where she was planted, meaning she would live in Horseshoe Bay as the Community Police Liason Officer.

A New Mystery Unfolds - Nancy Drew

Taking Nancy away from the town to college would be too detrimental to the flow of the show. There's a certain element of the character having to stay in town because, you know, bodies are piling up.

Seriously, will these characters ever get a break?

Kennedy McMann continued to kill it as this multi-layered take on the character. Nancy's life had so many changes that she was struggling to process, and finding out she was rejected for college was the icing on the cake.

Carrying Things - Nancy Drew Season 3 Episode 1

At least Ace was there to comfort her. They have a connection, for sure, but I believe Nancy likes Ace a lot more than he likes her, which could wind up being a bad thing.

Still, I appreciate the show for honing in on their connection and handling it with care. While many of the plots fly by on this show, the relationships remain as well-written as ever.

The resolution to the Nick and George relationship cliffhanger was perfect, and I was genuinely surprised Nick dropped on one knee to pop the question. This relationship is one of the strongest on TV.

Sure, they have their squabbles, but none of it seems monotonous. There's always a layer of realism with them, and now that they're planning a wedding, it will be fun to see how that all pans out.

Comparing Notes - Nancy Drew Season 3 Episode 1

Something tells me Nick will be more of a bridezilla than George. He strikes me as someone who will have preconceived plans for the venue, menu, and everything else in his head and won't let up from it.

The first meeting with Temperance was another strong point. This character is almost 200 years old and knows a lot about the town's history after being banished from it for so long.

Reading the fortunes of the Drew Crew was huge because it was a good way of peeling away at these relationships, especially now that all of them know only one of them will reach their full potential.

Temperance could have unleashed holy hell on the town, but for some reason, she's taking things slower. The visual of her sending the blood through the streets on the paper was striking and suggests she plans to cause bloodshed everywhere.

Listening to Nancy - Nancy Drew Season 3 Episode 1

Her reason for being banished from town in the first place made me question whether she's not this villain she's been portrayed to be. All those years ago, if someone didn't conform to the expectations, anything could happen.

If she's been turned into this mean witch because of someone else's sins, it makes things considerably more enjoyable.

I don't think she has any association with the serial killer, but she'll likely play a massive part in the mission to stop the bodies piling up.

Two dead bodies in one episode is a lot for a season premiere, but the second death was somewhat satisfying after the way the kid spoke to Nancy and the note he put on the menu.

Searching for Clues Again - Nancy Drew Season 3 Episode 1

At least this time, Nancy will have more pull in the community now that there's no red tape stopping her from getting into crime scenes.

Her new role should help elevate her status and possibly lead to something higher-up in the world of the law, but we'll need to tune in to find out.

Did anyone else love the fact that Ryan and Carson are still living together?

Scott Wolf and Riley Smith are killing it with the little nuances between the characters, and I hope we get to see much more of it.

Searching for Clues - Nancy Drew Season 3 Episode 1

Riley living life away from the Hudson money and Nancy donating everything to the people who were harmed due to the family is big.

This shows a lot of progression for Ryan. Early in the show's run, his name was synonymous with money, but he was never a happy man.

He looks happier than ever living with Nancy and Carson, creating an unbreakable bond with them.

I appreciate the show for having Ryan and Carson making this work instead of defaulting to bickering.

Father Figures - Nancy Drew Season 3 Episode 1

"The Warning of the Frozen Heart" was the perfect way to kick off this new season in style.

Now that we have our conflicts and mystery set up, all we can do is buckle in and go on this crazy ride.

What did you think of the new mystery?

Do you like that Temperance is a villain and can converse with the Drew Crew?

Temperance Returns - Nancy Drew Season 3 Episode 1

Do you have any preliminary suspects in mind?

What did you think of the proposal?

Hit the comments below.

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The Warning of the Frozen Heart Review

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Nancy Drew Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Maybe I'm not supposed to leave Horseshoe, so I'm going to grow where I've been planted.


George: Oh, so you're talking to me now?
Nick: You said to take the week.