Westworld Season 4: James Marsden Returns

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Westworld Season 4 is starting to take shape.

The hit HBO drama series returns on Sunday, June 26, with its fourth season.

Over the weekend, news broke at the show's ATX Festival panel that a fan favorite had closed a deal to return.

Westworld Series Premiere 16:9

Yes, we're talking about James Marsden!

Unfortunately, no details about what brings the actor back as Teddy Flood have been revealed.

James Marsden attends the Los Angeles premiere screening of "Sonic The Hedgehog 2"

Teddy was a pivotal part of the first two seasons, but his time on the show came to an abrupt conclusion.

Marsden was present at the aforementioned panel as a special guest.

He was joined co-creator Lisa Joy and executive producer Alison Schapker as well as stars Jeffrey Wright, Evan Rachel Woods, Angela Sarafyan, Aurora Perrineau, and Luke Hemsworth

As for what Westworld Season 4 will be about?

Bernard Looks Up - Westworld Season 4

HBO has dropped the following synopsis:

A dark odyssey about the fate of sentient life on earth. 

Talk about short and sweet!

It's been a long wait for new episodes, with Westworld Season 3 concluding two years ago.

Shhhh - Westworld Season 4

Marsden has been busy since his initial exit, starring in Netflix's Dead to me, The Stand, as well as the Sonic the Hedgehog movies.

The recently released teaser trailer for Westworld Season 4 shone a very different light on the characters and their conflicts.

"Season four is going to be more of the Westworld you've come to expect and more digging down into some issues and some technology that is going to look familiar to us, as always," Wright previously told Deadline.

He's Alive - Westworld Season 4

"Bernard is still trying to solve it all, and he is still very much a part of the struggle. The struggle goes on, and Bernard is right there at the center of it. It's gonna be fun."

Check out the official teaser below and hit the comments with your thoughts on Marsden's return!

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Westworld Quotes

Dolores: What have you become?
William: Exactly what you made me. You've helped me understand this world is exactly like the one outside. A game, one to be fought, taken, won.
Dolores: I thought you were different. You're just like all the rest.
William: I'm not like all the rest. I own this world, and I know every trick in it, except for one last thing, the same thing you were looking for when I first came here. Where is the center of the maze, Dolores? [Dolores cries] Oh yeah, cue the waterworks. It's about time you realize the futility of your situation.
Dolores: I'm not crying for myself. I'm cryin' for you. They say that great beasts once roamed this world. Big as mountains. Yet all that's left of them is bone and amber. Time undoes even the mightiest creatures. Just look what it's done to you. One day, you will perish. You will like with the rest of your kind in the dirt. Your dreams forgotten, your horrors faced, your muscles will turn to sand, and upon that sand a new God will walk, one that will never die, because this world doesn't belong to you or the people who came before. It belongs to someone who is yet to come.

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