Krysta Rodriguez and Andy Ridings Discuss Holiday Camp in The Bitch Who Stole Christmas

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Ho, ho, ho! A little jingle and style are coming to slay in the town of Tuckahoe.

VH1's The Bitch Who Stole Christmas is jampacked with holiday cheer, fabulous drag queens, and plenty of camp to knock your winter stockings off. Plus, it's a new spin on holiday movies if you want to try something new.

We got the chance to chat with two of the leads about The Bitch Who Stole Christmas. Krysta Rodriguez (who plays Olivia St. Lapelle) and Andy Ridings (who plays Big Russ) dished about the movie, their love of tongue-in-cheek holiday films, and their Lip-sync For Your Life skills.

Check it out below!

The Bitch Who Stole Christmas - Tall - RuPaul's Drag Race

TV Fanatic: The Bitch Who Stole Christmas has been described as "The draggiest holiday movie ever created." How did it feel to create a movie filled with drag excellence and camp?

Krysta Rodriguez: [Laughs] It really is peak drag excellence and camp! It was really fun; it was a fast and furious process.

We all got to know each other really well and had a great experience. And then the script hits every note of camp, and it has every moment you'd want to see from these queens.

Also, it's special to see them act. They're getting to play these scenes and emotions. All of them were incredible actors, so it was a fun experience to live in this world for a little time.

How about you, Andy?

Krysta & Andy - RuPaul's Drag Race

Andy Ridings: Yeah, I would agree with all of that.

That was partially one of the things when I got the script and heard what it was going to be like; that's why I wanted to do it. RuPaul is a living legend.

And just getting to know all the queens. I thought I was a funny person, and then I realized very quickly on the second day on set, I was like, "Oh, I am not a funny guy."

Krysta: We're not as funny as them, and we're not as beautiful as them. And you really have to come to terms with that when you're the two non-drag performers. [Laughs]

Andy: Exactly right!

New Year, New Ru - Tall - RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 Episode 16

TVF: So in the movie, "Tuckahoe" is filled with everything outlandish and holiday-themed. Since you were in that every day, would that be your dream rom-com holiday movie experience?

Krysta: It really is; they do such a good job. They hit every point of a "Hallmark movie" or a classic movie, but they give it their own twist and ensure the camp factor is firmly in place.

Our tongues are firmly in our cheek, so that was a fun balance to play.

I don't want to live in a schmaltzy Christmas town. I want to live in the town with the drag queens and the hookers and also have Christmas.

Andy: Yeah, Christina Friel and Connor Wright, who wrote the script, have so many references to great Christmas movies peppered in. This is a fantastic Christmas movie.

TVF: Since you got to work with a large cast of characters, like some wild and some outrageous. If you got to play another character, who would you have chosen?

Krysta: Well, we're both big Brooke Lynn Hytes fans. As you can tell, Andy is wearing a Brooke Lynn Hytes t-shirt. [Laughs]

Andy: Brooke Lynn! [Laughs]

Krysta: Brooke Lynn had a fun role; she was the town's "working woman." It's a fun role to play as she gets to say the most outlandish things out of the entire group. I would pick that role.

Ginger Minj Final Runway - RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 6 Episode 12

Andy: That's a good one! I'm thinking Anna Maria Horsford.

Krysta: I thought you might pick that one!

Andy: She's such an amazing character actor, and it looked like she was having such a blast with the role. I was like, "That looks fun." Like, what's she's doing looks awesome.

Krysta: She was such an amazing actor to watch too because she could make anything look epic and amazing. She milked every moment. I learned a lot from watching her.

Jan Laughing - RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 6 Episode 5

TVF: If both of you had to Lip-sync For Your Life with holiday-themed music, which of you would win it out?

Krysta: Oh, 100% me. Sorry, Andy! A hundred percent me. [Laughs] You don't stand a chance.

Andy: I can't carry a tune. No, it's definitely not me. [Laughs]

Krysta: Well, you're just lip-syncing; you don't have to sing. But yeah, no, you don't stand a chance. I'd pull out any stop.

Andy: I bow to you. [Bowing motion]

Shocked RuPaul - RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 6 Episode 3

TVF: But Andy, if you had the choice of any holiday song to compete against Krysta, what would you choose?

Andy: What's the one by Brenda Lee? I think it's "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree"?

Krysta: Yeah.

Andy: That's the easiest one. I can talk my way through it.

RuPaul Laughing - Tall - RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 Episode 12

TVF: For anyone still on the fence about The Bitch Who Stole Christmas, why should they choose that as THE holiday movie to watch this season?

Krysta: It's poised to be a classic. I've said this already, but it gives you all the feelings of a Christmas movie with the reverence of it not being saccharine.

Some of my favorite Christmas movies are National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and the holiday movies with a little dirt on them. That's what life really is; it's not a perfect snowy Christmas town all the time.

So, this is going to be that classic merger of comedy, reverence, and Christmas.

Lesson In Acting - RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 6 Episode 3

Andy: 100%.

And also, it's so original. There is no other Christmas movie like it.

I think for that reason it's going to be something to watch.

The Bitch Who Stole Christmas premieres on VH1 on Thursday, December 2nd at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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