Fanatic Feed: The Fire That Took Her Sets Paramount+ Premiere, Clone High Trailer, and More

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Here is a wrap-up of all the news you need to know from Monday, May 8, 2023.

As the fate of the bulk of The CW's scripted series remains TBA, the network has picked up another Canadian import.

Son of a Critch is set to air on the network this summer.

Son of a Critch

The series is a coming-of-age story based on the childhood and adolescence of Canadian comedian Mark Critch.

At the beginning of the series, 11-year-old Mark is growing up in 1980s Newfoundland, where he navigates starting junior high school, making friends, and connecting with the small collection of people in his limited world.

Son of a Critch Lead

“When I was a young kid watching American TV in the ‘80s, I never dreamed that one day my own story would be beamed back over the border,” said Mark Critch.

“Having enjoyed so many CW shows with my own family, I’m excited to invite our American friends over to ‘my house.’ Onwards!”

Son of a Critch launched on CBC in January 2022, and was recently renewed for a third season.

Paramount+ announced today it will exclusively premiere the critically acclaimed MTV Documentary Film, The Fire That Took Her.

The Fire That Took Her Photo

Directed by Patricia E. Gillespie, produced by Oscar-nominee and Emmy Award-winner Julie Goldman and Emmy-nominee Chris Clements, and executive produced by Sheila Nevins, the gripping, feature-length documentary will launch on the service Tuesday, May 23rd.

The film tells the startling tragedy of mother-of-two Judy Malinowski, who was doused in gasoline and set on fire by her crazed ex-boyfriend, becoming one of the first people to testify at their own murder trial.

The movie goes inside the landmark case to ask a timely question: How much must women suffer in order to be believed? 

Check out the trailer below.

Meanwhile, HBO Max has dropped a trailer for its Clone High revival. 

The highly anticipated new series premieres May 23 on Max, with two new episodes debuting each Thursday starting June 1 leading up to the final two episodes on June 22. 

"A modern refresh of the hit series of the same name, CLONE HIGH follows a high school for clones of the greatest minds in history," the logline teases.

"Twenty years after the original experiment was put on ice, Joan, JFK, Abe, and Cleo have been thawed out to resume school with their new clone classmates - all while navigating a new set of cultural norms and overly dramatic teen relationships."

Returning stars include Will Forte as Abe and Nicole Sullivan as Joan, executive producers Phil Lord as Scudworth and Chris Miller as JFK and Mr. B, Christa Miller voicing Candide Sampson, Donald Faison as George Washington Carver, and Judah Miller as Scangrade.

Meanwhile, Bravo's Project Runway has landed a return date.

The hit reality series returns with an all-star season on Thursday, June 15.

But who's returning for this new season? Find out below.

1. Brittany Allen (Austin, TX), Season 18

2. Prajje Oscar Jean Baptiste (Philadelphia, PA), Season 19

3. Laurence Basse (Los Angeles, CA), Season 15

4. Fabio Costa (Belo Horizonte, Brazil), Season 10

5. Bishme Cromartie (Los Angeles, CA), Season 17

6. Johnathan Kayne Gillaspie (Nashville, TN), Season 3

7. Mila Hermanovski (Los Angeles, CA), Season 7

8. Rami Kashou (Brooklyn, NY), Season 4

Anna Zhou

9. Viktor Luna (Los Angeles, CA), Season 9

10. Korto Momolu (Little Rock, AR), Season 5

11. Nora Pagel (Metuchen, NJ), Season 1

12. Kara Saun (Los Angeles, CA), Season 1

13. Hester Sunshine (Brooklyn, NY), Season 17

14. Anna Yinan Zhou (San Francisco, CA), Season 19

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