Kevin Can F**k Himself Exclusive Sneak Peek: Can Allison Find the Perfect Gift for Patty?

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Allison is looking for a gift on Kevin Can F**k Himself Season 2 Episode 4.

AMC shared an exclusive first look at the upcoming episode with TV Fanatic.

We pick up with Allison (Annie Murphy) in the car with Tammy (Candice Coke) as they drive into a sketchy alley.

In an Alley With Tammy

Tammy is unsure about what's about to go down but is surprised when Allison says she wants to purchase menthol cigarettes for Patty (Mary Hollis Inboden).

The reason?

Questioning the Logic

Patty has been smoking regular cigarettes while sucking on mints.

"You know a guy?" Tammy asks.

"I worked at a liquor store," Allison shoots back.

"Ah, yes, the underworld," Tammy responds.

Tammy is Not Impressed

"So, you just, uh, roll down the window, do the exchange. Don't get out of the car," says Allison.

"You do know I'm a police officer, right?" Tammy wonders.

"They're just menthol cigarettes, and I think cops get a discount, so thank you," Allison assures.

"You're welcome," Tammy says in a condescending tone.

It sure is a fun scene that captures the series' humor very well.

Allison in an Alley

Allison always seems to find herself in strange scenarios, so we're sure this "deal" will not play out without a big snag.

Then again, will the ends justify the means when Patty doesn't need to suck on mints while smoking?

Check out the teaser below.

Kevin Can F**k Himself airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

The series is airing its final season, meaning we're closing in on the endgame.

A lot has to happen before the series concludes, and we'll be watching along as it all plays out.

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