Big Brother Spoilers: A Dangerous New Alliance Changes the Game

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Expect the unexpected.

That's been the theme of Big Brother for years, and fortunately, the 24th season of the CBS reality series is heating up.

Many alliances form each season, but many fall apart in their infancy.

Nicole and Ameerah Are Shocked - Big Brother

Over the weekend, a new alliance formed, and all of its members have a determination to change the trajectory of the game.

Taylor has been a target since the first week and has survived the block twice.

Taylor Hale - Big Brother

When Sunday's two-hour episode concluded, Brittany and Michael were on the block.

Thanks to the Festie Bestie twist, Taylor and Nicole were seen as the likely people to go up as replacement nominees.

Joseph, Kyle, and Turner realized there could be safety in numbers if they became part of a new majority alliance.

They lost their ally in Pooch last week, so they wanted revenge.

Ameerah Before a Blindside

Ameerah was a key component of getting Pooch out of the house.

The guys decided to pull in Taylor, Michael, and Brittany to form the Leftovers.

“As far as game goes, I am open to anything that will keep me here and keep me here for a while,” she said when the idea of working with them was presented to her.

The girls were going after Taylor for no real reason initially, and it seems like The Leftovers understand as much.

Michael Bruner - Big Brother

Michael (that's a win in every Veto comp for Michael!) and Brittany secured their win at the Veto competition, meaning Turner will have to name a replacement duo for the block.

Plans have a knack for falling apart in the Big Brother house, but this one played out flawlessly.

Turner nominated Ameerah and Terrance as the replacement nominations, with the plan being to vote out Ameerah on Thursday to change things again.

According to the Big Brother Live feeds, Turner commented on the way people have been treating Taylor during the Veto ceremony.

Matthew Turner - Big Brother

Understandably, The Leftovers sent shockwaves through the rest of the house.

Ameerah, Alyssa, Indy, Jasmine, Nicole, Terrance, and Daniel were blindsided by the move.

Houseguests are making Ameereah feel safe and think she has the numbers, but if the Leftovers get their way, Terrance will be competing in the next HOH competition.

Then again, Julie did say she'd reveal what will happen to the surviving member of a duo on Thursday, so we'll need to tune in for answers.

Julie Chen and Flamingos - Big Brother

For now, the drama in the Big Brother house is at a high, and there's no telling what will happen next.

What are your thoughts on Turner standing up for Taylor and targeting Ameerah?

Are you on board with this new alliance?

Hit the comments below.

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