Renewal Scorecard: Which Shows Didn't Survive the Bloodiest Season in Years?!

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The broadcast networks were once filled with dozens of cancellations each year, the week before upfronts.

In recent years, the networks took a different approach by renewing many of their more marginally-rated shows that performed well via other platforms.

However, the 2021-22 TV season featured some of the most cutthroat cancellations in recent memory.

Scroll down to find out which shows on broadcast did and didn't make the cut.


1. Superman & Lois - The CW

Superman & Lois - The CW
Renewed for Season 3!

2. All American - The CW

All American - The CW
Renewed for Season 5!

3. The Flash - The CW

The Flash - The CW
Renewed for Season 8!

4. Walker - The CW

Walker - The CW
Renewed for Season 3!

5. All American: Homecoming - The CW

All American: Homecoming - The CW
Renewed for Season 2!

6. Legends of Tomorrow - The CW

Legends of Tomorrow - The CW
Canceled after seven seasons!

7. Batwoman - The CW

Batwoman - The CW
Canceled after three seasons!

8. Kung Fu - The CW

Kung Fu - The CW
Renewed for Season 3!

9. Naomi - The CW

Naomi - The CW
Canceled after one season!

10. Charmed - The CW

Charmed - The CW
Canceled after four seasons!

11. Riverdale - The CW

Riverdale - The CW
Renewed for Season 7!

12. Nancy Drew - The CW

Nancy Drew - The CW
Renewed for Season 4!

13. Dynasty - The CW

Dynasty - The CW
Canceled after five seasons!

14. The Simpsons - FOX

The Simpsons - FOX
Renewed for Season 34!

15. The Cleaning Lady - FOX

The Cleaning Lady - FOX
Renewed for Season 2!

16. Family Guy - FOX

Family Guy - FOX
Renewed for Season 21!

17. Bob's Burgers - FOX

Bob's Burgers - FOX
Renewed for Season 13!

18. The Great North - FOX

The Great North - FOX
Renewed for Season 3!

19. The Big Leap - FOX

The Big Leap - FOX
Canceled after one season.

20. Grey's Anatomy - ABC

Grey's Anatomy - ABC
Renewed for Season 19.

21. Station 19 - ABC

Station 19 - ABC
Renewed for Season 6!

22. Abbott Elementary - ABC

Abbott Elementary - ABC
Renewed for Season 2!

23. The Good Doctor - ABC

The Good Doctor - ABC
Renewed for Season 6!

24. black-ish - ABC

black-ish - ABC
Ending after 8 seasons.

25. The Rookie - ABC

The Rookie - ABC
Renewed for Season 5!

26. Queens - ABC

Queens - ABC
Canceled after one season!

27. Promised Land - ABC

Promised Land - ABC
Canceled after one season!

28. Young Sheldon - CBS

Young Sheldon - CBS
Renewed through Season 7!

29. FBI - CBS

Renewed through Season six!

30. The Neighborhood - CBS

The Neighborhood - CBS
Renewed for Season 5!

31. The Equalizer - CBS

The Equalizer - CBS
Renewed through Season 4!

32. NCIS - CBS

Renewed for Season 20!

33. Ghosts - CBS

Ghosts - CBS
Renewed for Season 2!

34. FBI International - CBS

FBI International - CBS
Renewed through Season 3!

35. FBI: Most Wanted - CBS

FBI: Most Wanted - CBS
Renewed through Season 5!

36. NCIS: Hawai'i - CBS

NCIS: Hawai'i - CBS
Renewed for Season 2!

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