Next Level Chef Exclusive Sneak Peek: Three Big Fish and the Platform Won’t Stop!

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As an ardent fish lover, Next Level Chef Season 2 Episode 9 gets me right out of the gate.

"Here Fishy, Fishy" adds a fun layer to the competition.

Just like you need the skill to catch fish in open water, the three teams will need to come together to make a play for the best fish on the platform.

That's a Big Fish

This will be the challenge that takes the competition to the next level.

Chefs are alarmed when they learn the ins and outs of what it takes to make a next level fish dish.

Three Big Fish

And, for the first time ever, when the platform comes down, it will not be stopping.

Yes, you read that right!

As the platform begins to descend, the players think it will be business as usual, but then they discover they must catch one of three enormous fish on the platform before it continues to the next level.

Getting Ready to Grab

As the players are normally vying for the best product even amongst their teammates, this requires them to think fast.

The top level gets it's pick.

Will whatever fish they choose be favored among all of the contestants?

Take a look at the clip now:

If nothing else, this seems to be perking up teammates as they have a giggle about everything from the moving platform to shouldering the burden of the fishy fish.

Maybe the moving platform will keep them on their toes.

We've seen just about enough of players tossing their dish on too late, ruining the plating.

Fish Dish Showcase

That doesn't even count those who forget to grab protein or to drop the garnish onto the plate before it goes up again.

Those are the truly groan-worthy moments in the competion, and we can't see how tonight's episode raises the stakes.

Next Level Chef airs on Fox Thursdays at 8/7c.

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