American Dad Exclusive: Rachael MacFarlane Gives Us The Scoop On The New Season!

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American Dad Season 7 is approaching fast, and Rachael MacFarlane (Hayley Smith's voice) sat down with us to discuss the show.

American Dad airs on TBS after initially being canceled on Fox in 2014.

Created by Seth MacFarlane, Mike Barker, and Matt Weitzman, American Dad follows the Smith family to deal with never-ending antics.

Hayley and Jeff - American Dad

Stan Smith (Seth MacFarlane) is a CIA agent painfully dedicated to homeland security.

His home life includes doting wife Francine (Wendy Schaal), a ditzy housewife, liberal daughter Hayley (Rachael MacFarlane), and socially awkward teenage son Steve (Scott Grimes).

Living with the family is Klaus (Dee Bradley Baker), a goldfish with the brain of an East German Olympic ski jumper, and Roger (Seth MacFarlane), an escaped alien from Area 51.

The Smiths have already gone through a lot of shenanigans, like Hayley's boyfriend Jeff (Jeff Fischer) being sent to space, Roger "birthing" a mini-alien named Rogu (Baker), and plenty of other science-fiction occurrences.

Smart Jeff and Hayley - American Dad

After hitting 300 episodes in season 15 (becoming the 25th scripted primetime show in history to achieve that mark), we wonder if American Dad will run out of wackiness.

Luckily, it doesn't seem like it because the show is already renewed for Season 18 and Season 19.

Rachael MacFarlane gave TV Fanatic an inside look at Season 17 and the feelings going into another year of this long-running animated sitcom.

We also discussed her successful career as a voice actress and her recording process for Hayley Smith.

Rachael MacFarlane

Rachael MacFarlane is no stranger to vocal work and has worked as a voice actress for over 20 years.

She's lent her voice to classic children's animated series like The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Family Guy, and many more animated shows!

A fun fact, she originated the role of Meg Griffin in the original pitched pilot.

Check out the interview below!

American Dad enters its 17th Season (and year) as the number 3 cable comedy.

Luckily, the Smith family isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

American Dad's Season 17 premieres on TBS Monday, January 24th at 10 pm.

Are you up-to-date on American Dad?

Roger - American Dad

Are you excited about the new Season?

Let us know in the comments below!

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American Dad Quotes

Francine: [having seen Roger on TV, disguised as Terry and Greg's adopted child] Roger is their adopted baby?!
Klaus: But that can't be! I just saw Roger sleeping in the attic! He was 2 pillows and a soccer ball. Oh, wait a minute.

Snot: I'm with Beezus on this one, guys. Ramona went into her room. No permission! The sign said "do not enter."
Steve: Do not enter the kingdom of Heaven"! Beezus is a Christ figure! Her name rhymes with Jesus! [points at a page in his book] It's right there!