Dirty Little Secret Sneak Peek: A Life Shattering Confrontation Escalates!

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Do you ever feel like everything is closing in on you?

Lifetime brings that to light with their latest film inspired by true events and a novel.

A teen Lucy literally experiences that during Dirty Little Secret.

Hoarding Nightmare - Dirty Little Secret

Lizzy Boys stars as a teen who is desperately trying to manage her mother, Joanna's, played by icon and Lifetime veteran Melissa Joan Hart, debilitating hoarding habits.

Lucy wants to be the typical teenager, but instead, she faces isolation, shame, and avoidance among her peers and friends.

Dirty Little Secret Keyart

For years, she's been keeping to herself that her mother has a severe hoarding issue that makes it difficult for her to function properly in the home, let alone invite anyone to their home.

On the surface, Joanna seems like a perfectly functional woman. She's a devoted and loving mother who genuinely does feel she's doing what is best for Lucy.

She's also a diligent worker, a nurse who manages things well at her job.

However, behind closed doors, in their home, it is pure dysfunction, disorganization, and clutter.

Love Amid the Clutter- Dirty Little Secret

It shows that you never know what's happening with someone behind closed doors.

Lucy has worked hard to keep her mother's hoarding habits a secret for both of their best interests. In the interim, she's spent a significant amount of time planning for the moment she gets to leave Lucy and their cluttered house behind her.

She's reached a breaking point, exhausted from trying to manage her mother's hoarding habits when it continues to be to her personal detriment.

Unfortunately, after a tragedy, Lucy has a decision to make, wondering if she must continue maintaining the secret, despite the adverse effects on her or if she should reveal the truth about her mom to everyone.

Holding Onto Valuables - Dirty Little Secret

TV Fanatic scored an exclusive sneak peek of the movie premiering this Saturday.

In the clip, things get heated between Lucy and Joanna when Lucy finally starts to air her grievances and expresses some genuine concern for her mother.

She admits that she's been researching what is happening to Joanna and comes from a sympathetic place, but it prompts Joanna to get defensive.

Despite the mountains of clutter surrounding them, Joanna is in utter disbelief at the mere implication that she could be a hoarder. She also resents that Lucy is making her feel crazy.

Hoarding Mom - Dirty Little Secret

Joanna insists that while she knows things look bad, it's not what it seems and that she's tired when she gets home and needs to sort through some things.

However, Lucy is insistent that things need to get thrown out altogether.

The argument between them continues to escalate as Lucy expresses her frustration and points out some concerning things about their household that no one should have to endure.

When Lucy acts out, taking her frustrations out on a box of dishes, it's evident that both mother and daughter are at their wit's end.

Holding Secrets -Dirty Little Secret -tall

Check out the exclusive clip below.

Dirty Little Secret airs Saturday, June. 11, at 8/7c on Lifetime.

Will you be tuning in to Dirty Little Secret? Let us know below!

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