Emily in Paris Star Reveals Why Season 2 Ignores COVID-19

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Emily in Paris became a huge hit for Netflix during the pandemic, but the highly anticipated second season will not implement storylines involving the pandemic.

In fact, the comedy series will act like COVID-19 never happened.

In a new interview with Variety, Lily Collins revealed why producers of the juggernaut felt it was right to avoid the pandemic.

Emily and Camile's Brother - Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 8

"Season 1 allowed us an escapism when it came out that it felt it was something that needed to continue – [we're] not addressing it because it brings a sense of escapism and joy and laughter in a time that we need it the most," Collins told Variety.

While avoiding the pandemic is a big decision, it made production complicated.

"Shooting a show in a city that is highly populated where people are wearing masks, yet we're shooting in a world that doesn't exist with COVID – so it's making sure that when we're rolling the masks are off and when we stop rolling they come back on," Lily said.

A Shocking Twist - Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 3

"There were a couple of times when they started shooting and I was like, 'Wait, half the people in the scene are still wearing masks.'"

Indeed, Emily in Paris Season 1 was escapism for many.

It launched at  a time when people were not traveling, and it will be interesting to see how the show manages to sidestep the pandemic.

"Now more entrenched in her life in Paris, Emily’s getting better at navigating the city but still struggling with the idiosyncrasies of French life," reads the official description for the second season. 

Camile Arrives - Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 5

"After stumbling into a love triangle with her neighbor and her first real French friend, Emily is determined to focus on her work — which is getting more complicated by the day."

"In French class, she meets a fellow expat who both infuriates and intrigues her."

It will be fun to see whether the show can capture the fun of the opening season, or if it will suffer from the dreaded sophomore slump.

What are your thoughts on it avoiding COVID-19?

Gabriel Looks Mad - Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 8

Do you think it's a good idea?

Hit the comments below.

Emily in Paris Season 2 drops Wednesday, December 22 on Netflix.

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