9-1-1 Brings a Tsunami to Santa Monica - Watch Season 3 Trailer!

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9-1-1 is going there. 

The wildly popular Fox drama has dropped the official trailer for its upcoming third season, and things are about to get downright scary for the residents of Santa Monica. 

Buck - 9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 12

On the surface, it seems like a typical day in the sun for everyone around the pier. That is until a young couple notices something odd behind them in the ocean:

A freaking tidal wave!

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9-1-1 has already proven to be one of the most addictive TV shows out there, and it looks like the producers are about to deliver a summer blockbuster-worthy premiere that will keep viewers thrilled. 

Hard Day - 9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 14

One person who is caught up in the whole scenario is Buck. Trouble seems to follow him everywhere, but he will be an asset on the frontline if he can use his skills to save some lives. 

This is assuming he can get to safety given that the tsunami is moving at a crazy pace towards the shore. 

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"Get off the beach," the young fireman yells as people scramble because, well, it's not every day a tidal wave makes a beeline for the shore. 

Athena Looking Back - 9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 17

“An emergency is the absence of choice,” Athena says in a voiceover just as things appear to have gone a little too far. 

It wouldn't be a 9-1-1 season premiere without some sort of crazy event. We had the earthquake to launch 9-1-1 Season 2, so the powers that be are all about outdoing themselves. 

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The trailer certainly wants viewers to worry about Buck's safety, and while it's difficult to imagine the show offing one of its most popular characters, it really could go there. 

Setting Out - 9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 13

As previously reported, 9-1-1 Season 3 gets underway Monday, September 23 at 8/7c. 

Have a look at the trailer, and remember you can watch 9-1-1 online right here via TV Fanatic. 

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9-1-1 Quotes

Athena: Hey, you do not get to choose who lives and who dies.
Buck: Really, because I was under the impression that kind of was my job.

Come on, Bobby, see the fire, put out the fire, the rest is blah-blah.