Wolf Pack Cast Unpacks Shocking Episode 2 Cliffhanger, Tells Viewers To Pay Close Attention to the Aftermath

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Wolf Pack's most recent episode concluded with a big twist, changing the trajectory of the new Paramount+ drama.

At the end of Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 2, Kristin (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and her team rounded up Everett (Armani Jackson), Blake (Bella Shepard), Luna (Chloe Rose Robertson), and Harlan (Tyler Lawrence Gray).

We learned that Kristin had many questions for the teenagers, but we're sure she'll have far more for Everett after he was found at the hospital with Connor's cast.

Gellar on Episode 2 - Wolf Pack

Gellar tells TV Fanatic that viewers should pay close attention to the beginning of Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 4.

"Watch her interrogations very closely because there's one thing happening on the surface, but there's an entirely different thing happening," the star and EP teases.

Kristin on the Phone - Wolf Pack

"It's a tricky answer, I realize," she said with a laugh.

Gellar went on to say that the creatives often don't want the actors to know where the storyline is going.

"This was a specific situation where we kind of had to let the inner cast in because we almost shot things twice so that right when the reveals happen, you can see both sides of it."

Viewers have witnessed the teenagers attempting to evade Kristin at every turn throughout the first two episodes, but as that's playing out, Garrett (Rodrigo Santoro) has been fighting for his life.

Kristin Wants Answers - Wolf Pack

Looking ahead to the next episode, Santoro says fans should expect Garrett to be in "deep trouble."

"He's in a crisis. He's in a moral crisis. He's trying to be the greatest dad possible for these two kids, which is not easy because they do need special care," Santoro tells TV Fanatic. 

"And there's a duality between what he does. He serves a community being a park ranger, but at the same time, inside his house, he's got a situation in which he has to hold secrets." the star adds.

Santoro says that the early episodes of the first season are more of a slow burn, but there are plenty of revelations along the way.

Rodrigo Santoro - Wolf Pack

The star said that by the time we get to the eighth episode, "it will blow your mind away."

Throughout the first two episodes, Luna and Harlan have very different views from one another about there being more people like them out there.

That comes into play when Luna is welcoming of Everett and Blake, while her brother is against letting new people into their inner circle.

"Luna is so excited to know that there are people out there like her because it's tough for her to connect to Harlan," Chloe tells TV Fanatic. 

"It's been hard for her because she tries to, and he shuts her down."

Luna - Wolf Pack

"He doesn't want to talk about it, but that will change as the pack develops. She's very excited to have more people like her."

"I think Harlan's sort of the opposite," Tyler adds.

"He's comfortable with where he is in his life."

"He uses his ability to his advantage, but that's as far as he wants to go," but the actor thinks the addition of Blake and Everett could bring his werewolf secret to the forefront, which frightens Harlan.

Harlan - Wolf Pack

"I think when these people come into his life, he realizes like, 'oh no, the one thing that I've been trying to hide and I've feared for so long is gonna come out.'"

"I think he's seen some things in his past that he never wants to see again. And I think he is in denial immediately because he knows exactly what's going to happen."

New episodes of Wolf Pack airs new episodes every Thursday on Paramount+.

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You went through something pretty terrifying. You saw people die. But I need your help, Everett. I need you to help me figure out who's responsible for the deaths of several people. That includes some of your friends who were on that school bus. You're gonna hear that the police suspect arson. But that's only part of the truth. Because it's not just a suspicion. I know for certain this fire was caused by arson. I can tell you I'm certain of one other thing. The arsonist is a teenager. Might even be someone you go to school with. In fact, it's quite possible this teenager was on that bus with you.


Doctor: All right, Everett, if your eyes are closed, all you need to do is concentrate on your breath.
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