You think I killed Leita? Just let me tell you a little story here. Shortly after I was born in Sunrise to a 15-year-old single mother, they tossed us out of there like yesterday’s garbage. And as I grew older, I came to understand that my mother was driven out of town by a vicious campaign of gossip and innuendo led by her very best friend, Leita Rose. So, do I hold a grudge against Leita Rose-Blodgett? You’re damn right I do! Do I need her land? Yes. But I would never kill her for it.

William Lambert

She walks over to Lambert, asks for the jacket, comes home, and takes all the credit and doesn’t tell anybody that it was my idea. She took the credit for it.


Stacey: Do you know of any fires in this area?
Frank Kovick: There was one in ’41.
Stacey: There was one in ’41? Where?
Frank Kovick: In Sunrise.
Stacey: Sunrise…
Frank Kovick: It was huge, it destroyed most of the town.
Stacey: Really?!
Frank Kovick: Founders Day fire. They called it the “Miracle Fire” because nobody died.

[About Leita Rose-Blodgett] It seems like somebody shaved her head.


I’m writing in the paper that Kingfisher is on the verge of bankruptcy … which it is. The next morning, I get slapped with two lawsuits from Natey Flint. He takes out a liable suit against the Sunrise Herald and a one-million-dollar liable suit against me.

Frank Kovick

Mary-Elizabeth Merchant: See me as Abby, Jimmy.
Jimmy Tinker: What?!
Mary-Elizabeth Merchant: See me as Abby.

Leita Rose-Blodgett: It is not a done deal. I have not decided about selling this land, and I am not for it at the moment.
[Back at the house]
Brian: So, if she ends up with a toe tag, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Of course, everyone clapped and showed their appreciation for finding the killer’s clue. But, not only will I beat the killer’s game, I’ll beat everybody in that house’s game as well.


Ugh, I could kill you guys. I really could. You guys made this very hard for me because everybody knew who I was gonna choose. The only decision I can make is based on people who I know that they know what they’re looking for. And as much as the Lifeguard probably usually doesn’t want the person to return that they pick, whoever I pick believe it or not, I want to return. But for tonight … Brian, I want you to go out tonight. You better get your butt back here. Okay?


[About the photos] I asked her who took them. She’s like, “I have no idea.” She really truly loved Nate. They’re all lying to us.


Andy: Who do you think did this? Do you have an idea?
Leita Rose-Blodgett: There is somebody here that’s never forgiven me and never forgiven Oscar.

Dudley Duncan: I need you guys to break up.
Andy: We can’t break up.
Dudley Duncan: You can break up. You’re gonna break up.

FOX Quotes

Very disappointed. Personally, I really don’t want to come back. I’d rather face the killer than backstabbers. At least I know what the motives are behind the killer.


[To Andy] If I make it back here, your ass is grass! And I’ve made sure of that.