90 Day Fiance: Yve Arrested, Facing Domestic Violence Charges Against Mohamed After Cheating Scandal

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90 Day Fiance viewers were shocked at the end of the recent Tell-All special when it emerged that Mohamed Abdelhamed had been cheating on Yvette "Yve" Arellano.

The cheating came to light after the episode was filmed, but TLC cameras caught up with them both following the scandal to give viewers an update.

"You know, it's very shocking, raw, disappointing, saddening," Yve said in a segment.

Yvette and Mohammed - 90 Day Fiance

"He chose to spend his time focused on starting other relationships and engaging in activity that a married man should not be engaging in," she added.

"I asked him if I could see his phone, and that happened and I saw inappropriate things. I saw pictures and calls, and put the pieces together."

Yve Smiles in a Confessional - 90 Day Fiance

Mohamed, for his part, confirmed he was talking to someone, revealing that she started off as a "nice" friend, but the connection got "bigger."

In the aftermath of the Tell-All, Yve has been writing about infidelity on social media, effectively wiping all traces of her husband from her account.

TLC stars are under iron-clad NDAs which prevent them from leaking plots in advance of them playing out on the series, so it's likely they both had to keep up the ruse that they were together.

"Thank you ladies for sharing your stories of infidelity, heartaches & pain," she wrote in an Instagram story on Sunday night after the episode aired.

Yve in a Confessional - 90 Day Fiance

"Obviously we are not alone. Why commitment for some isn't a commitment."

"There's lots of healing that needs to happen in this world on so many levels."

"If you don't want to be exclusive just say so, so people can make their own informed decisions…" she added.

Now, it has been revealed that Yve was approached by police earlier this month in connection with alleged domestic violence.

Yve on Season 9 - 90 Day Fiance

People revealed that the charges filed against Yve were by the Albuquerque Police Department and were Battery and Assault Against a Household Member.

The police report states that Yve will have a hearing on Sept. 6.

Yve's representatives shut down the reports, saying that Yve was not formally arrested.

"The domestic abuse allegations have been falsified by Mohammed," Dominique Enchinton told the outlet, saying that the alleged abuse was "false and just a ploy to keep him in the US."

Mohamed on Season 9 - 90 Day Fiance

"Yve was not arrested on Aug. 15 or any other day," Enchinton added.

"Yve has never been abusive toward Mohammed and just wants this chapter in her life to be done so she can move forward."

Yve and Mohamed first appeared on the recently wrapped ninth season of the hit reality series, and they had plenty of issues throughout their short-lived relationship.

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