Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer Post-Mortem -- Steven and Kurt on Finding Love (Or not!) on TV

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Please note: This article contains spoilers for Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer's season finale!

The men will be discussing their journey and talking about love, so if you're not ready to hear what they have to say, please return when you've seen the show.

This is your last warning! Everyone else? Let's get started!

Joe Millionare: For Richer or Poorer Final Four

What a wild ride that was!

FOX's reimagination of Joe Millionaire with the Richer or Poorer edition switched things up in a very satisfying way.

While the original run of the franchise featured one man who was not a millionaire, trying to pull off that kind of secret in 2022 just wouldn't fly.

It's too easy to spoil secrets in this interconnected world of social media and influencers, which we watched unfold on the show when Steven realized he followed one of the contestants!

Kurt and Steven from Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer

Instead, Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer introduced a concept much easier to follow. The women would be vying for the hearts of two men, one rich and one not.

Enter millionaire Steven Busbee and non-millionaire Kurt Sowers. Both men are handsome, hard-working fellas with charismatic personalities, but just different enough to immediately divide the contestants.

As we discovered when we chatted with the duo before the premiere, their one constant was each other.

Unlike other dating shows featuring men without an emotional support buddy along for the ride, Kurt and Steven began a bromance that will last.

Kurt and Carolyn on the Finale

Tonight, the entire shebang came to an end. Matches were made, hearts were broken. It wasn't easy to watch. But both bachelors found a woman with whom they wanted to share an adventure.

It's easy to imagine that Kurt had the most challenging journey.

Honing in on Carolyn Moore from the very start, it was only late during production that Kurt allowed himself to get to know the other women.

Suddenly, there were two viable candidates, Carolyn and Amanda Pace.

Cooking Up a Storm

Kurt felt that although his chemistry with Carolyn was off the charts, how Amanda made him feel made her the better match. After all, their squishy soft feelings for each other erupted with their signature avocado inside joke.

It was a stunning moment when Kurt chose Amanda after saying goodbye to Carolyn, and we had high hopes for the couple. Everything went beautifully, and it seemed a happy ending was in their future.

We're so sorry to break the bad news, but before the finale, Kurt and Amanda discovered they had less in common than they thought and are no longer together.

But Kurt is here to share his thoughts on that and a whole lot more.

The millionaire in our scenario, Steven McBee, was far more open to getting to know all of the ladies to find the right one who would steal his heart.

Mission accomplished!

Although Steven had tested the waters with many a lovely contestant, he had it narrowed down to Annie Jorgensen and Calah Jackson as the final two.

Steven was very comfortable with Annie, and he enjoyed their time together, but he was concerned that they might be missing that special spark.

Steven McBee and Calah Jackson

On the other hand, Calah remained a mystery that Steven wanted to unravel.

They had a lot in common, but that mysterious layer lit his fuse, and Steven chose Calah to begin a new adventure together.

For those in the audience, Calah came out of left field, and she and Steven talked about that and more in our interview.

Find out how their hearts align right now!

Did you enjoy the newly ignited Joe Millionaire franchise, For Richer or Poorer?

Who were you betting on to go all the way?

Talk about the finale and the love matches below!

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