Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 22 Spoilers: Hurricane Matt Returns As #Brettsey Reignites

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And just like that, the Chicago Fire Season 11 finale is here!

A lot has happened in the past few episodes, with Sylvie realizing that she wants to adopt a child she met during a rescue on Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 20 and Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 21.

Spoilers for Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 22 tease more complications as she pleads with Amber to let her adopt the baby while Casey returns again; this time, he's not aloof.

Spoilers - Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 22

Last we saw Sylvie on Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 21, she had found Amber's whereabouts with the intention of asking for a favor.

While Amber shows absolutely no interest in being the little girl's mother, she is also very skeptical. When Sylvie showed up at her door, she seemed surprised and annoyed at the same time.

Herrmann - Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 22

Seeing Sylvie again might mean that something happened to the baby, or they are trying to get her to take the baby back.

And even if Amber decides to give away her parental rights to Sylvie, the adoption process can be long and tedious.

Between trying to win over an erratic teenager and hoping she'll be kind enough to care and give Sylvie what she wants, another problem appears out of nowhere.

Casey appeared surprisedly on Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 18, which rocked Sylvie's world.

Matthew Casey - Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 22

He learned that Sylvie was dating someone and made a lie to appear like he'd moved on from her too.

While Sylvie didn't lie when she said she was dating someone, she was not all in.

This latest return will be emotional, as all feelings and thoughts are bared.

The Casey we meet has learned better than to hide his feelings. He revisits the past, back to the first time he and Sylvie shared their first kiss.

Carver 2 - Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 22

He also doesn't seem to be in a rush to run away because he learns of Sylvie's latest life development and offers his help and support in case she needs it.

Casey has been through the adoption hell before when Gabby wanted to adopt Louie, so he understands the stress and anxiety that comes with it.

When he left, it was to take care of the Darden boys because they needed it. He became a father figure to them.

Between Louie and the boys, he must have developed strong fatherly instincts and inclinations.

Carver - Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 22

Will his love for Sylvie and the fact that she might be becoming a mom pull them together?

Even though she loves him, there will be a myriad of emotions on Sylvie's part because she is juggling a lot.

From the job's stress to Dylan -- who is now more of baggage, to the anxiety arising from waiting for the adoption news, she will be in a tough spot emotionally.

And then, when Hurricane Casey is factored in, it becomes a mess.

Gallo - Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 22

When Casey returned, he was on an assignment from the Department of Homeland Security about a potential terror threat in Chicago.

He let in a few lieutenants and told them to be on the lookout for something odd while on calls.

A new development brings him back to town when Stella finds a new lead in the case.

The episode teases a major emergency.

Stella - Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 22

An accident occurs in the middle of the city when a boat on a trailer and a car collide, and the boat crushes the car.

The whole house responds to the rescue, and while on the rescue, Herrmann hears something that surprises him.

There is no clear verdict on psychics and whether what they advertise has any basis in reality or it's supernatural.

Psychics have been accused of being quacks who use a combination of ambiguous techniques to give "readings" and hopefully instill some fear into the person being read.

Christopher Herrmann - Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 22

While on the rescue, Herrmann encounters a psychic who gives a grave warning.

It's unclear what the warning is about, but knowing Herrmann, whatever it is, he takes it seriously.

Whether this warning turns out to be serious or it's a joke, the episode will reveal this.

Being the season finale, there will be a cliffhanger or multiple.

The first is obviously the terror threat.

Carver and Stella - Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 22

The second is the future of Sylvie and Casey and whether Casey will be returning now that the Darden boys don't need him as much anymore.

A bombshell was dropped about Severide's whereabouts, which no one knew of. The news surprised the last person it should have come to, and Stella would not rest until she knew what was happening to him.

Will that distract her enough to miss the millions of clues the universe has been throwing her way about Carver and his feelings for her?

With Taylor Kinney not set to return in the foreseeable future, is the show planning on developing a Carver-Stella-Violet love triangle?

The season finale will have many questions to answer while still setting up the Chicago Fire Season 12 storyline.

What are you most excited about? I know I want to see where #Brettsey ends up and what the terror plot is all about. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Catch the eleventh season finale this Wednesday at 9 pm on NBC.

You may watch Chicago Fire online via TV Fanatic to catch up before the finale.

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