Mandy Moore Secretly Attended Rebecca's This Is Us Funeral: "It Was Really Beautiful"

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This Is Us said goodbye to Rebecca Pearson on Tuesday's series finale, and it turns out Mandy Moore had a therapeutic way of saying goodbye to the character she's played for six seasons.

During an interview with TV Line, Moore revealed that she attended Rebecca's funeral.

“I did make an appearance. I just popped in because we were shooting a scene later in the day, and I just wanted to be there,” Moore explained to the outlet.

Meet The Parents - This Is Us

“Some of my friends were wrapping,” the star added of her co-stars who were shooting their last-ever scenes on the hit drama series.

“It was really strange, very meta, being present at someone’s — like, your own — funeral and hearing what someone would say about you,” she explained.

(TALL) Trying to Enjoy Dinner - This is Us Season 4 Episode 1

“It was really beautiful… It was nice to be around. The entire cast was there.”

This Is Us concluded heartbreakingly this week on its own terms.

The series could have continued for the years to come based on its strong ratings, but the creatives had a clear vision for the show, and that involved ending after six seasons.

Rebecca Keeps Going - This Is Us Season 5 Episode 2

This Is Us Season 6 Episode 18 was less dramatic than many expected, taking more of a day in the life approach to things.

While the series is over, creator Dan Fogelman is not ruling out a return to the universe with a potential spinoff or movie.

"So much of the show is borne out of my experiences and what's inside of me and my familial experiences, both as a member of a family now and as one when I was a child – as well as the experiences of my writers – but I do feel like I may be tapped out for a while... My well may be drained of family stories," Fogelman said to Entertainment Weekly.

Rebecca Comes To Visit - This Is Us Season 5 Episode 14

"So I don't think a spin-off is happening anytime soon. I don't really understand what a movie would be, but you never know."

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