Welcome to Flatch is Small-Town Life's Answer to the Office. Here's Why You Should Watch

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Just starting its second season, Welcome to Flatch is the perfect example of a show fit for those after dinner-blues.

It's quick and witty and will make you heavily consider moving to Ohio in search of a life outside the city.

FOX's somewhat new mockumentary isn't anything tv hasn't seen before, but its storytelling and compelling cast create a show perfect for the casual viewer to tune in every week and enjoy.

Welcome to Flatch- Season 1 final

The show follows several characters, including two cousins, Kelly Mallet (Chelsea Holmes) and Lloyd Mallet (Shrub), played by Sam Straley, as they talk to a 'documentary crew' about their daily lives and try to become internet famous.

The two are described as childish and immature for their age, proving several times throughout the series that just because a town may seem like it doesn't have a lot going on, they're always wreaking havoc on something.

Welcome to Flatch Season 1

While following Kelly and Shrub, we're introduced to other characters, such as Rev. Joseph (Father Joe) and Binghoffer (Seann William Scott).

You may recognize him for his most notable role in American Pie, but here he plays the town's local pastor who moved with his ex-girlfriend Cheryl (Aya Cash) and acts as both Kelly and Shrub's surrogate father.

He also used to be in a spiritual boyband that tends to come up frequently in conversation.

Cheryl is a journalist and also the editor of the local paper.

Welcome to Flatch- Maniflatch Destiny

While she doesn't tend to impact the Mallet's lives much, her estranged past with Joe gives the show the extra dose of awkwardness that every small-town breakup needs.

Nadine Garcia-Parney (Taylor Ortega) is the town's overachieving nice girl who runs Flatch's historical society.

She and Kelly used to be friends in school until Nadine started dating her schoolboy crush and eventually married him.

Kelly is the type to hold particular grudges, and this is one that certainly stands the test of time.

Welcome to Flatch- Blackout

While Nadine is busy being a new mom, Kelly tries to find ways to beat her in town events, such as the annual skillet flinging contest, which don't end well in her favor.

Mandy Matthews (Big Mandy), played by Krissy Chula, is often described as "a lot."

She's one of those characters that, if you knew her in real life, you would be intimidated and intrigued solely based on how they talk about others and how they talk to them directly.

Beth (Erin Bowels) is Shrub's longtime crush. Currently, she's in cosmology school to become a hair stylist, even though she isn't the best at what she does.

Welcome to Flatch - Maniflatch Destiny 3

Kelly often describes her as 'having the personality of a wet diaper,' but Shrub disagrees heavily whenever the subject appears.

Mickey (Justin Linville) Is Shrub's unofficial-official best friend.

The two of them were born at the same hospital and once played PlayStation together, which often comes up when Mickey refers to Shrub as his best friend.

Shrub likes to say he's only friends with him because of the few times they hang out playing video games.

Welcome to Flatch- Maniflatch Destiny 2

Like The Office, Welcome to Flatch is one of those shows where you can't but laugh at the sheer awkwardness of the line delivery and camera work.

While The Office's most memorable aspect was Jim Halpert looking into the camera and breaking the fourth wall, Welcome to Flatch uses interviews to display somewhat of the same thing.

The characters will begin talking to a 'crew member' about something and will trail off as if conversing with someone and remembering something.

It keeps the show's realism and adds a fun aspect to each episode that makes it feel as if FOX did send a documentary crew to explore life outside the city.

Welcome to Flatch- Open House

The casting itself feels organic, as if you're watching two outcasts live out their lives in a rural Ohio town.

Sam Straley, for example, makes Shrub come to life with the outlandish gestures that it is hard not to think of him as a person who enjoys crushing on people with the personality of a diaper wipe.

Chelsea Holmes feeds off whoever is in the scene with her, creating an incredibly dynamic character in almost seconds.

There's not a single person in the cast who wasn't perfect for the role, and that says a lot because of how many individual storylines the show has every episode.

Welcome to Flatch- Blackout 1

Welcome to Flatch is a must-watch if you've ever lived in a small town or have siblings.

There's no doubt that the main characters are written by someone who has siblings because only someone who has had a crazy relationship with their brother or sister could capture it so perfectly on screen.

As for the small town aspect, coming from a place with a population of 1,500 myself, the community the show has managed to create is truly someone to be appreciated.

Even with it's short run-time of only 23 minutes per episode, Welcome to Flatch will soon be your new favorite comedy.

It's warm, and it's funny. Whenever you are in the mood for laugh-out-loud jokes and characters that will tear you away from the angst of daily life, make sure to look for that famous welcome sign and come on in!

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