Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 7 Exclusive Sneak Peek: Layton Needs a Guide

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When last we saw Daveed Diggs's Andre Layton on Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 6, he had succumbed to the head injuries he'd sustained in his battle to the death with Pike.

TV Fanatic is excited to bring you a sneak peek at where Layton's mind goes when his brain is just trying to survive.

In this exclusive clip, a familiar yet different Bess Till leads Layton through a familiar yet different corridor, giving him some cryptic (and painful) directions on how to get home.

Face to Face - Snowpiercer

The relationship between Mickey Sumner's Bess Till and Daveed Diggs's Andre Layton on TNT's Snowpiercer has always been a cornerstone of the series.

While she may have started out as his guard in on Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 1 when he was first brought up from the Tail to investigate the Third Class murder, she soon discovered she had a lot to learn from him.

Meanwhile, Layton discovered that Till was a good person at her core despite the brakeman uniform. Furthermore, she had the makings of a good detective.

Thattaway - Snowpiercer

Since the revolution and the return of Wilford, Till has played the dual role of one of Layton's staunchest supporters and one of his most honest advisors.

She is fearless in speaking truth to his power, whether it is regarding impending fatherhood or his mystical visions of New Eden.

Till: One fire. It's a statement. We get another, it's a campaign. It's about shaking people's faith.
Layton: Yeah, but in what? New Eden or me?
Till: It's adorable you think there's a difference.

As his de facto wing person, her mission is to see that his mission is successful. Apparently, this holds true both in real life and in his subconscious.

In the clip, she takes him down a corridor and directs him to "The Forger," further down the train car.

On the Move - Snowpiercer

When Layton asks why she isn't coming with him, she spells out for him that she cannot get him into the Tail.

Again, true in real life as well as in this fever dream.

But before they part ways, she gives him one last piece of advice and a compass. Well, a compass of sorts.

Back Against The Wall - Snowpiercer

She reminds him that the longer he spends in this alternate world, the harder it'll be for him to get home.

To keep him from getting lost, she slices his palm open, telling him that the cut will guide him.

Layton's thanks sound a bit confused, but Till's well-wishes are sincere.

Till Looks Hopeful - Snowpiercer

On a train full of exes and oh-mys, Till and Layton demonstrate that teamwork is possible and that they'll always have each other's back. Even when one of them is actively dying.

So check out this teaser now, and then tune in tonight at 9/8c on TNT for the whole shebang.

Who do you think The Forger is?

How will the cut "guide" Layton?

Who CAN get him into the Tail in this crazy dream world?

Come back after the show for our episodic review and let us know whether it was a dream or nightmare for you!

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