Maury Ending After 31 Years: 'As I Occasionally Tell My Guests... Enough, Already!'

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Daytime TV is losing another familiar face.

Maury is coming to an end after 31 years, it has been announced.

“Six years ago when I was ready to retire, my NBCUniversal family asked me to continue the show,” Maury Povich said in a statement confirming the news, and speculation that the end of the show has been talked about for a while.

Maury Povich attends A Celebration of Barbara Walters Cocktail Reception

“Even though I told them I was ready for assisted living, out of loyalty to NBCUniversal and my more than 100 staff and crew members, Tracie Wilson and I agreed to one more deal."

The star concluded, "I’m so proud of my relationship with NBCUniversal and all those who worked on the Maury show, but as I occasionally tell my guests: ‘Enough, already!'”

Ahead of Maury's statement, news of the conclusion broke via Broadcasting + Cable.

NBC shared a statement on the news.

TV personality Maury Povich attends the 24th and final "A Night at Sardi's" to benefit the Alzheimer's Association

“Maury and I decided two years ago that this season would be the farewell season for the show, and while his retirement is bittersweet, we are so happy for him to be able to spend more time on the golf course,” Executive Vice President of NBCUniversal Syndication Studios Tracie Wilson said.

“Maury is a television icon, a pop culture legend and we couldn’t be more proud to have been a part of his incredible career.”

The good news is that there are still many episodes in the can.

Maury Povich arrives at the 11th annual Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational

Maury will wrap its impressive 31-year-run in September.

News of the end date doesn't mean fans won't be able to watch the show, however.

Similar to the way Judge Judy wrapped, the series willl continue to air in syndication, meaning that episodes will continue to be air on TV, but they just won't be new.

The series was initially called The Maury Povich Show when it debuted in 1991.

Television talk show host Maury Povich

The name changed to Maury in 1998 when the show got a new producing team.

Povich spoke to the Chicago Tribune about the show's popularity in 2012.

"They touch so many classic themes, whether it’s love, distrust, conflict, drama," said Povich.

"And the paternity shows in particular, you’ve got he-said, she-said, is-he-the-father, isn’t-he. While soap operas play those themes out over six months, we play them out over 12 minutes."

Maury Povich attends the 48th Annual New York Emmy Awards

"I want to do the show as long as it's doing well and I'm feeling well doing it. But I don't want do it when I'm as old as [the late] Regis [Philbin]. I'm not going to last that long."

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