Justified: Timothy Olyphant Would Return for More Seasons Following City Primeval

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Ever since it was announced that Justified: City Primeval would be a limited series revival of the hit FX series, there have been questions about whether it will conclude the franchise.

During the TCA panel for the series on Thursday, the cast and creatives shed light on what longtime fans can expect.

Adelaide Clemens revealed that the series isn't exactly a spinoff, but it's more like "an extension of the universe."

Timothy Olyphant attends the World Premiere of “Amsterdam” at Lincoln Center

As a result, it was revealed that the new series could be watched without watching the 2010-15 series.

Series star Timothy Olyphant opened up about returning to the Justified universe.

Timothy Olyphant arrives at the premiere of HBO's "Deadwood"

"My biggest concern was that I'd only make a pile of money," he said to reporters at the event, but the actor went on to speak more candidly.

"I didn't have any concerns. I love these guys," he said of the cast and crew who were on the stage with them.

"I thought as long as we were still in the Elmore Leonard world, and the Graham Yost world that the two of them created, I just thought I'd be there for it," said Olyphant.

The good news:

Timothy Olyphant attends Netflix's 'Santa Clarita Diet' Season 3 Premiere

Olyphant would be open to returning for future seasons of the series, should it be a success.

"I would show up," the actor shared.

Executive producer Sarah Timberman went on to speak about the show.

"It's an extension of the show in a storytelling mode, even if it's Detroit. I feel like a hallmark of the original show is that you'd spin out into Margot Martindale and Kaitlyn Dever's world and live there and leave our regulars," said Timberman.

Timothy Olyphant visits Build to discuss the series "Santa Clarita Diet"

"I think this show repeats what Justified did so well, which is create these really detailed universes, people who aren't good guys or bad guys, but grey guys," she added.

The series is set to premiere later this year, and thankfully, plot details have already been revealed.

"Having left the hollers of Kentucky eight years ago, Raylan Givens now lives in Miami, a walking anachronism balancing his life as a U.S. Marshal and part-time father of a 14-year-old girl," the logline reads.

"His hair is grayer, his hat is dirtier, and the road in front of him is suddenly a lot shorter than the road behind."

Timothy Olyphant on the Red Carpet

"A chance encounter on a desolate Florida highway sends him to Detroit."

"There he crosses paths with Clement Mansell, aka The Oklahoma Wildman, a violent, sociopathic desperado who's already slipped through the fingers of Detroit's finest once and aims to do so again."

"Mansell's lawyer, formidable Motor City native Carolyn Wilder, has every intention of representing her client, even as she finds herself caught in between cop and criminal, with her own game afoot as well."

"These three characters set out on a collision course in classic Elmore Leonard fashion, to see who makes it out of the City Primeval alive."

Sounds exciting, right?

What are your thoughts on the series potentially returning for more episodes beyond Primeval?

Hit the comments.

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